3 comments on “Sashing Ceremony of Denver Hernandez in Mister Supranational 2019

  1. I’m not a fan of his underwear choices but Denver has a very pleasant and likable personality specialy when you meet him in person.

  2. He is the best ever representative of Philippines to Mister Supranational. He is very tall at 5’9″ , he have a chiseled body and he is smart. His lessons from failure at Men Universe Model 2017 will surely his inspiration to achieve the title. If others can do it, you can do it too.

  3. Admit it, we were perplexed as to why our bet last year could possibly be virtually ignored; in retrospect, he had the physical attributes of a winner. And we feel even more iffy with Denver – not tall enough, not buff enough. Someone else should have been sent.

    If it is any consolation, India’s follow-up and the one tasked with the back-to-back is the SAME height as him! And lacks the spark of his predecessor. Denver, on the other hand, BURNS HOTNESS.

    Also, this is probably the least desirable batch over-all in the pageant’s so far-brief history, facially-speaking. Our bet will not meet as stiff competition as his predecessors. Pogi rin naman, siya. 🙂

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