5 comments on “Miss Earth 2019 Nellys Pimentel is back in Puerto Rico

  1. Nung nag-explore ako sa IG, yung kabilang parlor panay ang throwback ng guesting ng mga Miss Universe Winners sa Un Nuevo Dia ng Telemundo!

    Scroll down pa ng konti, ayyyy! bumulaga si Miss Earth!

    Ayon! As in One on One interview on the same TV show! Now I know kung bakit!

  2. Very pretty. Facially, she’s very beautiful and refreshing to look at. Not very overdone and no sign of plastic surgery (like the nose of Emma Tigloa)…..AND just pointing that out. 🙂

  3. Sure is a humble homecoming. Maybe the Miss Universe pageant is the only Big 4 pageant Puerto Ricans care about. They have won five.

  4. Pictures speaks for itself that lovable Puerto Ricans are not crazy as Asians especially Filipinos about the homecoming of a queen. Enjoy your homecoming Miss Earth.

  5. Simple, as well, was Stephanie del Valle’s homecoming three years ago.

    Seems Porto Ricanos are tepid to pageantry. If so, this may be their LAST international crown in a long while.

    The current global pageantry scene dictates giving crowns only to countries who show interest.

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