20 comments on “Off to Poland: Resham Saeed for Miss Supranational 2019

  1. Well, not sure if she’s gonna win or not. But i think she’ll fight for the crown. me feels kasi medyo pa iba iba din ang gusto ng supra.

    Resham is gorgeous and I hope KF discovered the perfect hairstyle/styling for her her.

    Also, hoping that our future binibinis will wear a chic shoes instead of the pageant-platform shoes. It’s about time, i guess.

  2. Matino sapatos ni Ms PH sa litrato.
    Wag naman sanang mag change into pokpokish platform shoes kapag pageant night na 🤞

  3. Thailand will win ONLY EITHER Universe or Supranational, NOT BOTH to match our 2013 feat. 🙂

    • Made in KF beauty academy.
      That bulbous nose is patterned after KF’s nose.

      And oh, by the way, speaking of Ganado’s lower lip,
      it was patterned after KF’s lower lip.

    • She is half Pakistani. Ganyan usually tabas ng ilong nila. Sa ibang Pic nya walang nose line. Make up Yun guhit

  4. Akala ko ang tinik Kay gorgeous raebae si jesika Yun Pala Yun taga tuktuk na kamukha ni Maria ehren.
    Uwi mo Korona raebae
    Wag nyo na pintasan ang kf. Lahat ng camps gusto Lang nila makatulong at magaling silang lahat pero wag naman I halo halo ang madaming idea ng madami ng expert baka sumobra sa alat wag nyo na I lion king si gazini.

  5. FULL LIST OF WINNERS | Face of Beauty International 2019 👑

    Face of Beauty International 2019 – Thailand
    1st Runner-Up – Russia
    2nd Runner-Up – South Africa
    3rd Runner-Up – Taiwan
    4th Runner-Up – Brazil

    I AM ME Charity Winner – Fiji

    Teen Face of Beauty International 2019 – New Zealand
    1st Runner-Up – Estonia
    2nd Runner-Up – Panama

  6. I am sure the Miss Supra Org. would be completely charmed by this gorgeous multi-cultural beauty. Continue to do your best and we wish you the best of luck! 🙂

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