15 comments on “Patch-Spotting: At ikebana-ikenobo

  1. Miss International will crown someone from Europe or Africa

    runner up finish is okay for Attorney Pops

    • If the predictions that a woman of color will win this year’s, I would like Ana Ramsey to be sent to MU next year. Making her styling more on to the Afro or Black American. Actually, Gazini can ba style that way if only her morena skin tone during her BBP 2019 was enhance more. But now I can observe her skin color becomes more farer.

      • @question.gazini skin is light. Sabi nung kilala ko na handler she just use make up and tanner to be dark during bbp days

  2. Patch should and will be Miss International 2019. Win or lose, congratulations in advance, Attorney, for a job well done, 😇🙏💙❤💚👑👠💍 for the Philippines !

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