20 comments on “Miss Universe 2019 tickets now on sale

  1. All tickets are sold out. I suspect some business minded people bought all the ticket and they will sell at higher price. I check other ticket outlets and there is only one available but the price is something I am going to think about it. They said $ 1,800 for the ticket and this is not even VIP ticket. I said no way Jose.

    • @ Bellona I knew it! 😦

      But that being said, does the presence of scalpers HELP to drum up/hype a tepid event?

      Am just amused at the prospect of Georgians suddenly becoming pageant fanatics. 🙂

      • It’s not only Georgians buying tixx but fans from other states / countries too.
        Am from New York, and bought tickets with a dozen of my friends.

  2. Tickets/VIP Packages range from $1,800 – $10,000 on Stubhub. Crazy if people will actually pay for this.

  3. Pinoys

    yan lang naman mga manunuod diyan

    mga taga USA wala na paki diyan

      • @ Oreo Bakit siya “boomer”? Is it because from post-WW2 generation, siya? 🙂

        At this point, all we know about kembular2020 is that she/he is a proud Kapampangan.

        Btw, I LOOOVE Oreos!!! (PUSO)

      • What a senseless response . You don’t even know how old he /she is. Plus it’s really boomers who give a damn about pageants . Lol millennials like me should not really care about pageants . It’s so against the ideals of beauty diversity nowadays .

    • Hindi ka pa kasi nakapanood ng Miss Universe live dito sa US kaya ka hung hangan lahat pinagsasabi mo.

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