20 comments on “Cyrille Payumo of the Philippines wins Miss Tourism International 2019/20

  1. I didn’t pay attention to her because I thought she was a downgrade from the original winner . It turned out she’s gorgeous

  2. Siya din ang nanalong best in National Costume… same costume ni Emma sa BbP, upgraded nga lang.

  3. Pang Miss International ang beauty nya! Please join BbP 2021 or 2022. Another Capampangan beauty! Congats cabalen!

  4. First, congrats!

    She has the physical beauty no doubt. May hawig kaunti kay Charlene Gonzales. I was rooting for my cabalen to win Mutya ng Pilipinas but it’s unfortunate she failed the Q&A. I think she is destined for this pageant.

    I’m excited to see her sa BBP 2021. Huwag sana kayo magsabay ni Anjame Magbitang na statuesque din. Sana someone would help her improve Ms Payumo’s communication skills.

    • She is indeed stunning at 5’11”. She just needs to hone her diction and communication skills in a more natural way.

    • Only Pinoys love that banter “Proud Pinoy/Pinay here”.
      Who the hell cares? Irritating, really.
      You don’t hear – “Proud Mexican here”, or “Proud Venezuelan here”.
      Before you claim you’re proud, make sure you’ve done YOURSELF something
      you can be proud of. You don’t feel proud at the expense or accomplishments of others.
      You feel HAPPY for them.

      • I am hundred percent proud of you for saying this!!!! Why Pinoys would say such thing “proud pinoy/pinay” when someone else did something amazing. I’m quite perplexed by this behavior. It’s not your achievement to begin with so you can’t take any credits at the expense of others’ achievement.

      • What??? you havent’ been around on the internet that much. Ive seen so many banter, viva la rasa Mexico, venezuela, proud wherever. It’s just you trying to put down your own people because they’re happy for them without hurting someone else. and Im not talkin just about beauty pageants here. may it be in sports or singing competitions like The Voice, Eurovision and so many more. Stop undermining filipino spirit.

    • In previous blog at norman.com about her last Thursday, you’ve commented her as “CLAPPER”.

      Commenters Bellona and Jaretwrightlover gave their positive comments.

    • Now you said congrats but last Thursday (previous blog about her) you commented CLAPPER!

  5. Wow two crowns already in November. From Kayesha to Cyrille. Hopefully another one in November courtesy of Atty. Patch! 🙂

    Btw, diba Cyrille just took over the crown over a month ago? Wow this is her destiny! Galing! 🙂

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