100 comments on “Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand wins Miss International 2019

  1. What ever we say about the results, however we hairsplit on the merits and demerits of finalists’ speeches, the judges have spoken— nay, whimpered. And so it’s going to be another ho-hum year for MI, until they again resurface from hibernation next year for another one-hour entertainment show. Meanwhile their tagline surreally flutters in a small corner of their website declaring to a war-weary world the message “world peace”!

    • @ scorg It’s Japan, Sir. 🙂

      Like I said before, they basically (just) want a trophy girl to display at their VIP events. Astute, too, in my opinion. A great way to enhance the Miss Paris brand to wordly-affluent female Thai globetrotters.

      I am quite sure rival middle-tier brands – Earth and Supranational – watched and learned. Let’s you and I find ways to contribute towards making our own home-grown pageant trump all in terms of relevance, timeliness, and inclusiveness (after all, Gaia cares not about speeches, only ACTION).

      • @Flor, I have since been proud of our home-grown pageant, ME, in my place of work. I have always boasted among my expat friends that the global beauty pageant with the most relevant and timely advocacy is based in the Philippines. But I have always been disappointed at the many opportunities for global involvement and action that ME simply ignored. Among the beauty pageants today, it is the only one with the advocacy that UN agencies, internationall research institutions, government, worldwide organisations, NGO networks, and leading universities may link-up with. With the growing global awareness of the urgency for climate action, the fence sitters in the corporate world are now starting to allocate their advertising money to environmental causes. But I see ME still tiptoe-ing their way to big corporate sponsors. There are so many areas for environment protection engagements but their activities seem to be limited to small community-level one-off initiatives.

  2. Actually si Patch talaga ang winner. Kaya lang naguluhan ang organizer nung makita yung buhok nya. Nahirapan silang isipin kung paano ilalagay yung korona. Baka ma tulad sa runner up nung 2017, na halos sa noo na ilagay yung maliit na crown dahil sa ayos ng buhok nya. Nag mukha tuloy unicorn.

  3. kesehodang maganda speech mo
    if sa simula pa lang eh nakatadhana na sayo ang korona

    yan ang pa birthday kay Venezuela last year
    at this year wala sila paki kung walang kwenta ang speech ni Taeland pero napanalunan niya ang puso ng mga Huradong Hapon

    Si Ate Pops mga speech niya eh bagay sa UN I hope gamitin na lang niya ang talino nya sa mga ganun at tumigil na sya sa pageants wala naman kwenta mga pageants na ito its for entertainment

    dami nyo haka haka d naman kayo judge sa MI
    wala pa modo mga fans sa Tokyo dome ginawang Barangay

  4. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this re: Patch – she comes across as “cold” when she speaks. When I first heard her interviews after she won Bb Pilipinas, I already got concerned even then – I thought her way of communicating may not go well in Ms International, this despite her intelligence. The speech portion is make or break in this competition, something that many people don’t seem to see. Those who won in the past (including Philippines in 2013, 2016) spoke from the heart, with genuineness and conviction. All of them made you listen. Their speech didn’t come across as memorized(even though it is, a tricky thing to do). Patch’s speech was okay, not powerful in its content(maybe bullying as the theme would have been better?).
    Add to that is her delivery – too matter of fact(cold), too fast(it’s supposed to be a speech, pacing was not good. And no, it had nothing to do with translation, as some people believe), came across as memorized, did not come across as genuine(did she really believe what she was saying? This point is crucial), and consequently, did not demand attention. In contrast, Thailand’s speech had all the ingredients the judges were looking for – genuine and sincere, warm, clear, evenly-paced, relevant and powerful. You could see from Thailand’s face and demeanor her conviction, that she really believed what she was saying(not acting like Indonesia; judges pick up on that, too). Despite her English being inferior, Thailand made you listen to her and her message. She made you remember her.

    • i don’t notice that at all. in fact, patch captured my whole, entire senses the moment she started her speech. however, if you will have to argue on the premise that her speech was for the intellectuals, then i do not have any contention to that. afterall, if your definition of cold is how patch delivered her speech, then i respect that. at the end of the day, her speech was more than impressive and remarkable. now, if you were having a hard time digesting it, then that is your problem.

