5 comments on “Bowling break for Miss Supranational 2019

  1. The bowling ball over Rae’s head, is that a premonition? That bowling ball is reminiscent of the rotation globe/earth as part of the MS logo. Could it be?

  2. WOW! Who among the three beauties will win? Miss Philippines is really gorgeous and tall 5′ 8″ (Bb. Pilipinas measurement), Miss Peru captivating beauty and tall 5′ 8″, Miss Vietnam alluring beauty and tall 5′ 8″

    • @ Bellona Yep. MS-Peru is a stand-out. If another Latina, either she or Mexico will be OK to win.

      Antonia Porsild of Thailand is another possibility. Perhaps her roomie, Rae Bae, will be her lucky charm? Wasn’t Chanel roomie to eventual 2017 winner, Jenny Kim? 🙂

      Will Rae Bae, with her voluptuous lane-side poses, bag Miss Hotel Osa (sponsor award)? Let’s see….

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