18 comments on “Samantha Lo “signs off” as Miss Grand Philippines 2019

  1. Does this mean that Aya gets the crown and gets the cash prize and all the other prizes ? … we can only second guess how Aya could have performed in MGI but Samantha gave her all , her best … I thought she would make it to the semis , but lo , the semis looked like it was miss latina mgi …

  2. Well, Ms. Lo’s “sign off” was inevitable. Move on and all the best.

    Reading comments from fellow readers Patch has signed off too?
    If confirmed to be fact, then I’m a little surprised.

    The BbP International title, if given the choice, does take a back seat to the coveted MUP crown.
    However, a commitment is a commitment and in my opinion should have been honored.

    • @ just saying I should know better think before you speak and I believe they send me a faked news about Patch. She didn’t write any sign off message in her instagram.

      • Thank you Bellona…
        The situation of “signing-off” before its time certainly does not fit Patch’s character.

        Much appreciated.

  3. Whatever your interpretation of sign off, we all agree that Miss Samantha Lo just want to rest her case and she wants to move on and she want to exit with clean slate.

    In the case of Atty. Patricia Magtanong, she did everything beyond her power to bring home the title but the jurors dismissed her chance to win the crown. She wants to move on and she wants to focus on her career in the legal field.

    This is just my humble opinion.

  4. Good luck Sam! I think it was confirmed that she resigned per the Pageant Tita’s instagram. I am surprised the BBP did not issue a statement.

    Also, Sam’s new title is Miss Grand Philippines.

    • My hunch is that BPCI is waiting for the rest of the queens to finish their international pageants before addressing this issue. For now, focus muna sila sa pagsupport kina Resham, Gazini, at Emma. Baka iniiwasan muna nilang mahaluan ng any negativity

  5. So No Final Walk next year?

    Wawa naman

    if ever may Bb. Grand na title next year si Aya ang magkacrown or si Nicole Cordovez nalang since co host naman siya palagi, panindigan na nya ang TF from ABS


  6. My take : everything with BPCI and DFA has been mended. No more pressing of charges. Quits.

    • Quits basta resign.
      Puro tapang kasi wala naman sa lugar.
      Serves her right. Mag Miss Earth siya or Scuba dooby doo International.

    • FYI Samantha Lo went to Venezuela with the blessings of the DFA. It was the four Senators that encouraged Samantha Lo to continue on her journey. Samantha was never tried by the DFA she was tried by the bashers that will be waiting for their pay from BPCI.

      • Bashers who have never contributed to society. Toxic people who are self-entitled, and full of hate and insecurity.

      • @ Jen See?! May blessings ng Senado! Wise (?) folks, they are. Wala na’ng nagawa ang DFA.

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