      • Patch’s speech came across as too intellectualized, even to the point of being disingenuous. Her manner of narrating a past adversity in her life too far-removed. The content of her speech sounded contrived. It was perplexing. As a listener, I simply could not believe her, even as I was rooting for her to win. If I felt like that, it’s not hard to imagine the judges felt the same. Obviously, they noticed what I noticed.

      • @Brian from my previous post, i mentioned that a power house country such as the Philippines will win some or lose SOME. Case in point with Patch’s situation; a very intellectual and pretty delegate failed to win the crown. oBVIOUSLY THE JAPANeSE JUDGES had seen something in her and that’s why she made it to the top 8, but it was just not her time or fate.

  5. At bakit ba nka bun na parang giant ensaymada. Pwede naman nka bun pero hindi ganun kalaki. It doesn’t look natural on her. Maybe that’s one of the reasons hindi siya ang nagwagi kasi the crown would look horrible on her head with that bun. Parang ang crown ay ipuputong on top of that ensaymada instead on her head and she would definitely look ridiculous to look at. The Japanese wouldn’t allow their queen to be ridiculed that way. Kaya sa future beauty queens dapat naka ready na yung mga ulo at hair nyo na makoronahan that would suit the crown perfectly. Baka vinivisualize na yan sa lahat ng mga photos ng candidates who would look elegant, gorgeous and queenly with the crown.

  6. First things first – congrats to Miss Thailand. She was declared the winner and we applaud her, no ifs, no buts.

    Now for my opinion:

    Even if Patch didn’t win, as we all wanted, she did us proud. She performed very well and her speech was very substantive, which she delivered with eloquence and quiet power. She is the definition of an empowered woman, even if she does not look aggressive. She was dignified and regal, and she could very well be speaking in a United Nations assembly or an Oxford University conference. That’s how good she was. And i am mighty proud, win or lose. She did get to the top 8 even if I thought she could have won or be at second or third. Congrats is in order for Patch of the Philippines as well. Bravo.

    Now to the pageant. When the four ASEAN beauties were called to the top 15, then 8, I had a feeling there was some politics there. MI wanted to make sure there were enough from Asia/ASEAN, even if they exclude the likes of Puerto Rico, a clear standout. Then when I heard the girls speak after Ms. Philippines, i thought they all paled in comparison save for Ms. Indonesia and Ms. UK who were also substantive. The rest were cutesy patsy, trying to make a point but never really expounding on the global sense of empowering and cheering for women. It made me feel like this pageant goes for the trifling, the trite, the trivial, for as long as you look sincere and charming on stage. It made me feel that Japanese society does not really embrace women empowerment in its deeper sense. And a woman like Patch Magtanong is way out of the league of this pageant. She is a misfit here – too wise and two comfortable in her wits for her own sake. She does not belong in this pageant. What a waste of beauty and intellect here. This pageant is seriously outdated, just as Japanese society seriously clings to its traditions, which treats women as tame and submissive, even if it pays lip service to women empowerment.

    As to the translators, I do not understand why they have to translate on the spot. if the speeches were prepared, then why not have the translations prepared as well? That would eliminate bias and errors in translation. It would not be too expensive hiring the services of a translator for 80 plus short speeches. I noticed that the woman translator was struggling and the man was not. The woman translated the speeches of Patch and Jolene while the man translated those who eventually won. Coincidence?

    In any case, there is no sourgraping here, Just some realizations on what MI really stands for. Unpredictable as it is, it is also seriously ancient, and Japanese culture bound. Perhaps they should rename this pageant Miss Japanese Wannabe instead of Miss International. There is very little international flavor to it, let alone a modern twist.

    This is the first time I watched this pageant by the way.

    • @Roi, exactly my thoughts! Patch’s perceived intellectual capacity and independent mind is a misfit in this pageant. MI obviously promotes the cutural touchstones of Japan’s long period of isolation (1639- 1853)– tea ceremony, flower arrangement, bonsai tree propagation, hauku poetry, kabuki drama– and its worldview of women being submissive and subordinate to men, and its sense of self being defined not through the force of individual personality but through its interaction with others. Japan is known worldwide for its utmost sensitivity to the issue of internationalization, that a Japan-based contest carrying the tag “international” seems like a misnomer.

