11 comments on “The Passion of Miss Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallman

  1. Our two Filipinos-Aussie queens, Karen and Cat, are endorsing alcoholic products? What happened to their pro-child development advocacies? Pang contest lang?

      • @ kembular2030 She did say she wanted to help distribute instructional materials to public schools in need. DEPED should take the initiative. And they could even begin in her native Bohol. Or the Ubay LGU’s, perhaps. Her handler/manager seems to have favored endorsement over advocacy.

      • How about distributing also posters and leaflets of Anejo Rum to public schools? Or maybe if Karen will be a Calendar Girl of the brand, distribute also calendars for all classrooms. They are instructional materials too, right? Cat may also do the same for her San Mig Light. The street children of Tondo need to learn appreciating exquisite tastes while they are still young, right?

    • @ scorg The point is – these liquor brands are missing out on a great CSR opportunity. Silly, silly.

      • @Flor, there indeed are great CSR opportunities for liquor brands. But I’m afraid these CSR initiatives are meant to deodorize the negative effects of liquor on personal and societal health, or to present a positive perceptual image of alcoholic drinks to the consumers. CSR initiatives are part of the comprehensive brand-building program. But leaving CSR aside, the endorsement of alcoholic drink products by beauty queens whose wholesome personal brands revolve around child and youth development advocacies leaves a disturbing subliminal image of association between youth development and alcoholic drink consumption.

  2. wow ang high class naman ng endorsement ng mga international title holders

    Catriona for san mig light

    tas Karen for Anejo

    grabe ang taas ng standards sa mga advocacy

    tara shot na mga pare ko

    • Naman dai, milyon ang bayad sa kanila. Kaya at the end of the day sila may pera ikaw nag hihikahos. Char!

      World peace 🙂

    • She’s a pageant girl, not a public servant.
      Pageants’ sole purpose is to entertain not to serve.
      Kung totoong concerned ka sa public service and social issues, mga government officials & politicians (who receive our taxes) ang bulabugin mo.

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