11 comments on “Michelle Dee during the Miss World 2019 Media Call

  1. I admired the designer’s creativity and ingenuity of the outfit of Miss Philippines. Michelle’s choice of color is unique and stand out among the other candidates. I am sure the Yakan weavers are proud to see their hardwork are now showcasing in London. #michelledeefortheworld

    • @ Bellona The gorgeous Yakan print motif is evident even from a distance. Yes, indeed, a source of pride but let’s be honest, they probably do not use the country flag as a customary color blend. Artistic license on the part of the designer, yes. But when DanDan says “tourism convention uniform”, or “SEA Games” (this latter from myself), then it means it’s worth a revision. But who knows, perhaps her co-candidates thought it was nice, as you did. In the end and in any case, if Ms. Dee wins, it will be due more than from merely this ONE look. Let’s see how she does as the competition unfolds. 🙂

  2. di maganda ang OOTD
    tama na mga ganyan damit wala naman paki judges sa mga ganyan

    si Leren nga maski cheap ang pageant na sinalihan
    lagi on point

  3. Bakit ba kailangang e bash si michelle dee kung wala namang credibility ang mess world ano ba pinaglalaban ninyo mga bakla sa patuloy na panglalait sa ating kandidata?

  4. I’m having mixed feelings about that pantsuit. And why does Michelle look awkward in all of the pictures? 😅✌🏽

    • Her inner confidence is radiating.. except that last shot where the angle looks just awful.

      That pantsuit though. That’s a tourist booth uniform, not delegate-worthy.

    • She already has perpendicular shoulders.. the shoulderpad is not working for her… and her hip to shoulder proportion is not the most ideal… This is another case of bad styling just like the suit she was wearing during her flight.

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