    • @Roi, you congratulated Miss Thailand, “no ifs, no buts”. I have the “buts”, The thematic content of Miss Thailand’s speech reeks of the “me” mentality– so inward-looking, drawn to herself. Compare that to Miss Philippines’ speech which evokes the “us” mentality– outward-looking, community-centric, action- oriented. The Baby Boomer judges hearing the speeches of two Millenials of divergent sub-cultures seem to have favoured the “me” generation over the “us”.

  7. kahit anu pa ang ganda ng speech mo

    wala paki ang judges kasi simulat sapul Taeland na ang bet nila
    gnun kasimple

  8. “Noong ako ay bata, pawang kakaiba ang pamantayan na ibinibigay sa akin kumpara sa mga lalaki na kasing edad ko. Sa aking paglaki, lalo pa’t nung ako’y naging abogado, inimupisahan kong tanungin ang mga pamantayang ito at HAMUNIN ito…… ”

    Yan ang translation sa Tagalog nung first part ng speech ni Patch. Maaaring iba yung pagkaka-translate niyo at maaaring iba rin ang pagkakaintindi niyo. Kung iba-iba ang pagkakaintindi natin, ano pa kaya dun sa nagsasalin nung speech sa competicion!

    Para tuloy lumalabas na para maging “empowered woman” ka kailangan mong makipag-compete sa mga kalalakihan (na mala Dr. Audrey Lim o Jessica Pearson) ang dating!

    Si Princess Masako Owada, Magna cum laude graduate ng Harvard University at may magandang career pero nung napangasawa niya si Prince Naruhito, wala siyang naging choice kundi maging subordinate sa kanyang asawa sa Chrysanthemum Throne! Pressured din siya magkaroon ng anak na LALAKI dahil lalaki lang ang puede sa Order of Succession sa Imperial Palace!

    Suddenly, may speech na “HAMUNIN ANG MGA PAMANTAYANG ITO” so ano ngayon ang magiging impression nung mga judges? Ba’t namin ibibigay sayo ang corona kung hindi ka naman pala pabor sa kultura namin?

    Since Day 1 of Patch, everything is on point, from wardrobe selection to camaraderie to pro-activeness to pre-pageant activities. She’s on game! The final speech is the “make or break” part of the competition. Quesejoda compassionate ka or better endorser ka ng Panasonic product or naaliw ka sa Ikebana, all of it doesn’t matter! Dahil pag nagsalita ka na, doon na maaaninag kung yung actions na ginawa during the pre-pageant activities that ferry you to the Top 15 is authentic or just a show!

    Kaya yan mga superficial judgement ng mga fans na kesho gusto nung org yung doll face or balingkinitan ang katawan or pag may nanalo last year the following year ligwak, WALA YAN!

    Binibining Pilipinas na ulit next year, for sure those kind of argument lalabas na parang kabute ulit!

  9. it’s amazing how MI has seemed to have been stuck with Asian and Latina winners in the last 20 years… the only white winner was Spain in 2008 and Poland in 2001.

    Prior to this millennium , the winners were dominated by European beauties ( 1990s and 1980s )

    They are falling into the same trap as MU. At least MW has gotten some variety even recently.

    • @ jaretwrightlover So…. Cindy Marina and Fionghualla will surely tank in Atlanta next month?

      Bear in mind that a European like Harriote Lane, popular on both sides of the Pacific Pond, finished strong. She wasn’t exactly a surprise the way Iris was in Manila three years ago.

      My view is that for a European to place, if not win, nowadays, she should get BOTH Asian AND Latino fan bases. Another good example is ME 2019-Fire Alisa Manyanook, who got a boost from her Top 15 finish at MI back in 2016.

      • Albania and Ireland are two of the best for Europe this year and can run away with the crown. The other three to add to these two are Netherlands, Spain and Croatia.

        Mine (my remark) is just an observation of the past, the noticeable trend , not a prediction, but I still look forward to Gaz bringing home the first Pinas b2b MU crown

  10. nasa Top 5 ko si Miss Thailand sa Top 5 ko sa blog na ito at nasa Top 3 ko siya sa fb page ng MI. Amazing! I like her aura kaya pinili ko siya.

