8 comments on “Resham Ramirez Saeed and her introduction video for Miss Supranational 2019

  1. @ Bellona and @ kembular2020 Speaking of the devil that is women force in the workplace, let me share this….

    My office once had the privilege of hosting the Asia-Pacific Sales Manager of an Italian company, a tall Swiss-Italian woman with blonde hair who previously oversaw their Middle East/Arab sales territory. After visiting key Philippines accounts, she observed how women held key positions in all departments, here. And added that she was impressed.

    When you think about it, our country is not so bad when it comes to gainful employment for “donna” (Italian for “woman”). The advocacy resonates with Resham because she experienced the opposite growing up abroad.

    Question now is whether or not Supranational organization shares her sentiments. If they do, then Ms. Saeed got game! 🙂

    GPVL likes honest-unpretentious-but-friendly ladies. Like Datul. Like Rae Bae hopefully, too.

  2. I like her walk and confidence
    And she is pretty when her face does not look too strong .. is it the make up
    She would have been great at MGI
    But I think. She is also suited for MSupra
    Good luck !!!!!

  3. Sa totoo lang nakakaiyak po ang kanyang introduction video dahil kulang sa timpla at rekado ang kanyang ginawa. A piece of advice, kung gusto niya bigyan diin ang kanyang adbokasiya dapat ipakita niya sa video na ipaglalaban niya ang mga kababaihan sa tamang pasahod, karapatan sa trabaho, at pagrespeto sa kababaihan. #reshamramirezforthewin #misssupranational2019 #goodluck

  4. Medyo matagal-tagal pa bago masundan ang achievement ni Mutya Datul! Simple lang ang galawan ni Mutya.

  5. nasan ang gender equality and women empowerment po sa video?

    Mutya will be the one and only Supranational
    simple lang
    biglang nanggulat

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