13 comments on “Catriona and Cheslie talk Miss Universe 2019

  1. These 2 ladies are very well spoken, conversant and smart. These ladies have set a high standard of what a modern beauty queen is.

  2. Chelsea will be hard to beat
    PR Albania and Colombia … possibly Thailand and Brazil will be in the running as well
    Good luck Philppines

  3. ofcourse she is Australian
    born raised educated with Australian funds and benefits
    English is her 1st language
    couldn’t even have a straight Filipino conversation

    anyway well done Cat

    • True that Kembular…you’re right.

      However, she would able to communicate with 1.4 billion people worldwide, native and 2nd language speakers worldwide where Englush is an official language in “over” 50 sovereign nations and is one of five official languages in the UN.

      Go Cat Go!

    • Yes English is her first language and that adds to her advantage. But she speaks with deep sense of conviction, purpose. and meaning. You can feel the sincerity in her voice and certainly not all who are fluent in English could deliver such beautiful messages around the world like her. This is the very reason why she won the crown. I believe of all the miss universe winner, she is undoubtedly the best speaker. Indeed, a woman of substance!

  4. Peter Andre, the popular Aussie-Brit singer, has been criticized by his fans for hosting the upcoming Miss World contest. Apparently some individuals still have a 70’s mentality, of pageants demeaning the self worth of women, accusing the singer that his decision that hosting MW is a bad option and is beneath him.

    Wow! Really?
    Perhaps, the Brits’ reputation of not being the most attractive people in the world adds to their dismay. Just shaking my head! 🤔

    All they need to do is watch this video of Miss Universe and Miss USA!
    Wake up and smell the coffee Brits!

  5. Pageants indeed have come a long way. These two ladies embellish brains, beauty and charisma that presently defines the MU crown and has redefined pageant competetion in recent years.

    Cat continues to impress! She certainly has that charismatic attribute and communication skills enabling her to articulate her thoughts with conviction and sincerity!

    Totally impressive…still..

    • Because Miss Universe is Miss Universe! The most prestigious beauty pageant – unparalleled, unrivaled, unequaled! And as for Miss World, it is simply a cooking show.

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