  11. I think the Ms. International is looking at a more personal touch in their speeches and how it will strike the hearts of the judges. Like in 2013, Bea Santiago used Typhoon Haiyan. Last year, 2018, Meriam used her birthday. Now, Ms. Thailand used the criticisms given to her to prove her point.

    However, I would have liked to see Ms. Philippines get a runners-up position.

  12. Wow, i just saw how big Patch’s bun really is…….lol. Could you imagine if she have won the crown. How will that fit inside the crown???

    • That also crossed my mind, much like it did with Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett’s hair in MU 2017: IF she had won, how are they going to crown her with that hair LOL.

    • kaya nga e. pero feeling ko pasok pa rin naman ang crown. hahaha

      di ba nga, sabi ni Jonas Gaffud noon (with Megan Young’s MW Hairstyle kung bakit ganon) is “always prepare your head for the crown.” may point siya. so di ko alam baka kaya di siya pina panalo kasi papangit ung pag suot ng crown sakanya. CHAROT!!! hahaha

  13. You win some and you lose some…..that’s the reality of any beauty pageant or at any sporting events. She did what could to compete and represent the country to the best of her abilities. And placing in top 8 in MI is an achieve already. Move on; it’s over. Stop speculating, dissecting, and looking for an answer why she did not place higher and won the crown. Philippines representative can’t win all the crown at any pageant events 🙂

  14. I still believe Patch deserves a higher placement if not the winner. both Patch and Jolene performed well. after the speeches, i thought it was going to be Patch vs Jolene vs Mexico. but.. meh. unpredictable org.

    But let me just say that this year’s show/prod, I believe is such a downgrade form last year.

    I Prefer the stage last year, the lighting, the presentations, the music and LALO NA THE CAMERA SHOTS and ANGLES! grabe halos wala ka makita sa mga babae ngayong taon.

    they opted to do the preliminary judging to shorten the finals night time. pero.. parang humaba din kasi every after segment, ang tagal ng deliberation sa “separate room” ng mga judges. plus the showing of vide montage, the intermission..

    Kylie’s interview with the top 8 looked awkward dahil sa mga nag jajapanese sa background. parang di nila alam ang gusto nilang sabihin at gawin ni kylie. so parang clueless si kylie.

    Speeches – the interpreter had a hard time in translating the speeches. sana gawin na lang nila na per sentence or parang sa MU, hihinto ung mag sspeech then translate. ang hirap din kasi. i know parang sira ang moment but at least they get to translate and know the speeches very well.

    the girls were really shocked when Thailand was announced as the winner. well, di lang naman ata sila. pati tayo. hahahaha

    Let me just say that Patch looked outstanding yesterday. I love her Ito Curata gown than the white one. Hindi ko masyadong bet for her ang bun pero ang ganda niya, queenly aura.

    I guess she’s meant for bigger things ahead. Miss World, maybe? Let’s see.

  15. Pang Miss Universe yun speech ni Patch eh!! Di pa yata ready ang Japan sa gender equality and women empowerment.. in fairness, deserved naman ni Miss Thailand ang title.. so move on na tayo..

    sana lang, sa susunod matuto na ang mga Filipino fans mag behave sa mga events gaya ng Miss International.. it’s so annoying and embarrassing.. kaya minsan kahit deserving tayo manalo eh naliligwak dahil sa di magandang inaasal ng ibang Filipino pageant fans.. 😦

    so next stop, Miss Supranational 2019..

  16. Mga vekla, Patch’s speech is very well composed but it was missing a key components: her actions as a woman and what she has done to overcome that barrier. She failed to take advantage her determination to become a lawyer and passing the bar exam as a symbol of trying to break that stereotype that women are inferior than men. Also, she failed to state what she would do if she wins MI…
    Those two are such missed opportunities and I am very surprised with the exclusion of those key items in her speech. I had a feeling that Patch was so close to getting that top plum if not a runner up but her speech, her biggest ammo in the contest, let her down.

