37 comments on “The Michelle Marquez Dee Sendoff for Miss World 2019

  1. She’s too big-boned. Borta version siya ni Gabbi/Gabby Garcia.
    In short, ang ganda – plakado sa mga Tivoli boom boom pero sa Miss World, josko – Angela Ponce is that you???!!!

  2. Maganda facially for me si Michelle Dee. She looks like Gabbi Garcia. Ang napansin ko Lang malaki buto ni Michelle. She looks malapad on certain angles. Dapat talaga ubas na lang kainin ni michelle at mga salad
    May chance manalo. Yes mukhang uso naman ang raw. Di na uso ang hampas to the left and to the right na beauty queens

    • She is already lean… What you are talking about is her bone-structure…. She needs to workout her butt and thighs so that it would gain more volume than her lean triangular upperbod which would enhance her hourglass figure.

      • Yes closer I’m talking about the bone structure which is common w tall ladies like ruffa g, Michelle dee. nagagandahan ako kay Michelle dee since I saw her sa segment ng eat Bulaga.
        I’m trying to say that since malaki buto medyo itodo Lang diet during pageant season

  3. Mananalo cya at mababash cya ng husto dahil pangit daw sya.
    Laki ng tawa no lola julia kc nakaganti cya sa mga palengkerang hampaslupang pinoy at sasabihin nyang”ngayon nyo matitikman ang pangbabash nyo sa akin dahil pangit ang pinay na kandidatang nanalo at mukhang DH”😆

  4. Kinakabahan na tuloy ako ditey sa babaita’ng ‘to.

    She is polarizing. And JM could use her to pull a fast one on us, a trap we felt too jaded for.


  5. I am not a fan. I just felt (no basis) we might be surprised by her performance come her international stint. And it seems a good surprise. Shes giving me a kylie and pia kind of vibe before their compettion. Focused, not so much noise.. i agree with the calm and collected vibe and attitude. I might be wrong. But that’s just how I feel about her.

  6. I am hoping foe the best for Michelle Dee. She might not be the prototype beauty of Miss World. I find that all Miss World Beauties always have a beautiful smile and not that serious like Michelle Dee but who knows maybe the stars will align for her during coronation night. I have an insight that next year Aces and Queens will put Patch Magtanong to join Miss World 2020 for her last shot in her Beauty Queen Journey. I am hoping that her journey will not be a Katarina Rodriguez and be a Catriona Gray.

  7. i love it that shes not being hyped that puts less stress on her . i find her classy, facially pretty enough to win MW. i like her actually. so lets see….i always love a win that very few saw it coming….based on her pics…she looks very expensive.

  8. No question about Michelle Dee as the woman who will best represent our country…but the pageant is… asa p? Ulit? D n natuto mga pinoy? Kelan tayo magigising? Sayang mga high caliber, educated, decent Philippine reps…effort, time and money..#NOTOMESSWORLDCOOKINGSHOW

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Locally pa nga lang, cooked na. We all know ALV’s agenda – to use the Nationals as a vehicle to launch new show business careers. That’s all there is to this. MW is just a bonus, now.

  9. According to Psychic Gurmeet, Michelle Dee will win Miss World 2019. So we have a back to back for this year with Gazini wining Miss Universe 2019.

  10. She still.looks big
    Not Mariel big
    Maybe Ruffa big when she went to MW
    With Melanie and Wynwyn as her resource people …why?
    Her walk is not energetic enough . She talks with no enthusiasm at all. And her face…
    But good luck. I hope I’m wrong.

    • veks, athletic build si Michelle. Why do you need to obsess about body all the time?

      Talks with no enthusiasm, look at what happened to Katarina, super energetic and enthusiastic eh ligwak ang beauty…hihihih

      You are definitely wrong.

