9 comments on “Monaco-bound April May Short

  1. More squats and deadlifts…
    Nail this pageant.. get an orthodontic overhaul then rejoin BBP!

  2. April May has the best host city ! Why can’t Monaco send a delegate to MU ? Why can’t Monaco host a future edition of MU >? …

    • @ jaretwrightlover That reminded me of the Grimaldi’s… And HSH Grace. 🙂

      I have always thought Monaco was too small a territory in and of itself to acquire an international pageant franchise. MF is the nearest they can join. Like Luxembourg, which joins Miss and Mister BENELUX – Belgium, Netherlands, and them. But this is for participation in minor pageants, I think.

      As for hosting, basta may pera at sponsors/partners/investors. I guess. Hosting lang, naman.

      • (Continuation) Also, I doubt WME/IMG would talk to just any wealthy-aristocratic European playboy to provide an MU rep for his country through a “talent show”.

        MUO has apparently sought only the most distinguished European contests in this regard.

        Miss Russia has produced the likes of Palina Popova and Oxana Fedorova. Miss France has produced Iris Mittenaere, Flora Cocqruel, and the current MU-France, Maeva Coucke. These two are arguably the BEST in the Continent in terms of production value, sponsorships, and prize packages. So prestigious they are that competing abroad – Universe or World – is just a bonus.

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