  17. Comparing the speeches of the Miss Philippines’ and Miss Thailand on the topic Cheer All Women, one can at once see the relative depth in the Miss Philippines’ speech. It is obviously outward-looking, insightful and solution-and-action-oriented, e.g. “to cheer all women means to support [them] regardless of race, religion or background… also to remove all barriers that prevent [them] from realizing their full potentials”. The speech of Miss Thailand is obviously inward-looking and drawn to herself, e.g. “I used all the critcs (sic)… to make myself to improve (sic) to be the best representative and make my nation proud”. From the two speeches alone, we can see who is miles ahead in intellect, compassion and selflessness!

    • Another take on the speeches:
      Miss Philippines said, “…through this platform [i.e. MI], we can ensure that no woman anytime, anywhere is left behind.” Miss Thailand said, “If I have the privilege to become Miss International 2019 I will be the inspiration…”. It is easy to see who is a woman for others and who is full of herself. I am proud Patch resonated to the whole world the sense of community we Filipinos are known for. She may not have won the crown but she won the hearts of everyone, Filipinos and foreigners alike, for her generosity of spirit and moral decency.

      • @ scorg OT.

        I think the reason France requires transit visas for Filipinos is the EU’s condemnation of threats to the lives and rights of Press/Mass Media professionals by entrenched political interests and agenda.

        Maybe they see the makings of a rogue state here? And pressure the government to act on it?

  18. it’s funny how others are trying to put some words on patch performance yesterday. even funnier how others are trying to call her pops. to begin with, pops fernandez is very beautiful. but if you are using it in a negative way just to highlight patch imperfections, then that is a different story. performance wise, it was more than superb. if others will harp on the issue of her speech, i daresay this: it was delivered perfectly(enunciation, content, delivery and conviction), accompanied with a really strong substantiation. can we just be happy on the result? top 8 is still top 8. the whole world knows that she delivered the perfect speech compared to the other girls. so if others here can’t do nothing but to nitpick and tarnish someone’s reputation, you guys shut
    up. she is a lawyer from the philippines finest university. deal with it. if not, continue to be bitter souls!!!

  19. Mga vaklah malaking bagay yong nanalo si Ms Thailand as Asia whatever before sya nanalong Ms. International. Apat silang natirang Asyana sa tough 8. So malamang na basehan yon ng mga judges para ipatong sa kanya ang korona. Likeability among other contestants must have been the key. Pero NO doubt in terms of intelligence and grace under pressure Patch was the best yesterday. Babush!

  20. Miss International 2019
    Topic: Cheer All Women

    Miss Philippines 2019
    “When I was younger, I found it strange that I was subjected to different standards as other boys my age. When I got older and even more so when I became a lawyer, I began to question these standards and challenge them. Why should women live in fear of harassment, violence, and discrimination when basic human decency calls for respect, tolerance, and compassion?

    “To cheer all women means to support all women regardless of their race, religion, or background. But not only this – it also means to remove the barriers that prevent women from realizing their full potential. Miss International does this by fostering a global culture of women empowerment and gender equality. And through this platform, we can ensure that no woman anytime, anywhere is left behind.”

    Miss Thailand 2019/ Miss International 2019
    ” Do you know I was criticized a lot when I was crowned as Miss Thailand but I never give up and now I am here. I dare to dream to be a beauty queen even there is nothing really related to my career as pharmacist. I used all the critics as a power to make myself to improve to be the best representative and make my nation proud.
    So the definition of cheer all woman for me is how to encourage, support and inspired a woman around the world that make that dreams comes true and make a great thing to our world. If I have the privilege to become Miss International 2019 I will be the inspiration, if an ordinary girl like me can do it, you all can do it too. “

    • If these are the repective speeches of the two queens, one can at once see the relative depth in the Miss Philippines’ speech. It is obviously outward-looking, insightful and solution-and-action-oriented, e.g. “to cheer all women means to support [them] regardless of race, religion or background… also to remove all barriers that prevent [them] from realizing their full potentials”. The speech of Miss Thailand is obviously inward-looking and drawn to herself, e.g. “I used all the critcs (sic)… to make myself to improve (sic) to be the best representative and make my nation proud”. From the two speeches alone, we can see who is miles ahead in intellect, compassion and selflessness!