    • Malaki buto ni Michelle dee. Normal naman sa 5’10na babae. Diet na Lang talaga. Even Catriona malaki buto.
      Basta wag lang Mariel big

  11. Oh my God … Filipinos belittling their own !!! So what if our candidates never win? Manny Pacquiao does not always win. Even each one of us does not always win in our own struggles. Just because you have hang-ups and frustrations for not being beauty queens, or not being real women, that you claim rights to impose your own standards to other people? Pathetic.

  12. Actually wala ang pressure kay Gazini dahil back to back… Ang pressure ay na kay Michelle na former Miss International ang Ina who also represented us mutiple times… Sama mo pa 1st cousin na Reyna Hispano-Americana winner… Grabe, I can’t imagine how she feels right now.

  13. Gustuhin ko man manalo si Michelle Dee for Miss World, I have to expect the worst as early as now. Kailan ba ibibigay ni Madam Hulya ang basbas?

  14. Wag ba magbulag bulagan hindi yan pasok sa standards ni Lola Hulya
    I am sure maganda siya in her own way pero lalamunin siya ng 100plus candidates
    napaka ordinary looking

    Pinas is the next India
    Tagtuyot is coming

    Zero crown in Big 4

    sana kasi niluto na nila sa ME
    congrats Felepens 2013 to 2018 was indeed a good run

  15. What I love about her quest is that medyo kalmado lahat. Tahimik ang prep nya at walang gaanong hype. I think this strategy is a good one.

    Her demeanor actually screams Miss International and Miss World so I think that picked the right pageant. She’s a cool, calm and collected.

  16. Thailand ang mananalo sa Miss World, Miss Universe, At Miss Supranational.
    El Niño na ang 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭
    Tapos na ang pagiging powerhouse sa pageantry
    Truth hurts just accept it and move on!

  17. I Love Michele Marquez Dee… She is trully an Asian beauty… I know she would give her all and represent us very well… Just be yourself and keep in mind that there are Millions of Filipinos who are here to support you. Whatever happens, we know that you will always make us proud.

  18. Inspite of some negative comments being thrown to MWP Michelle Dee, I still believe that her performance in all categories (from fast tract events to prelims) would pave the way for her towards semi-final round and hopefully advance to final speech round.

  19. Classy, elegant, and beautiful Filipina is Miss World Philippines Michelle Dee. However, she is undeniably not the Miss World prototype we expect Madam Julia Morley would choose in her cooking show. Let us be frank and real guys, rather than hope for something that is false and unbecoming.

    But then again, as our representative in the penultimate pageant on earth (or world rather), I give my 100% support to this ethereal oriental beauty. Good luck, Michelle!

    That’s all.

  20. Sorry to say… but I find her to be the weakest PH rep sent to Miss World in a long while.

  21. Ay naku! Huwag naman sanang mabokya sa Big 4 ang Filipinas!

    Eto na ang huling baraha!

    Dahil ayoko na umasa kay Gazini!

    Good luck, Michelle!

    Naway yung attendance ni Arnold sa birthday ni Julia sa London eh may basbas na!

  22. I hate to say this but I’m not seeing her to win.

    World peace 🙂

    • I like her refreshing Island features and her chances of doing really well at Miss World. She will excell in at least three of the fast tracks; 1) sports and fitness, 2) top model and 3) beauty with a purpose. Given she places high in all three she “should” be considered a strong contender.

      So long that Julia Morley still owns the MWO and all the negative attributes that defines it, I truly emphasize the word “should.”

      All the best and commit the rest Michelle Dee! I truly am rooting for ya’ll! 👍🏽❤

      • I like her refreshing Island features and her chances or doing really well at Miss World. She will excel in at least three of the fast tracks; 1) sports and fitness, 2) top model and 3) beauty with a purpose. Given she places high in all three she “should” be considered a strong contender.

        However, so long Julia Morley still owns the MWO and all the negative attributes that defines it, I truly emphasize the word “should.”

        All the best and commit the rest Michelle Dee. I truly am rooting for ya’. ❤👍🏽

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