13 comments on “More of Michelle Dee, the Top Model contender for Miss World 2019

  1. Miss World Top Model finalists are:
    1. Brazil
    2. Czech Republic
    3. France
    4. Hong Kong China
    5. India
    6. Kazakhstan
    7. Nigeria
    8. Trinidad & Tobago
    9. Uganda
    10. Vietnam

    Unfortunately, Miss Philippines is not included in Top 10. Let us hope that Miss Philippines will win because right now I can smell from her kitchen what Chef Julia busy preparing to cook.

  2. I love her vibe, but maybe vary it a bit with the eye expression. It’s been monotonous with the come hither look.

  3. Hope she wins , Asian vixen , goodluck for the Top Model Finals , sashay away with that fast track 🧚‍♀️

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