  21. I think this will be the first year in a long time that the Philippines will miss out on an Alpha crown. I think Thailand has the momentum, with very strong chances at Universe & Supranational. Better luck next year. Patch still has her law degree & I think Josh Cordoves is her bf—? He’s gorgeous & panalo na si Patch with him.

    I wonder if Arnold Mercado had any inputs in Patch’s preparations, especially wth speech. He was A&Q’s resident expert on Japan & Miss International before he was pirated to head the Miss World Philippines organization. Patch’s speech was too progressive for a traditional organization like Miss International, which still likes its winners to focus on traditionally “feminine” issues like children, cultural exchange, education, beauty.

    Still, a job well done & congrats to Patch & her team.

  22. I think Ate Pops will focus on her career as a Lawyer according to her she studied her whole life for it

    sa dami ng magagaling kumuda sa MU
    expect Gazini to be in Top 10 only

  23. Thailand is the emerging powerhouse

    tagtuyot is coming
    India ang kalalabasan ng Felepens na walang modo ang fans sa venue

  24. Inaantay ko na lang mategs yang Dewi Sukarno na yan. Sya nagpapatalo sa atin. Kaloka.

  25. Congrats Patch. You did your best. I just don’t see anything special fr the winner. Congrats anyway. Maybe an ordinary beauty is the trend

  26. Bakit kasi women’s empowerment e Di naman yun ang theme ng MI? Who gave her advice on the speech .
    Congrats anyway for doing a great job
    As for Thailand, I knew she was gonna be the sleeper hit after seeing her picture in kimono.

  27. I told you so! Ayan mga baklang kanal na nagsasabing si Pops mananalo, biglang kambyo at daming conspiracy theories ek ek.na naman! Juskoeh


  28. Totoo kasi ang Bun ni Thailand, si Patch ang Bun, inipon ang lahat ng nalagas na buhok tapos ginawang bola



  29. Totoo kasi ang Bun ni Thailand, si Patch ang Bun, inipon ang lahat ng nalagas na buhok tapos ginawang bola



    • @ Sunny Human hair is fertilizer for plants grown in soil, actually. Tell Mang Barbero! 🙂

  30. Congrats Patch!

    Give chance to others. Never expected her to win, I felt it in my gut pero I know she will do well. Top 8 is still good considering yung ibang super hyped naging clapper.

    Thailand fits the mold of MI really. I still feel their prototype still applies, and she fits just right.

    Congrats Thailand for a Big 4 win!

    Maging happy kayo mga bakla. Di pwede every year panalo ang Pilipinas.

  31. di ako hapi sa resulta..ms thailand looks very ordinary..i thot it could be colombia or belarus.

  32. Congratulations Ms Thailand! You have the attributes of the new MI that the judges are looking for and your fans are not as irritating as the pinoys and indos in the venue.

    • Hindi naman lagi dapat malalim ang hugot sa speech or Q&A, if talino ang labanan, IQ test ang gawin.

      Q&A or speech encourages women to speak their mind in the most honest and relatable manner, as a person. Thailand did that well. She was there to express herself, NOT TO IMPRESS the judges. Si Oxana (MU Russia) won with less-than-five-word answer. For this event, Authenticity prevailed over pageant-factory-trained stereotype.

  33. The Filipino fans in the venue were terribly irritating. If I were a judge I also wouldn’t like a candidate representing such kind of people to win. That is Japan, not a Manila stadium, for goodness sake. When will Filipino fans learn to do as the Romans do?

  34. It’s ok Patch… We know that you are a principled individual.. There are much greater things ahead of u.

    Thank You for representing us!

  35. The essence of Ms. Thailand’s speech which is “If I can do it, you too can”, is almost the same as 2018 MU Vietnam’s.

  36. Diko alam sino gumagawa ng speech nya. Walang puso . Yung delivery din nya walang pa drama effect tapos yung translator din boba ayun napulot sa kangkungan. Plus yung mga bakla ng DDS na hamog kung makasigaw mga squatters oo kayong mga bayot.

    • @ Ivan Drama was lacking?

      Admit. You enjoyed Araya Supakrul’s speach in Venezuela.


