9 comments on “Off to Poland: Mister Supranational Philippines Denver Hernandez

  1. This guy has a great personality… Super nice and charming… But I do agree… for someone who grew up in Italy.. He has zero knowledge of wearing the right underwear… WHY?!!!!

  2. good luck…at some point we were fb friends when he was competing at some local pageant 2-3 years ago. he was friendly and i hope he stayed the same.

  3. Sheesh. He didn’t even bother to work out for the competition. And why the heck is he wearing his lolo’s briefs in that one photo??

  4. Daming mga kesehoda ng mga bakla ditu.
    Puru pang bash magaling.
    Peru sa dilim, mga nakaluhud ng walang belo!

  5. Great body
    But facially, I don’t know . I don’t mind a pure Pinoy but he must be sexually appealing
    I hope he speaks well

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