4 comments on “Michaela Shuttleworth of Australia wins Miss Scuba International 2019

  1. Liz Mabao 5′ 6″

    Miss Princess World International Philippines 2018
    Unplaced, Miss Princess World International 2018

    Miss Earth Philippines 2018 representing Mandaluyong City – Unplaced

    Miss Scuba Philippines 2019 – Winner

    Congratulations Liz! Next stop Bb. Pilipinas please. Your amazing height and good looking is enough to be our next Miss Universe

    • Wow, “your amazing height and good looking is enough to be our next Miss Universe.” This comment is so laughable. What made you think she’s even capable of winning the Bb or get one of the crowns??? LOL.

  2. Interesting result! The three countries together constitute what is considered the heart of coral reef biodiversity and, of course, a must for SCUBA enthusiasts.

    • A must for scuba enthusiasts to appreciate and to PRESERVE! The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is dying due to climate change. The marine life in Indonesia and Philippines is slowly disappearing due to overfishing and destruction of breeding grounds. I hope this pageantry could get corporate sponsorships from boat manufacturers- distributors, fishing companies, shipping lines, diving equipment manufacturers and beach resorts.

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