  37. Congrats Thailand. Thank you Patch for giving your best.

    Steffi Aberrasturi for MI2020.

    • Wag ka na umasa kay Steffi… kalat ang Carshow pics nya… Mas bagay sya sa Miss Supranational or Miss Grand International.

  38. MI Thailand
    MU Thailand
    MW maybe Thailand
    MSupra maybe Thailand
    Savage ang Thailand ngayon
    Tapos na pagiging powerhouse ng Philippines
    El Niño is coming!

    • That is primarily because Thailand has now the fastest-growing number of crazy pageant fans in the world, beating Philippines. Thus, beauty pageant organizations might see Thailand a potential market to stage their pageants or at least make product influences to the fans. Mas madami kayang beki sa Thailand.

      That’s all.

      • ha? they dont want MI to be staged somewhere else. it happened before and they dont want that to happen again. Kung gusto nilang ihost sa ibang bansa Pinas ang number 1 na maghohost niyan.

    • Hoy bakla. Huminahon ka. 1 win pa lang nga Thailand eh dami mong sinasabi. Tangina oh.

  39. Overall, I felt Patch’s overall presentation, speech and all, was top five worthy. In retrospect, We can question the content of her speech, the unpredictability of MI judging or the passionate over-the-top supporters in the audience.

    However, the Philippines has had six MI winners and two crowns in the eight years not to mention a first runner-up last year. Patch was prepared and stunningly regal!

    Thank you Patch. You gave it your best and represented the Philippinrs well!

  40. Miss Thailand’s speech if full of humility. She said, “an ordinary girl like me.” Yes, it’s not fluid by speech contest standards but the judges might have appreciated her humility.

    Clearly, Patch, should have been sent to MU. Her speech tackled an advocacy that is of MU taste. SMA did not see that.

    Aya Abesamis or Emma Tiglao should have been sent instead.

    Next year, hoping they will send a low profile rep.

    • is full of humility*

      Still, congrats to our rep who was very courageous to have a principled speech bringing up a sensitive topic even if it cost her the crown.

  41. Oh well…

    It is indeed hard to accept the fate of Patch, especially if we witnessed how she fought beautifully in the finals. Patch went to Tokyo to win. She was well-prepared and she did her homework; so, the moment she stepped in the Land of the Rising Sun, she knew she had no stone left unturned.

    I believe that her loss in the pageant is unjustified. I thought she was robbed big time. But who am I to question the ruling of the judging panel when they had criteria different from our taste? I should therefore learn how to lower my expectations on our reps, even if they were the strongest we ever sent in the pageant. We already had the precedent in Catriona Gray when she failed to win Miss World, and I should have learned from that disgraceful loss.

    Anyway, life must go on. The most important thing is we saw how our rep did her best in the pageant. She made us all proud when she aced the speech round, and walked her way on her beautiful swimsuit and evening gown with a lot of class. Patch proudly wore the Miss Philippines sash, and that headlined in our hearts.

    Congratulations, Patch!

    • The Philippines honored MI by sending one of the best multi-dimensional beauty the country has ever produced. MI did not reciprocate the honour. Still, we say– world peace!

      • Same thoughts here. Patch would have been the perfect embodiment of the MI slogan, but they picked a different winner. Good luck to MI!

  42. pinagdiinan pa kasi ni ate pops na abogada siya
    at ang adbokasiya nya sa gender equality sa Japan

    buti pa si Thailand walang kwenta ang speech pero panalo

    • eh alam naman ng lahat na abogada siya buti pa si Thailand sinabi
      Pharmacist sya pero d nya pinagnuknukan

      yung mga walang kwenta ang nananalo
      ang gigil na gigil talo

  43. At dahil talo nanaman ang Pilipinas sa isa nanamang pamtimpalak, makaka asa kayo na ang ibang pinoy ay magpapakalat nanaman ng sisi, haka-haka, poot, galit at marami pang iba.

    Maraming salamat po.

  44. I have always thought that among the global pageants, MI has the most timely and relevant advocacy with its world peace tagline. Year after year, I have always hoped that it will energize this hackneyed slogan into some action programs that engage its followers 365 days a year, not just during the coronation night. Year after year, my hopes get dashed. Just when peace becomes an urgent issue in the world today, its slogan has remained a meaningless phrase, a surreal backdrop to the images of beautiful women in glittering gowns sashaying their way to the crown. I am about to give up.

