6 comments on “Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz to sit as one of the Miss Universe 2019 judges?

  1. who can be the other Pinoy or Pinay judge ? … Oliver Tolentino ? …
    however there are 3 ( actually 4 if you include USA itself) delegates , Puerto Rico , Albania , Ireland who are US residents and obviously have home court advantage , i.e. familiarity with the audience in Atlanta, GA, USA …

    • it looks like OSkinCare of Cerritos, Southern CA is a sponsor of this year’s MU… maybe Miss O will be one of the judges ,,,

  2. “… (stands) 5’5″ (tall), (and) has black hair and black eyes…”. 🙂

    Admin, huwag pikon.

    What can I do? That’s exactly what the annotator in Miami in 1969 said.

    • Ang sabi niya lang back to back mahirap lalo na kung home court pa. Kay Maxine niya yun sinabi hinde kay Gazini. Ayusin mo sinasabi mo kembularyo!

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