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  1. Possible MU 2019 could be Thailand!!! Gazini? Uhmmm. Swimsuit and gown, check na check! Prelim interview? Bagsak!! #RealTalk

    • No. Cutesy ang awra.

      IMG wants a woman, not a K-POP star. Following her on IG is like torture.

      But they will milk Thailand’s hype as they did with Ehren.

      A Latina will win this year. Return na ng Telemundo. For me, DR or Colombia or PR.

      Gazini Tough 6.

  2. I just hope that she’ll do well than her previous pageant stints and Maria Ehren. Both were heavy favorites, but had a hard time organizing their thoughts during Q and A thus failed to win their respective pageants.

    • Tama ka Leo kaya nga this is what I’m and have been saying, they overhyped MUT19 even their previous candidates na some of them were very fluent sa English but ended up losing their bids. Unlike Cat na overhyped last year pero pinanindigan niya hanggang finals kaya sya ang na-declare winner.

      • So true Adrienne. I’ve seen some videos of her past Q and As, and I would say that she really needed to work on giving substantial answers and deliver it fluently. She is definitely better than Maria in this department, but she needs to improve her comm skills. Even her catwalk is a bit wobbly and unrefined. Gazini, on the other hand, may have a hard time speaking English, but she has an upper hand on giving better answers than Paweensuda. In terms of pasarela, she is definitely better than Fahsai

    • Thailand knows that Q&A is their Achilles heel. I’m sure they know that Fahsai is that rare candidate they can send with higher-than-usual chance at the Universe crown & I’m sure they’ve worked on her interview skills.

      So many of you want to diminish Fahsai’s chances by pointing out that Q&A is Thailand’s weak spot.
      But don’t forget that Gazini is also from a camp that has never made it past the top 10 as well. So it evens out, doesn’t it? Both Fahsai & Gazini have strenghts & weaknesses.

      Thailand’s hosting of Universe last year was outstanding. I’m sure the Universe organization will keep this in mind & this will play into Fahsai’s luck.

      A lot of salty b–ches in here.

      The Thai fans were quite gracious to Catriona last year & when Ning was eliminated, the Thai audience diverted their support to the other Asian candidate left standing in the Top 3, Philippines.

      Of course we want Gazini to do well & bring pride to the country. But we don’t have to be poor sports & put down other countries just to elevate our own. If we truly believe in Gazini, we would trust in her ability to stand out as the best in a very strong field. There’s no need to diminish others just because we think that will increase Gazini’s chances. That just means insecure tayo.

  3. I’m curious how Thailand will do this year.
    It seems as if the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are creating a friendly ASEAN pageant camaraderie/rivalry similar to that of the Latinas (Venezuela, Colombia etc) during the Trump era.

    Thai girl is a beauty with a strong fan base.

    However, my allegiance is with Gazini and the Philippine sash in all the Big 3 pageants.

  4. Daming inggetero at inggetera dito. Hayaan nyo sila suportahan candidate nila. Tanggapin nyo na malakas ang Thai ngayon. Unti unti na nila nakukuha ang formula sa pagpili ng candidates nila.

    • Well said.

      I believe that the Philippines’ successes at the Alpha pageants have energized & inspired our neighbors as well.

      That just means we have to be better to stay ahead. & I’m sure we are up to the challenge.

      & for those saying that Fahsai & other candidates are gaya-gaya to Catriona … well Catriona really was a game-changer. The way Catriona prepared her attack & game plan for Universe, it’s inevitable that her playbook will inspire the next generation of queens. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, di ba?

      Stop with the put-downs already. It’s not a good look for Pinoy fans.

    • Check mo ang vlog sa you tube ni Nia Sanchez at Susie Castillo di kasama sa Top 20 si Fahsai. Samantalang si Gazzini nasa top 5 nila pre arrival. Favorite nila si Ms USA

      • Siempre hindi nila nilagay Thailand para exciting…
        Para din maestablish na desserving mag TOP5 si USA.

      • Natural lagi nila ilalagay ang Philippines sa blog nila pampadami ng subcribers. Nauto ka nman. For sure isa ka sa mga nag subscribe.

  5. Hmmmm facially she’s beautiful. However, there’s something throwing me off with her make up or her overall look. With her prominent forehead, I don’t think that hairstyling would look good on her.

      • Not a fanatic and not jealous….never bitter, I actually do her. Do me a huge favor, get lost lol…..

      • Hahaha you’re laughable. Didn’t you read what I typed? I said I do like her. You acted like As if you know this candidate. Drama much? . I don’t even know And understand what you’re talking About and what’s hamog? What’s nawat?

  6. Its the year of Thailand!! She will finally bring home the Miss Universe crown!!! And they have been a great host last year! Time to crown a Thai beauty and Fasha is a perfect brand ambassador!! Gazini give it your best and enjoy your journey!

  7. In fairness, huh! Kinilabutan ako sa video. Mukhang Thai people have high hopes on Fahsai, in that she will finally bring floods on the long-draught Thailand soil. Pero, hindi sa bitter ako or what, but I don’t see her winning aura. Maliit ang nose n’ya, beshies.

    Per Susie Castillo and Nia Sanchez’s predictions, they both have Gazini in the top 5 based on the delegates’ photos on MU website. They have not picked Fahsai because of the latter’s non-availability of photo on the website. They like Bangladesh and Federica Cull, too.

    Good luck, Gaz! I wish ma-pull mo ang back-to-back kahit may konti akong doubt.

    That’s all!

