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  1. batchmate ko siya sa upd, dormmate sa kalayaan at molave, at naging friend din, noon pa man mahilig na talaga siya sa beauty pageants, parating present yan kapag miss universe o miss world ang palabas sa tv area ng dorm, malakas boses niyan at kung di mo siya personally kilala medyo maiinis ka at mayayabangan diyan, pero ok din yan kasama, matalino talaga yan, if im not mistaken cum laude siya at college valedictorian. baka mag-work siya govt as diplomat or pumasok sa politics… btw roentgen ang real name niyan haha

    • @ san longhino As in, Roentgen Equivalent in Man (REM), to measure radioactivity? 🙂

      • @Flor Tula as in mRem per hour na may bitbit na survey meter at 1 meter distance pa? Charot lang!

      • @Flor Tula yup. may pagka-nerd/geek din kasi siya kaya bagay din real name hehe and dagdag ko lang magaling din yan sa oration at impromptu, pambato dati ng romblon yan sa regionals nung high school hehe

  2. So, in other words, dissolve na talaga ang Aces & Queens! Di na affiliated si Jonas, ND na si Mama Ru and now si Bronce.

    Nevertheless, informal naman talaga formation nila, diba? The group was just formed out of passion to train beauty queens. Wala pa rin talaga tatalo sa passion ni Lola Osmel na kahit na gusto na huminto nung nag-back2back ang Venezuela eh unstoppable pa rin!

    What I know is that Bronce is a Law Professor at FEU so does that mean na iba na yung track na tatahakin niya?

    That will leave us with KF Camp for now. Sana manalo si Gazini dahil sa totoo lang natatamlayan na ko sa pageantry lately!

  3. This is so sad… He was our secret weapon when it comes to the Q&A… Even the very eloquent Catriona Grey was trainned by him. We would always and forever be grateful for his contribution to pageantry. If one day he wakes up and chooses to train another girl, she must be packing some huge potential… I can’t wait how this turns out.

    The current girls I’m seeing with some potential is:

    Daisha Jimenez
    Hannah Arnold
    Klea Pineda

    • Closer2Fame Why does Hannah Arnold give an impish-hard-headed aura? 😦

      Parang future “feather ruffler” like Mariel de Leon, Maria Isabel Lopez, or Maria Sovietskaia Bacud.

      Daisha and Klea are good for polishing.

  4. @SQ and DanDan

    It ain’t over till it’s over. However, the writing is indeed on the wall. It will be a new era and a different dynamic. If your senses are correct, then indeed it has been a tremendous run.

    It “appears” Thailand and Indonesia are the new darlings of the region in international pageantry. Time will tell and I do hope I am wrong.

    Peace out, y’all.

    • @ just saying It will only be a “new era/dynamic” IF Filipinas remains complacent and does nothing.

      I say, RISE TO THE CHALLENGE and create a camp even more flexible and agile than A&Q, one that can predict pageant trends at least ten (10) years in advance and so attract investors and advertisers. In any case, SF already said the emergence of glam teams/squads will make camps obsolete.

      Marami pa tayo’ng baraha’ng kahit mga banyaga humahanga – Sutton, Dumaguing, Magbitang, …..

      I get it now. Broce will go to a neighboring country to accept legal-policy work and train kweens on the side.

      We as a people will indeed be very stupid if we fail to pick up the lessons of the last decade or so.

  5. I always liked Tito Nad. Strong and silent and never about the spotlight. It was always about the ladies and the substance between their ears and out of their lips.

    Pageant fans can learn a thing or two from him. Their are more meaningful and substantial pursuits out there. Hindi lahat Mess Felepens InterSupraEontinentalEcoEarthwarriorUniversalWorld Queen.

    Magbasa naman muna ang mga Pinoy. Hindi fan vote na fan vote sa Miss GalacticTourismoftheWorld website o FB.

  6. And now … we shall see if the slow dissolution of the most successful Philippine beauty camp of this decade will result in the decline of the Philippine powerhouse as well.

    I’m just grateful to have witnessed this Golden era for Philippine pageantry.

    It was a good run—an amazing, wonderful, magical ride (apologies for the mixed metaphor).

    Thank you A&Q.

    You did well in bringing so much honor & pride to the country 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

    • Agreed, forever grateful to Venus for ushering in such a pride-filled decade. I still remember being at the edge of seat in Vegas when Philippines was called final 10. Will always be a violently sweet moment 😉

    • @ Goodluck Indeed, all giants take slumber eventually. Constant battle wears them out. 🙂

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