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  1. Santisima! Ella se ve tonta en este video. Ella no puede organizar sus pensamientos y la hizo sonar tonta. Ella solo es hermosa cuando no habla.

  2. Enjoy your journey.
    If you are lucky enough to reach the Q&A round, it will be so epic if you spoke in Bisaya.
    Not only will you look and sound more attractive and exotic, it will also be nice for the whole world to hear a Filipina speak in her native tongue.
    Best of luck to you 🤞

    • Oh i think that is a good idea @ Raf” if she can speak in bisaya she might expressed better her thoughts

      Pero kung wala talagang laman yung sinasabi nya kahit in bisaya pa dialecr nya eh talagang mahina na ang utak nya

      Her english kasi is too “shallow”so siguro if she will speak her native tongue she might have alot of ideas

      I hope i was wrong with my assessment sa utak nya.

  3. Top 20

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Sierra Leone

  4. Judging from the interviews of the candidates, the most articulate so far are PR, SA, USA, THAI and BRA.

    World peace 🙂

  5. Am I expecting another beauty title holders will follow Patricia and Samantha? I am for sure, not Miss Universe Philippines because she promised to bring home the crown.

  6. While Gazini is gunning for a back to back stint, yung dalawang sisterette niya eh may “signing off” statement?

    For Samantha Lo, I got the point na she’s really out of the Binibining circle already after what she has done! But for Patch, signing off this early, does this mean she will no longer continue her reign?

    I got it from the start na talagang napilitan lang siya to take that crown cause after the coronation, it was after one week when she showed up for the media tour though she mentioned that she was in Guam that time although red flag na talaga about her commitment. Could this be a sign that she might be joining the pageant again now that there are rumors that MUP is already out of BPCI and ang chicka sa kabilang selda eh nasa Frontrow na ang franchise kaya ilang veces invited si Catriona sa mga event nito? Hmmmmmmmm!

    • Hi Claire, nabasa ko Lang nung nag sign off si patch. One commenter said may farewell walk ka PA. Then atty Patch said oo nga Pala.
      Her signing off might mean she will be busy w her practice not resigning fr bbp

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Even at that interview with Boy Abunda, when Atty. Patitay ADMITTED that she REALLY wanted the MUP crown, that for me was enough reason to “sort of feel iffy about her”. Why? Because if I were an Admin at MI and I saw that, well EXACTLY, her commitment to MI is ???

      If, indeed, she wants to give it another shot, where does that leave Alaiza Malinao?

      In my opinion, lie low muna siya, lawyer-lawyer muna. Then, 2023 (!) at the earliest.

      And it cannot be denied that PRECISELY because her Law background, she was probably taking advantage of the fact that FOR AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NOT YET SIGNED THAT BBP CONTRACT, YOU ARE NOT BOUND TO ABIDE BY THEM.

      Lawyers, indeed. 🙂

      • @Flor, Kylie was also very vocal about her wanting the MUP crown more than the MIP one. Yet she was still crowned as Miss International. It might really just be that Patch isn’t what the Japs are looking for.

        As to her possible joining again, she’s already 25. If MUP becomes a separate entity and follow MU’s rules, then 28 is the ceiling age, hence 2022 is her last year of eligibility. Di na aabot sa 2023.

    • Catriona is “part” of the frontrow family. She’s one of their endorser. hence, she’s always invited lalo na, malaking ingay kasi reigning queen siya.

      Patch’s “signing off” post for me is okay lang, i mean ibig sabihin tapos na ang kanyang “pageant mission” kasi kakatapos lang ng Miss International di ba? though weird lang since may mga activities pa naman sila and farewell walk – unless, mag fofocus siya to practice her profession.

      With SamLo’s signing off post… hmm.. NEXT!


  7. ‘Sus! PLDT Home pala talaga, ‘to. Kung sa bagay, we also have it. OK din. Huwag lang tuwing peak.

    Gazini has a friend who looks like Gabriela Tafur?! WOW. Hear, hear….! 🙂

    If I could, I would like to meet Fionghuala, Cheslie, Maeva, Ako (Japan), and that girl from Sierra Leone – Bangura? – who missed MU 2018 (late, like Lo) but who finally now gets the chance.

  8. To whom it may concern.

    It is spelled Colombia not Columbia. Common error but please fix it.

    Go Gazini!

  9. Wow! Bonggalicious! I love her look in that photo where she’s wearing that beaded black turtle neck top. So gorgeous! I hope she shows up like this in Atlanta. Gazini can really pull off so many totally different looks — so versatile and editorial.

  10. Ganda lang ang meron sya that’s it!

    Hwag na nyang ibuka pa bibig nya, kasi wala nman na lalabas na sensible.

    • FYI, beauty pageant po yan in the first place… kapag pangit ka, kahit puro sensible ang lumalabas sa bunganga mo, hindi ka pwede! Sus kung makalait kang vakla ka, akala mo napakagaling mo!

    • Vaks, beauty pageant sinasalihan nya, hindi quiz bee. Kjuzkoh, nasan ang common sense mu teh! Si Patch na cum laude sa U. P. at atty pa, nanalo ba? Esep esep din kung may tym, hindi ung kung anu ano lng sasabihin mka bash lang. Kaya mu ANG gandah! Tzeh! !

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