16 comments on “Patch-Spotting: Wearing a kimono in Ashikaga

  1. Yung guy ang una ko nakita. Sorna Patch.

    Very fine ang datingan ng lola nyo. Silent confidence, bet yan ng mga hapon.

  2. Patch is with 3 handsome men in the photo here. Doon pa lang eh panalo na sya. Pero mas masaya kung may MI crown on her head.

  3. it’s anybody’s ballgame ika nga. ang aantayin lang talaga is the finals night if her aura screams Mikimoto crown, then it’s her fate. with her beauty and credentials, yes she can easily win the pageant but again, minsan ang MI may pa surprise sa mananalo e.. I mean unpredictable din kasi sila minsan. I just wish her look on the finals night is super pasabog and pak na pak. perfect make up, hairstyle, gown and all.

    Good Luck, Patch!

  4. Atty. Patch, whatever happens the Philippines is very proud of you. No pressure, just enjoy the moment!!!

  5. I’m not seeing her to win. But I hope I’m wrong.

    World peace 🙂

  6. She looks like Miriam Quiambao, Lara Quigaman, Shamcey Supsup, & Ariela Arida combined…. WOW!!!

    And she has the brains to match as well….

    Gorgeous! You are a winner!!!

    Just in case she’ll only be 1st runner-up due to the fact that we already won Miss International twice in the past 7 year, then she should join Miss World!

    When I 1st saw you 8 years ago…
    I knew then and there that you are destined to win an International crown!

    Goodluck and Godbless!!

    • Sabi ko na nga na koronahan na si Atty. Patch. She’s so gorgeous and lovely plus her intellect can’t be ignored! 🇵🇭

    • Yes, of course I hope she wins.. but we’ll never know… Maybe Miss International is just her stepping-stone for a bigger platform…

      It took her 8 years to prepair for this..
      If you review all my past comments years ago…
      I never made a mistake w/
      Catriona Grey
      Megan Young
      Kylie Versoza
      Mutya Datul
      Ariela Arida
      Anne Colis
      and even Wynwyn Marquez for RHA
      & Angelia Ong for ME.
      I have the same feeling for Patch…
      I’m not sure if it’s Miss International but

    • Actually, like ko naman talaga si Pia kahit nung panget pa sya magkilay nung 1st attempt nya sa BBP… nasupladahan lang ako sa kanya nung nameet ko sya nung 1st runner-up sya nung 2013.. tapos sabi nya sa interviews.. mahiyain daw kasi sya talaga…

      In fairness kay Pia….
      After nya manalo ng BBP Universe tapos papalapit na simula ng Miss Universe.. convinced na ako na desserving sya manalo… Tapos nung after pre-lims prescon nung sinabi nya na

      “gagawin ko ang lahat para maging susunod nyong Binibining Pangkalawakan”…. Ay naku, love na love ko na si Pia after nun…

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