34 comments on “Patch-Spotting: During the Preliminary Judging of Miss International 2019

  1. Hhhmmmmm….. My updated Top 5 is Filipens, UK, South Africa, Uganda, and Canada. Mexico…….

  2. I love her performance. I mean, elegant, modest, sexy but oozing with soooo much confidence. i love her swimsuit.

    Wag na kayong maarte sa location ng preliminaries. ung isang pageant nga bongga ng prod, ngangaers naman. CHAROT. para lang silan nag go-go see.

    And Jolene, Ahtisa want her look back. Kylie also wants her swimsuit performance back. kopyang kopya masyado bes. LOL

    • @Mr. Manila

      Napansin ko din yun ulo hangang paa Ahtisa Manalo and Kylie Versoza ang peg… pati swimsuit ni Kylie… Pero in fairness, lamang uli ang kapit bahay this time sa national costume… me konting pang gulat pa… Sayang kasi nagamit na ni Ahtisa yung fan dance last year.. Sana may pa fan dance din si Patricia…

      • di ba? ung look nia Kylie x Ahtisa.. pero more on ahtisa ang datingan pati ang galawan.

        okay lang ako sa natcos keme. maganda naman in fairness ang natcos ni shupit. pero as we all know, lagi naman silang over the top pagdating sa natcos. pero mas performer tayo. ganyan. hahahahaha

      • @Mr Manila

        Yes yes! Kopyang kopya ang galawan.. pati projection… Ang hindi makopya ng kapitbahay is being a spokesperson… nway memorized naman nya ang speech so lets see… Sa Supra sigurado Indonesia Vs. Philippines nanaman.. pero waley ang comskills nila… meanwhile, bet nila sa MU has the facility of the language pero too commercial ang peg… ang daming girl na lamang at mas llamado kesa sa kanya…

        Im excited!!!

    • nakita mo naman ang mga judges.. mga oldies na kaya dapat demure.. walang mga parloristang contestant gaya ng granny int’l

  3. Her walk has a quiet confidence & elegance with hints of sexy that are still refined, never vulgar.

    Also, this is what fluidity looks like.

  4. For someone whose worth is best validated in terms of intellectual prowess– and bringing in superior ratings–showcasing her ravishing physical beauty in a dignified and elegant manner makes one think that when God showered all the best human attributes on earth, some people may have indeed got more than a fair share. What’s amazing is that her inner beauty– sincere desire to share and care– glows in her countenance and body language. Lest we forget, she is a lawyer and an economist, scholastic degrees she obtained with high honors in the Philippines’ premier university! The Philippines obviously has a potential crownworthy rep in Patch!

  5. Tamang Tama ang timpla ni Atty Patch. Sweet yet may fierceness, may landi pero refined, may controlled excitement, may gandang hindi kailangan idepensa, may confidence na sakto lang. Well done Atty Patch! I rest my case. <3<3<3

  6. Perfection!

    Her pasarela fits the MI bill–modest, classy, elegant, and energetic. I like the way she strutted when she closed her swimsuit walk. From there, you would know that she has something to show off come coronation day. After all, she is not Atty. Patch for nothing.

    Canada and Mexico are Patch’s tough competitions, but I have gut-feel that Patch will be proclaimed the 7th Miss International from the Philippines.

    That’s all.

    • Omg, I have very strong faith in your taste and judgment, AW. Ikeclaim ko na ang 7th MI crown natin. :)))

  7. I think she did great! It was a very classy SS and CD presentation. Panalo na yan!!!

  8. Elegant and classy, Philippines! hihihihi
    I believe she will penetrate the tough 10. She just needs just a bit of an ooomp. Just a little bit.

  9. Maganda sya, matalino, photogenic, she has that all; …. pero wala syang skills sa paglalakad!

    • So si Ivan at Ivy ay iisa!!! Nagpalit pa ng name. Parehas naman palaka! Hihi

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