6 comments on “One month to go before Queen Cat crowns her successor

  1. Wishlist:
    Anjie Balatbat for MUP 2020
    Anjame Magbitang for MUP 2021
    Cyrill Payumo for MUP 2022

  2. Whoever will capture the crown this year she has a big to shoes to fill. Catriona Gray proven to the whole universe what a simple woman can do to change the lives of other people. Her loving supporters might not see the whole picture of her accomplishments but surely she will leave a legacy at the heart of Miss Universe Organizations that no one will ever forget and duplicate. Thank you Miss Universe 2018 for raising the flag of your beloved country the Philippines.

  3. Thank you so much Cat for raising our flag and elevating the art and science of pageantry! You’re the epitome of a global modern woman in general and a Filipina in particular. Well done my dear! 🤗😘❤️

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