    • Hi Ana W. I would go for Bangladesh too. She’s beautiful and tall with a good academic credentials. Plus this is their first time joining. Remember Botswana got it when they first joined, at the expense of Mirriam Q.

  8. mga bakla competition ito at source ng national pride. hindi ko maintinidhan ang drama ng mga namba bash kay gazini. puro kayo mema pero pag nanalo naman ang PH kayo din ang magiging proud. wag kayong ano

  9. Buti pa sa Thailand supportive and mga tao sa kandidata nila, hindi tulad dito sa pilipinas walang ginawa mga tao lalo sa vlog o page na eto walang alam ang mga pinoy na bakla kundi mamuna at manglait ng sariling kandidata. Napaka perfectionist akala mo naman kay gagaganda kung mamuna. Sana matigil na muna ang mga pag papanalo ng pilipinas sa beauty pageant masyado ng lumaki ulo ng mga bakla!

  10. Fahsai has the brains and carriage. Gaz has the physical beauty. Someone else with both will win.

  11. My Top 5:

    Puerto Rico

    TOP 15:

    South Africa

  12. Ok she’s pretty and all but there’s something off with her eyebrows or eyes. I can not figure out but it looks wày off. Can you guys enlighten me? Thanks

  13. The winds have changed.

    Pinoys were so loving of “Fahsai” when her ME hashtag, #millennial, waylaid her attempt to secure a crown. We even praised her for making the trip back to Manila to speak at the Eulogy for (+) Col. Nolasco (AFP) of Hannah’s, whom she said encouraged her to persist in her pageant journey.

    Now, we hate her to the core as someone who could thwart our B2B goals, despite her being friendly and accommodating to Filipino admirers and followers.

    We cheered her on at MUT 2019, even belittling First Wang who (really) did nothing wrong.

    Oh, well. If she wins, it will be humble pie for us. Just saying. 🙂

      • @ John I’m actually rooting for Mohanna.

        Lu Sierra and Jonas Gaffud will go MAD with joy if she does.

        And Singapore will again host the MU pageant. 🙂

      • I agree wt u. She will not win. She’s not that facially stunning. She may speak english fluently, but she lacks substance. Watch all her interviews and she always sounds rehearsed and scripted.
        Ms. Vietnam is more stunning than Ms. Thailand.

    • Pinoy were so loving of Fahsai? Di naman lahat teh. Ako ay purong Pinoy pero nevah as in NEVER akong naging fan at loving sa kanya eversince. Siguro ikaw!!! Ako kasi nananatili at mananatili lagi ang patriotism sa akin kahit sino pang maging Ms. Philippines natin.

      • Blind fanaticism yan. Not patriotism. De-De-Es level. I support Gazini but I also acknowledge there are also other strong delegates. GAHAMANG MGA BAKLA. KAYA TAYO NAUTO NI NAWAT EH. SA GREED NIYO SA KORONA.

  14. Such a huge pressure on Pawee , poor girl.
    For me , it’s still US vs PR … then Colombia Albania … possibly Brazil Mexico .
    Philippines may make top 10 based on beauty outgoing (not shy) personality humility and persistence .
    Then Venezuela Bangladesh …

  15. i really dont get they hype on her. for me she will either place top 15 or be outshined by other girls to miss that spot

  16. Alam kong hindi ito scripted pero parang medyo ‘OA’ lang yung dating…sa naalala ko dati kay Cat, marami namang mga tao rin ang nagbigay ng suporta sa pag alis nya pero hindi naman masyadong focused sa kanyang video yung dami ng tao…dito parang gustong ipakita nilang ipakita na suportadong suportado nila si Paweensuda…. normal naman yung suporta pero dito sa video na ito, lumalabas na publicity masyado.

    • @ Hello It’s their prerogative. It’s their country, their airport. 🙂

      What is also clear is that Suvarnabhumi Security cops were briefed prior. It’s quite orderly, and there is a video where Red Berets even have a photo taken with her.

      At, take note. Suvarnabhumi is VAST compared to NAIA 2, where Gazini supporters hope to replicate this on Tuesday. This one was essentially isolated, in one small section of the Check-In Atrium.

      • mga Pinoy talaga gaya gaya puto maya pa din….hihihihih let the thai’s ride that wave of publicity.

  17. I don’t understand the fanfare around this woman. She screams “El Tocuyo” to me.

  18. Miss Thailand will arrive at the Marriott Marquis Hotel before everyone else. She is an early bird.

    Heartwarming to see the love and support of the entire Thai people. Definitely, they will serve her hope, inspiration and strength to her aspiration to bring home the crown. ขอให้โชคดี Good luck Miss Thailand!

  19. gagayahin na naman ito sa Pinas

    buti pa Hongkong until now marami pa rin tao sa airport
    kahit sino umalis or dumating lagi marami tao

      • Nakigaya sila kay Cat last year na sa airport pa lang nagkakagulo na mga pinoy sa pag-support. Hyped pero sana mapanindigan ni Ms. Thailand 2019 baka kasi magaya lang siya sa candidate nila ng 2017 na si Maria Ehren. Si Cat na-hyped last year pero she didn’t disappoint us. Basta ako kay MUP Gazini pa rin no matter what🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭.

  20. WOW! (Thanachapohn) Boonsang in pink and Miriam (Somnpromas) in noir. 🙂

    I repeat again – TPN MUST take the 2020 (and onward) Thai franchise for Earth!

    Mr. Tinio, Paweensuda holds Canadian or Thai passport?

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