16 comments on “Universe to Atlanta: Here’s another one of Gazini Ganados

  1. Looking at the candidates of MU 2019, may laban naman si Ms Ganados (though she was not my bet for MUP). Magkakaalaman na lang sa Q&A.

  2. Good luck to her.
    Sana maging maganda ang performance niya na titingnan pa rin siyang malaking threat to the crown, tulad ng naging performance nila Ariadna at Tamaryn.
    This year’s Ms. Universe batch isn’t exciting though ✌️

  3. Talo yan!!! Back to back daw 😂 baka GO BACK HOME ang ending
    Thailand will win MU MW at MSupra this year
    Tulog na Felepens

    • Wag naman masyadong balahura sa tao si gazini ang pinaka magandand Ph, UNIVERSE ok lang kong sino ang manalo. wish ko makapasok sa top 5 masaya na ako yu n lang…..

    • tingali ug kanon nimo ang imong gisulti. Wai imposible kai Sto Nino. Pit Senor. Bahala na ka kang Queen Gazini.

  4. so I wonder if this is really short hair strategy in Atlanta … if by any chance , she feels that she will be more competitive with long hair, there are always extensions …

  5. What kind of person she is is all that matters. We can say all we want, hype her or hate on her, those do not count. More than anything else she has to be herself so that if she wins she doesn’t strain herself being who she’s not; and if she doesn’t win then it’s fine because it will just mean she’s not the one adjudged fit for the role. Simple.

    • I couldnt agree more.. I think the winning formula that seemed to workI believe is to help improve the person than totally changing person. It’s tricky because as one improves there will be changes. But I guess these improvements are about strengthening and empowering the persons core than changing to the point of losing one’s identity and handles. It is difficult to see but not impossible to spot the difference.

  6. If Gaz makes the first cut, which I am confident she will, she is going to make the MU pageant very interesting this year!

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain!
    Pressure off Gazini!

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