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  1. i can live with any one from the predicted list to be crowned tomorow afternoon except for patch.

  2. I was never a fan of Missosology website. Parang pornsite yung website nila. Daming pop-up ads. Kaloka.

    World peace 🙂

  3. I fear that Mexico has an attitude problem like in MU and that will not be welcomed by Japan/MIorg

    I still see Bea awarded the beautiful crown ( crown has never changed and remains so lovely )

    Romania might sneak in … Uganda and Sri Lanka are definitely dark horse surprises … Czech has such a pretty face , might finally be the year for Czech , bu then again , somebody from the Americas other than Colombia, Venezuela or Puerto Rico might run away with the title

  4. A Mexican that did not win the Miss Universe Crown

    ICA loves that formula

    If Mexico will play her cards right on the finals, she will be Miss International 2019

    Wag Kalimutan na this year there are 80+ girls, the biggest number of ladies vying for the Miss International crown ever. Patch deserves to win


  5. Missosologay’s Tough 5 Hot Picks

    1 Belarus – Maria Perviy
    2 Puerto Rico- Ivana Carolina Irizarry
    3 Japan – Tomomi Okada
    4 Sri Lanka – Pawani Vithanage
    5 Costa Rica – Tamara Dal Maso

    PH is not even in their tough 15

    • I used to be a member-commenter of Missosology, but when the Miss Intercontinental mess surfaced courtesy (or discourtesy) of its Filipino members, I left the website. Their predictions do not matter to me and, I guess, to some other pageant enthusiasts as well. That is because their credibility has already been tarnished.

      That’s all.

    • Nakuh yung mga baklush dyan sa Missosology puro mga pitoy lang mga brains. Hotpicks kuno, san naman nangaling yung credibility nila. Isa mga bayarang baklush din
      Compost of mga DDS dun lol.

    • Huwag po tayong magsayang ng oras magbasa sa Missosology dahil hindi kapapaniwala ang kanilang ang pinagsusulat nila at walang kredibilidad ang mga namumuno. Ibaling na lang ang oras ninyo sa Norman’s Blog, dahil alam ninyo ang may-ari ay isa siyang respetado sa larangan ng patimpalak at isang taong pinagpipitaganan.

  6. WOW! Mariem’s gown (on this post) was Filipino made? While the design is nothing extra-ordinary, it looks expensive and classy.
    Sana ganito din suot ng mga MU reps natin, di yung inspired by waves of the ocean, rays of the sun, volcano (not a fan of Pia’s gown; Cat’s gown looked superb on display with a slim mannequin, it just didn’t suit her well coz she is curvy at medyo bitin ang length).
    Pero yung mga gowns ng MI reps natin are OK naman.

  7. The political economy of global beauty pageants hardly gets into MI’s playbook. In the overriding focus on cultural exchange, its organizers even waive franchise fees. Instead, the pitch for international understanding and peace through cultural exchanges may explain MI’s annual choice of a queen. Who will she be this year, the dawning of the “Reiwa” (beautiful harmony or peace) era in Japan? I think the winner will be whoever has the countenance with a refreshing aura of peace, and the intellect with a compelling zing to peacemaking.

    • @Scorg

      I agree but that doesn’t explain the lack of dark-skinned African winners..

      • Japanese businesses and development agencies are increasingly reaching out to Africa, next to Chinese. African students are being sponsored to take up technology courses in Japan. I’m sure cultural exchanges will follow soon, if not happening right now. In other words, there is now a significant interest in Japan for African countries, the continent being touted by IMF and World Bank as the upcoming growth region similar to Asia-Pacific in the last decade or so. This interest can also find manifestation in beauty pageants.

  8. Miss International 2019 is………….. Puerto Rico!

    World peace 🙂

  9. Mexico- Is pretty well rounded that she could easily make the top 5.. But her non-placememt at MU could still haunt her.

    Uganda- What a gorgeous African woman… If MI wants to make a statement by crowning the 1st African woman then she could be it.. But question is could she outperform all the front-runners?

    Sri Lanka- I’m surprised.. She is the prettiest delegate I have seen from her country…. Does her personality match her beauty? I wonder how her speech would turn out…

    Colombia- They definitely sent their best girl to this pageant to continue their placement streak… But is she prepaired enough to win? 🙂

    Indonesia- She’s pretty… Her performance definitely echoes the same style of the past winners… But would she be able to be the best spokesperson at least during the finals? 🙂

    Belarus- Beautiful girl.. Business-wise a European win would help promote Japan in Europe.. But can her performance even stand a chance against the powerhouses of beauty?

    Puerto Rico- They are on the rise to reclaim their powerhouse title… She is definitely prepaired but I believe there are some ladies who stands out more than she does… A placement in the top 5 wouldn’t be impossible but a win? I don’t think sl.

    Philippines – She’s obviously the most desserving to win and I know that she would give the best performance during the pageant night. Question is would MI give us the crown when we already won twice in the past 7 years?

  10. What can you say about that plum gown created by Rian Fernandez for Mariem Velasco as photographed by Raymond Saldana? Oh, diba? Created by Pinoy!

    I hope Patch will deliver her final speech in Japanese language for a greater impact!

    Gusto ko talaga siya manalo! Hindi siya gigil all throughout the competition!

    • You must have forgotten what happened to Janicel
      Don’t u think Patch will appear like a suck up if she speaks Japanese ?

      • Why “suck up”? Janicel was a different case. She presented her speech in English about her melodramatic life.

        Prior to her departure, Patch was associated with a sort of “Japanese club” in UP and part of it was learning the Japanese language. That’s why I’m confident she can deliver.

  11. If not Patch Magtanong, I would love a black beauty be crowned – Uganda! or the Sri Lankan beauty!

    • True, but the Philippines still scored 10 semifinalist placements, with 5 back to back placements (1994-1998) during those 24 ‘crownless’ years:

      1979 = WINNER
      1980 = top 10
      1981= top 15
      1986 = top 15
      1991 = top 15
      1994 = top 15
      1995 = top 15
      1996 = top 15
      1997 = top 15
      1998 = top 15
      2004 = top 15
      2005 = WINNER

      Even with the 24-year gap between crowns, the Philippines was, and still remains, the best performer from Asia as far as Miss International is concerned.

    • Those were the years of political turmoil in our country…. while in 2005 the promise of Economic rise of our country was high due to the 1st SONA of GMA as re-elected president which is ideal for Japan who was on their way to becoming the highest Economy in the world… Luckily, Lara Quigaman performed very well as soon as she landed on Japan, she was able to keep that strong momentum upto the final speech and the rest is Philippine pageant history.

  12. Belarus? why am i not feeling her?

    Me feels it’s either Patch or Mexico. feeling ko kasi yun yung pinaka matindi niyang makakatapat. But again it’s anybody’s ballgame.

    Basta ako, naniniwala ako na Patch will do her best and whatever happens, she’s still a winner. pero siyempre, mas maganda if manalo siya.. but if hindi talaga para sakanya, okay lang.

  13. Betsina ng mga japs si Belarus at Sri Lanka pero once patch get into the top 8. She will impressed all w her speech about peace, understanding and starting anew against all differences. Mas gusto ko si Patch kaysa Kay Marjorie baretto

  14. I think it will be COLOMBIA. But I will cheer for the PHILIPPINES. Lots of luck Patricia Magtanong.

  15. O wow, I got 4 out 5 of Norman’s prediction: Belarus, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Mexico.

  16. I hope it’s another Venezuela to Philippines passing of the crown again but a tough 5 finish for Patch would already be a success.

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