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  1. At bakit ba nka bun na parang giant ensaymada. Pwede naman nka bun pero hindi ganun kalaki. It doesn’t look natural on her. Maybe that’s one of the reasons hindi siya ang nagwagi kasi the crown would look horrible on her head with that bun. Parang ang crown ay ipuputong on top of that ensaymada instead on her head and she would definitely look ridiculous to look at. The Japanese wouldn’t allow their queen to be ridiculed that way. Kaya sa future beauty queens dapat naka ready na yung mga ulo at hair nyo na makoronahan that would suit the crown perfectly. Baka vinivisualize na yan sa lahat ng mga photos ng candidates who would look elegant, gorgeous and queenly with the crown.

  2. Sadly, members of the audience who kept yelling “Philippines, Philippines!!!” at the top of their lungs during the pageant unfortunately didn’t help Patch at all as it would’ve only irritated the Japanese judges to no end. This is Miss International in a prim and proper Japanese setting folks, not Miss Universe. It’s the difference between attending a concert at the symphony, and attending a rock concert. The audience should know better to behave accordingly.

  3. That screaming fag impacted the final placement of Patch. Sarap tanggalan ng itlog kung sinong baklang yun. Damn. Kainis!

    Well, Congrats Patch! You did great. It was just not meant to be.

  4. I love her speech, but it’s not ideal for Japan… The growing number of independent career driven women in Japan is exactly the problem in their country kaya andaming naglalabasang documentaries recently where in Japanese women prefer to remain unmarried, focusing on their careers and just utilize hired boytoys… Which is why Japan is becoming more and more under populated that they are encouraging their people to have sex. Kaya nga fineature sa Netflix yung story nung sikat na pornographer sa Japan who’s wife cheated on him. Dominant headstrong women are a huge boner-killer in Japan.

    • I agree. A Japanese cultural and language consultant probably should have been on Patch’s team to help her construct her speech. There are so many nuances to Japanese culture that’s it’s easy to step on an egg if one isn’t too careful. Too bad this didn’t work out for Patch as I was hoping for her to win, but top 8 is still a great placement.

  5. Congratulations Atty. Patch Magtanong for performing very well at Miss International 2019. Even if you deserve to win that pageant, I guess God has other plans for you. But that doesn’t make you any less of a person nor makes you a failure. You placed within the Top 8 and was one of the finalists, a prestigious position to be in. Another strong performance from the Philippine rep, after placing 1st Runner Up last year. And congratulations Thailand for its first MI crown.

  6. Sigurado akong ayaw lang talaga nilang panalunin si Pelepens dahil tatlong beses na sa isang decada which is unfair naman sa iba.. pero unfair din kay patch na nagpakahirap

  7. Tapos na po ang patimpalak tanggapin na lang talaga hindi tadhana na mananalo ang Pilipinas. Ang totoong nanalo ang mga tao na may mga pinag-aralan naghihiyaw ng Philippines habang ginaganap ang patimpalak. Salamat sa kanila dahil ipinakita lamang nila kung ano talaga ang pagkatao ng mga ibang Pilipino. Mas masahol pa sila sa batang paslit na agawan ng kendi. Salamat na rin kay Miss Philippines kahit papaano nasa top 8 finalist.

  8. Miss International is really unpredictable! I thought Patch will win the crown because all her strong competitors were called already. It simply shows that we can’t assume the win until it’s in the bag. I guess her speech though was the best probably did not make a good impression. Japanese are not probably open to gender equality yet. If it was a Miss Universe stage, she would have won the title. She is elegant, stunning and queenly. Among the four that were left in top 8, she was the best. I’m very proud of her performance! In my heart, she is the rightful winner. Congrats Patch!

  9. Congratulations Patch for finishing in top 8 (together with Indonesia and Vietnam). Definitely, a surprise win for ThIland, their 1st Miss International crown. Next stop – Miss Universe 2019.

  10. sino ba kasi nag style sa kanya iyang mala rice terraces na bun??? ACES??? buti na lang nakapasok pa sa Top 8… pero na isip niyo ba pano ipatong ang corona pag nanalo siya? ayon.. ligwak
    Bakit biglang naging babae ang interpreter niya? sabotahe?

    • Was she the only one who had a different interpreter? Honestly, i did not bother to watch the speech of the rest of them aside from Bea and Mexico.

      • Parehas si patch at/Meg imperial lookalike indonesia ng interpreter sa totoo Lang pinakamagaling si Patch sa speech. Akala ko speech ang basehan sa huli
        Hmmm magiging Julia Morley na ang mi
        Nagiba na kasi NG management

  11. The International surprise strikes again !!! they always have a surprise ending…
    At least it is not Mexico, at least it is not Colombia , at least it is not Indonesia… and at least Thailand has not won before here… I had a scary feeling about her towards the end , that she might be the dark horse and not Uganda… my gnawing feeling was right …. but CONGRATS to BEA !!! you did a fantastic job … every contestant in the back was expecting you to be the winner…and we were expecting too but still a fantastic job !!!

  12. 4 na South East Asian countries pumasok sa Top 8 tapos 1 lang pumasok sa Top 5?


  13. Patch’s speech and topic is unpopular with the judges. it sounded vague as well instead of directing to a specific point. Judges did not also appreciaye the loud audience in the background yelling/cheering without a purpose(unnecessary). Interpreter was not also able to deliver the proper message of her speech, interview of Kylie with her was a so-so as well. But, she should’ve been one of the runners-up atleast.

