14 comments on “Michelle Dee makes the cut for Miss World 2019 Top Model Challenge

  1. She’s on an even playing field this time where her manager and mommy have no say so it’ll be interesting how she fares. She exudes class and elegance but this is Miss World and we all know there’s only one judge who’s final decision will hold sway.

  2. Happy that she is doing well. BUT seriously, we need more from her journey. I mean, ang konti ng updates. Not blaming her naman kasi syempre focus lang siya dun. But.. sana she can send photos from her camp or fans. anyway, let’s just wait and see.

    So far I am loving all the looks she’s sporting. I am not expecting much from Miss World, but I wish her well though, Is she wins, then good. maybe it’s her time. If not, move on na lang tayo. Just give them a good fight, Michelle.

    • right balance lang siguro. I mean, last year Katarina was bashed by many people for overly sharing her journey (na oo nga naman it’s as if hindi nya mabitawan phone nya kaka IG story noon) and look what happened. Maybe this time they just want to make sure that Michelle focuses on the more important aspects of the competition. Kung kulang sa media mileage kasalanan na yun ng MW at ng media partners nila dun. I mean, look at MU esp in Thailand last year hindi rin naman bongga mag update real time si Cat sa mga ganaps nila save for a few IG live pero saganang sagana tayo sa updates on her bec the media partners in Thailand and ang MUO malakas talaga magpublicize and magaling mag PR ng events

  3. Nakakatawa mga bashers, previously they said bad words about this girl. And now that Michelle’s starting to catch up, she’s reaping good comments naman ngayon from them… mga fickle-minded.

    • IMO there’s nothing wrong with changing opinions about a candidate. Eh sa hindi sila impressed noon, tapos ngayon bilib na bilib na sila sa improvements eh, wala tayong magagawa dun. At saka, di ba yun naman ang gusto natin, to turn the bashers into believers by the abilities and determination of our queens. Everybody’s allowed naman to have a change of heart/perspective about everything, sa food, sa fashion choices ganyan. So why are we being selective and suddenly we view it na as fickle-mindedness when it comes to opinions about beauty queens???

  4. I hope she makes top three but there are a lot of beautiful contestants this year like Russia and Wales… I hope she joins Bb after this stint but Mommy might not say yes …

  5. She looks very beautiful sa mga photos na nakita ko sa kanya sa coverage ng MW. I don’t follow this pageant closely, if at all. Pero every time I stumble on one of her pictures, she’s really delivering.

    Hope she performs well. Too bad I just don’t have the energy for this pageant.

  6. I think she really has the DNA of a beauty queen from her momma.

    Hindi sya gigil but she exudes this commanding presence every time you see her especially when she speaks. Sobrang serene ng aura nya.

    I can confidently say that she deserves the MWP crown.

    I hope she does well.

  7. She looks expensive.
    She has a calm, regal demeanor.
    She speaks with confidence effortessly.
    I hope she does well maski may mga salamankang kadalasan nagaganap sa pageant na ito 🤞

  8. I really don’t like Miss World after 2016 pero Michelle brought back my interest. I love how chill she is pero sobrang bongga ng mga outfits niya.

  9. Despite my personal critique about the MWO and their owner, I hope all the best for the unique beauty that is Michelle Dee.

  10. Ang gaganda NG ootd ni Michelle. May she win the blue crown or the princess crown. May certain rawness na malamang nag standout

  11. Infairness, the outfits are looking better and better..
    I hope she sustains the trajectory… Goodluck!

  12. Good job, Michelle!

    Nakaka-proud din itong babaeng ito kase she is bringing fun and class A approach all through out. What makes her a standout is her exotic beauty at genuine vibe! I am loving Michelle. She’s so fashionista and she looks lean and long. I am following Miss World ulet because of her.

    That’s all.

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