21 comments on “Patch-Spotting: At the Ashikaga Flower Park

  1. Sino Kaya members ng missosology? Yun haponesa ko na kakilala belarus sri lanka at Malaysia betsina saka African ladies. Iba list namin sa ss. Laki daw puson ni indo at may tindig si patch na di daw straight body

  2. If Patch won MUP , she would prob get a top 6 or 3 spot but not the crown. She just does not have the personality of a MU

    • Well at least assured tayo na aabot sa Top 3 kasi hindi tayo kakabahan sa Top 5 Q&A nya. Actually, dapat pala ang statement ko ay at leasts sure tayo na pasok sa Top 20 at Top 10 dahil josok na josok sa banga ang commskills, hindi lang puro ganda at putoshut

  3. Ain’t no doubt Patch is built for MU. But I want to believe BPCI sent her to MI instead to lessen the opportunity cost/lost because MUO/WME/IMG is not ready yet to confer a back-to-back victory to the Philippines.

  4. Hello. Tama ba yung narinig ko na sinabi nyang ayaw or di cya mahilignya sa flowers. Minus points kung ganern. Yung lakad at smile nya ay pangMGI. JawsKuh nemen Morishit huwag magwalk out plss hihihi. Huwag nman sanang maMariel De Leon ang peg hihihi. Yunlungs😆

  5. Inner beauty that glows in calm confidence, just the right persona that bespeaks about MI’s peace slogan. What more when she speaks authoritatively on peacemaking?

  6. last year masculina ang pinanalo nila
    this year mala sumo wrestler na cguro ang bet nila
    2nd runner up si Ate Pops

    okay na rin

  7. I’m not sure why a lot of people says that Patch looks like Pops. I know nothing is wrong with that. But in my eyes Patch looks like Sam Pinto.

    So ever since I like Patch, I even have her as my MUP. But I think kahit saan naman sya isabak, she will give her best. I hope and pray that she will deliver sa finals night and bring home the 7th MI crown for the Philippines.

  8. Alam nyo naman di ako tard ni pops nung bbp days pero naman now pinaglalaban ko na yan na mas maganda si pops may Meg imperial/Marjorie baretto look alike at banlag na Thalia Mahaba leeg ni patch at purfect katawan saka mukha talagang 5’9si pops hindi padding
    Go patch hope you win-converted fan

  9. Patch is a superbeauty. I can’t get enough of looking at her face the whole day. Her smile draws positivity and MIO loves that.

    The judges have yet to witness her intelligence when she answers the question: “Why do you deserve to be Miss International 2019?” I am expecting a solid answer from this beautiful lawyer. Do not buckle, honey.

    That’s all.

  10. Ang lakas ng laban!!!
    Miss International needs a beautiful spokesperson and she definitely fits all the requirements.
    The best binibini was sent to the pageant where she would shine the most.

    Patch Magtanong is Miss International 2019!!!

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