    • I agree with the interview w/ Kylie.. Patch should have tried to turn her every answer into something positive…
      We’re nitpicking because we know that pageant politics is not in our favor this year for her hence we are trying to rationalize the results by finding out what we all could have done better. In my book, her speech was the best, it just wasn’t ideal for Japan.

  14. 1. Patch styling, wardrobes’ very inconsistent. Very rough on the edges.
    Times that she’s looking matronly, the colors and print designs suck. Bad. Really bad.
    2. Yelling and screaming of fans didn’t help. It became annoying, irritating and boisterously loud.
    If I were a judge, I’ll tell those unruly Pinoys to shut the hell up! They come across as FOS.
    3. These so called beauty camps are experimenting on the Philippine delegate DURING the actual
    pageant activities; there’s no consistency, there’s no fluidity, there’s no clear strategy.
    4. Patch pretty much did it on her own merit. Top 8 ain’t bad. But could’ve been better.

    • The unnecessary screams and yelling from the fans really affected the overall results. Remember MaryAnn Guidotti during her time? Same loud audience. I watched one of the live streamings from the filipino audience ealier and it was really irritating. Japanese are known for formal, reserved and mannered people. I hope next year filipino fans/audience will know how to behave properly.

  15. masyado kasi polished and rehearsed ang Pinas
    sa the Miss Globe
    sa Miss International

    ok lang naman yun kaso
    sana mas may puso ang speech
    tulad nila Megan, Pia, Bea, Kylie and Catriona

    kaya nanalo Thailand dito kasi buong journey nya ang tiningnan
    plus yung speech napaka sincere bukod sa ang ganda nya talaga

  16. Squatters kasi yung fans ng PH at Indo, ayaw ng mga hapon nun 😭 anyway good job pa din Patch

  17. Que barbaridad! After all the solid presentations and speech, Patch did not even get a runner-up placement? Miss International is more worse than Miss World!!!

    My heart is broken BIG TIME!!!

  18. I can’t believe it!!! akala ko si Patch na talaga mananalo.. huhuhu.. why? oh why???

    anyway, congrats Miss Thailand!!


  20. Patch gave the best speech ever. The crown is just a thread away from her head. Congrats, Patch!

  21. For an ultra conservative and patriarchal country that is Japan, Patch should not have tackled the issue on women empowerment and gender equality for it is less popular in japan. It could be her advantage kung progressive minded at gender advocates ang mga judges. Otherwise, wag na tayong umasa for any placement.

    • My opinion is based on facts. At wala akong sinabing mali yong speech ni Patch. Hindi lang talaga ito perfect for the occasion if you know what i mean. Unless okay lang sa kanyang wag makoronahan basta maipush lang ang kanyang gender advocacy. I am her supporter by the way.

    • You were definitely correct! Patch’s speech and topic is unpopular with the judges. it sounded vague as well instead of directing to a specific point. Judges did not also appreciaye the loud audience in the background yelling/cheering without a purpose(unnecessary). Interpreter was not also able to deliver the proper message of her speech, interview of Kylie with her was a so-so as well. But, she should’ve been one of the runners-up atleast.

    • I share the same sentiment. I thought it was goodbye to the crown when she talked about harassment & equality. People easily forgot what happened to the Japanese beauty who couldn’t pass on her Miss International crown to Bea Santiago

      • @Cool Brew

        Same thoughts… I’m sure Patch was informed about it… I guess at the back of her head, she didn’t want to win… But a TOP 5 placement, would have been suffice.

    • Modesty aside, Patch is the most articulate among the top 8. She is so elegant. She’s doing excellent so far. Win or lose, congratulations Patch – so proud of you 💙💚💜👑

  22. Wow! Patch has this speech in the bag. But it sounds like the interpreter was having issues translating it. Hopefully it doesn’t affect her final scores.

  23. Wow – 4 Asians are in the top 8 including Patch ! Speech is next ! Patch is going to nail this 💙💜💛👑

  24. Patch looks beautiful in her hairstyle during the swimsuit round. She is also stunning in her evening gown. And her pasarela is excellent!

    Go, Patch!

    • Barbie-like, confident, sweet and articulate, Patch definitely nailed the speech competition as expected.👏👍🤙. Go Patch for the 7th MI crown 👑💄💍

  25. Grabe halatang patong lang ang buhok ni Patch. Sana okay lang sa mga judges yan. Top 15 na siya

  26. I wouldn’t mind if it’s Uganda. If she will be crowned, I hope against hope that she can do something to stop the “kill the gays” sentiment in the country. It is the most homophobic country in the world!

    • Would she touch in her speech the official Ugandan government stance of criminalising homosexual behaviour and its impact on world peace and understanding?

  27. My Tough 5
    Japan di ko bet pero fasok daw sa banga yan

    Ganda din ng srilanka

  28. Ang mga bakla ng nagkakalat sa dome grabeng maiingay walang breeding. Mga nawawalang DDS sa Japan

  29. Patch looks so regal and elegant in her evening gown. I hope and pray she makes her way into the final 5 and nails her speech 🙂 It’s 11 pm here Mountain Standard Time, and I hope I can keep myself awake until it’s all done. Good luch, Patch and GOD bless 🙂

  30. My latest TOP 5:
    Czech Republic

    Top 15:
    Puerto Rico

    Sri Lanka
    Côte d’Ivoire
    Dominican Republic

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