13 comments on “Surasak Muangkeaw of Thailand wins Mister Universe Tourism 2019

  1. Is it really the year of Thailand in pageantry?

    Anyway, Gazini’s national costume will have her carry a religious image. Will that make C2F furious? Haha!

    That’s all.

    • Yes I fuckin saw it!!?!! I dont fuckin care if she deathdrops in a Filipiniana… but that dumbass bitch better pray real hard to that fuckin Santo Niño that she places well cause I would dedicate all my time to be her #1 Basher if she claps during the finals!!! I seriously want to catapult a watermelon at her face if I see her in that god damn Sinulog costume!?!?!!!

      • Haha! Sabi na. That’s all yours, C2F. I respect your view on that. Pero don’t get deeper, ha? After all she is representing our nation. Happy lang tayo, dear. Mwah!

        That’s all.

      • Beauty pageant lang yan, Boomer. No need to be disrespectful of other people’s religious beliefs. There’s too much hatred in the world, so huwag ka nang sumali. Keep your thoughts to yourself instead. May pinag-aralan ka naman siguro. 🤭

      • @Oreo

        Wala kang paki! You are an idiot! Magsama kayo ni Gazini dahil parehas kayong BOBOOO!!!!

      • @Ana Winter.

        Thanks! I’m really doing my best on holding myself back regarding this topic cause I could seriously wreck havoc on her social-media pressence if I want to. I just wana give her the chance to prove herself worthy of our support… I’m just stating that her choosing the sinulog costume is the dumbest thing her team ever did…. And it’s gona fuck her chances up just like they did w/ the other girls.. She’ll be MJ Lastimosa in national costume 2.0… emphasis on Lastimosa as in “Pityful”!!!

      • @Oreo

        Yes, we already know you are a total idiot!
        No need to be redundant about it.

      • Whatever, Boomer. Enough with your negativity and hate. You’re one of the reasons why the world is a toxic place to live in.

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