5 comments on “Let’s show love and support to two of our Pageant Kings

  1. Oot

    Bangladesh is making a strong first foray into pageantry, specifically MU. Their girl has the goods. Beautiful, 5′ 11″, physics major. Hmmm

  2. The two pageant organizations are beset with internal issues bordering on legalities and will most certainly resort to getting as much social media mileage from Filipinos to see things through.

    I am more confident with our Tokyo bet. Both in terms of both physique and credentials. He will be a Runner-up.

    I am pinning my hopes on the charismatic Lance Manibog of the USA, though shorter than most.

  3. Sa talino, kakisigan at gandang lalaki pa lang wala ng binatbat ang ibang kalahok. Tapos na po ang laban dahil sila po mga pambato ng bansa natin ang hihirangin na mananalo

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