10 comments on “A scene and shots at NAIA Terminal 2 with Gazini Ganados

  1. Naging trending tuloy yang ganyang airport despidida because of Pasay! Si Vartika may mga well-wishers then on her departure!

    Although si Pasay pag lapag sa Atlanta may mga faneys din na nag-ingay at sumalubong!

    • Panahon pa ni Imji, may sumasalubong nang mga faney sa airport. Thailand kamo ang gaya-gaya.

  2. She looks dashing in her Filipiniana jumpsuit! I feel the love of the Filipinos to Gazini, as if she brought half of the 104 million Filipinos in NAIA and to her journey in Miss Universe.

    Just a realtalk observation: Fahsai is overhyped by her fellow Thais alone, while Gaz is being praised by different races and well-known pageant bloggers, vloggers, and enthusiasts around the world. These fans worldwide seem approve of Gaz’s preparations and our quite curious what’s in the bag with our delegate. Is back-to-back possible?

  3. Oy walang nagko-comment. Nahihiya din naman pala ang mga bashers. Ako naman kahit sino pa yan basta Ms. Philippines full support ako. Go Gazini, go Ms. Philippines! For the time being focus muna ako sa SEAGames, sayang naman yung mga nabili kong mga tickets. Minsan lang ulit ganapin sa Pinas kaya go ako sa mga game venues to support to our athletes! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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