  45. masyado kasi polished si Ate Pops
    at si Indonesia

    si Thailand chill chill lang
    sila mexico
    colombia and UK nga parang napadaan lang

  46. Hindi na talaga pinaka the best speech ang nanalo ngayon kundi kung sino talaga ang gusto ng judges. Isang dahilan kung bakit pano nanalo si guadaloupe ng miss photogenic? 50% ba voting 50% judges?

    • I really wonder who aproved Patch’s speech?… Remember, Miss International Org had a contoversy in 2012 when the winner from Japan was harrassed by the Yakuza.. hence she resigned while MIOrg was forced to change ownership.. Patch’s speech was an obvious reminder of that controversy.

  47. this only means one thing… PaweeWhatzherName will not win Miss U 2019 and Gaz will win back-to-back Miss U crown on Dec 8th !!! …. watch & see !!! … (& most probably, an Asian will also win MW19)

  48. Celebrate din sana naten ang pagkapanalo ng isang bansa
    na naghahangad din naman ng International crown

    Congrats Thailand

    Attorney Patch gave a very meaningful well thought brave speech
    and that is something to be proud of

    now you can be the next Miss World

  49. It baffles the mind how Ms Thailand won the title when other contestants did very well than her. If you watch it again, the translation or translator to Ms Philippines speech was a disaster.

    • Uganda should have won. Now it make sense that it’s not how good your final speech is but how the judges really like a certain candidate kahit pa anga anga pa,,, next year,, send an angelic face, yung pa tweetums

      • Let’s send Daisha Jimenez then!
        She is the exact peg of Miss International…
        And her look would surely be an absolute hit in Japan!

  50. Ang mga Pinoy na bihasa sa patimpalak lahat ay sinisi sa pagkatalo, kesyo ang tagasalin (interpreter) ay pumalpak, kesyo ang mga asal hayop na supporters na naghihiyaw, kesyo ang buhok, damit, make-up at paglakad niya. Hindi naman kada taon na patimpalak ay mananalo ang Pilipinas. Kahit sino pa ang ipadala sa patimpalak kung walang suwerte, wala po tayong magagawa.

    • Kilala mo naman mga pinoy, pag hindi nanalo pambato natin ang daming sisi, Gown, swimsuit, lakad makeup, judges, sagot sa Q&A, at kung ano ano pa. At dahil talo ang pinas ayaw na daw nila sa MI. Eh halos talo mga pambato natin sa Intl pageants this year, so ano ayaw na nila lahat yun?

      At pag talo din Gaz sa MU (wag naman sana) eh ayaw nanamn nila sa MU. Pwes wag na sila manood. Hindi nmn taon taon panalo tayo.

      World peace:)

    • im sure kung marunong lang tayong umintindi ng spanish ganun din ang nga fans nila.. naghaka haka kung ano ang problema… gano ba tayo ka especial at tayo lang ang may ganyang traits. marami rin namang sumisigaw dun… mexico, indonesia… pero don na ako nakarinig ng sigaw nila sa top 5 final announcement

      • Uganda wuz robbed!

        Thailand’s win looks to me like a strategic crowning by MIO to raise its profile in pageant-crazy Thailand (yeah, their first win ever) — much like they did when they crowned Indonesia a couple of years ago (their first win also) to whip some pageant frenzy there. There have been more beautiful candidates from Thailand in the past. Not too thrilled — disappointed in fact — with this one, she has a big face and looks a lot like one of the 4th Impact “sesters” LOL.

  51. Lakas maka Matmat Centeno ng peg ni Patch char!
    Anyways congrats parin at least may isang Asian na na nanalo sa Intl pageant this year.
    At since hindi nanalo ang ang PH this year,, pasok mga bashers, char!

    World peace 🙂

    • nasa Top 5 ko si Miss Thailand sa Top 5 ko sa blog na ito at nasa Top 3 ko siya sa fb page ng MI. Amazing! I like her aura kaya pinili ko siya.

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