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  1. I understand why she was picked as our Rep for MU…
    Since we are not aiming for a back2back but a high placement… We can not send a total package this year who could become a wasted beauty… IMG cant afford to give a back2back since they are new owners… therefore they can’t place an eloquent Miss Philippines in the top 5 who could slay their ideal winner from another country through the final Q&A no matter how gorgeous miss Ph is… But Gazini who has mastered all the elements of pageantry could easily reach the TOP 5.. but she won’t be a threat to IMG’s ideal winner when it comes to the final question thus a sure TOP5 finish for her & there is no threat of preventing her from reaching the TOP 5.

    • I agree with you C2F. One cannot help, when analyzing the political-pageant climate, entertain the idea of “playing it safe” when the BbP titles were awarded.

      Nonetheless, Gazini’s commanding presence alone is MU top5 worthy. We’ll just wait and see how all pans out.

      Anything can happen.

  2. I agree with you AJ. It is not about looking the part, it is being it. In Gazini’s case I have this gnawing feeling that she is a bit terrified inside, especially with all the expectations. Her look is fierce but her attitude is not. There is a faraway look in her eyes that betrays her soul. There is so much vulnerability hiding behind the make up. That is not good for MU. There is no natural spunk or freshness in her pics these days. She should smile more and be be less contrived with the look. She has loads of sex appeal but she is starting to get dated, even before the actual pageant.

    Let us just wish her the best and tell her to just kick back and enjoy the ride. Let us not shout back to back, for it would only intimidate her into committing a lot of errors. She is treading on thin grounds and she does not have the heavy artillery of Miss USA and Miss Colombia who are both lawyers, or Miss Ireland and Miss Brazil. But her look is intimidating, and it can get her very far.

    Let us not be obsessed with a back to back, or even with putting too much pressure on the girls to win. If they don’t succeed despite giving their best, they would be depressive. Let us just wish that they are able to give their best and do us proud, with whatever they have and whoever they are.

    Still praying for a win, though.. But this time I’ll relax and let Gazini feel that.

    • @Roi: This is the type of attitude I wish all Filipino pageant enthusiasts possess. The expectations on our reps are already too much. Yet, fans make the pressure more unbearable with the cacophony of criticisms, unsolicited advice, negativities, innuendos, etcetera. It’s refreshing to read comments like this. It’s been long…

  3. wala na din ganap ang current MU

    palubog na rin naman itong MU

    so kahit manalo pa yung USA na negra
    mas tipid sila kasi mananati lang sya dun sa NY apartment

    10 days lang itong pageant na ito
    kung si Sam Lo kandidata dito hindi umabot
    kasi 10 days lang

  4. Maganda si inday though her body shows Yun Arabic side nya. It came out sexy. Napansin ko Lang na madami kasing fairy God mother si inday. Bawasan Lang sila at mananalo tayo. Nag kontraahan kasi mga fairy godmothersss
    Pinakamaganda na mup si gaz wag natin sayang in.. Siguro kailangan ng fresh ideas Yun nag work Kay example venus 9yrs ago or mj 5 yrs ago e iwan na natin sa nakaraan. Si maxima na bring up nyo. Iyon swak sa styling parang Alta

  5. The truth is Gazini’s hair-and-make up styles are a hit or miss. I wish her stylists take note of the feedback by the pageant fans, and let Gaz avoid such bad stylings during the ten-day MU events.

    I have already stated my feelings about Gaz’s chances in MU on Tito Norms’ two preceding post about Gaz. I believe her team has not balanced her preparations, and they left out the other core–her body. She looks bulgy and meaty. She is not slim. Her face is also big. Since BbP coronation, I have not seen any improvement on her physique.

    Like MM’s observation, I also noticed that her lips look even more awkward the moment she opens her mouth to smile. Too much lip fillers do not work well on her aura. During her send-off, she looked tita-yish!

    As regards the dresses she will wear, her designer Cary Santiago has earlier conditioned our mind, as if he was saying we won’t expect a beautiful pageant gown from him because he is a couturier. He did not even think that Mak Tumang is also a couturier, but the latter did not disappoint us with his Adarna and Lava evening gowns worn by Cat. For Filipinos who are obsessed with Miss Universe, the creations of the assigned designer will make or break him. Look at what happened to Albert Andrada and Mak Tumang! They are now the two most sought-after in the fashion industry! Don’t get me wrong, I like Cary, but his latest statement broke my heart.

    That’s all.

  6. Gaz is in a similar position with Maxine Medina in 2016 in a pressure cooking quest for b2b MU titles.

    The difference is the pageant will not take place in the Philippines which made it twice as difficult for Maxine. In retrospect, her top five final q&a was absolutely forgetable and cringeworthy.

    Just enjoy yourself Gazini.

    • Gazinni’s communication skills is much much better when compared to Maxine. In addition, you can see more confidence in Gazini as time progressed.. Maxine speaking skills was doomed from the gate. Sorry.

      • @just saying…. I disagree with your statement, though parehong mahina sila sa comms skills .. pero Maxine medina speaks normal hindi inaarte, hindi trying hard, not like Gazini sobrang inaarte wala na ngang laman yung sinasabi, ngo ngo pa

        Sorry@”just saying” hindi ako nakikipagtalo syo but i am only stating my opinion.

    • We all knew that Maxine was not a good and confident speaker but she came accross as fresh, genuine and charming. With her inferior comm skills but likeable personality she managed to penetrate the top 6. I was sure of her going into the top 10 or 12 that time. But for Gazini, I’m not sure. She seems to exude an outside confidence but with interior uncertainties. It’s not her fault, the lady wants to win but winning a top-tier beauty pageant like MU is not just about wanting but amore about being.

      • On top of that, Maxine had the loudest cheer amongst the hometown delegates in the history of MU.

      • @ aj…. I agree, and Maxine Medina speaks normal not trying hard, yes she has a problem on how to express but hindi Maarte na trying to “slang her english…

        Hindi grammar ang issue, ang issue with Gazini is the content, walang substance at all!

  7. If she won’t win, I want 2nd RUP for her para kumpleto na natin ang Top 5 positions. If not her also, let it be THA, BRA or IRE please.

  8. This look is better than her send-off simba look. LOL

    She’s beautiful, no doubt about that. hair down, straight her i think is the best look for her, but ewan natin. unless may ibang look silang na discover na pak sakanya.

    Are these recent photos? I think not. Please don’t get me wrong talaga. concern ko talaga ung lips niya. Tinititigan ko lagi face niya kasi ang ganda pero medyo agaw pansin ang lower lip. this one is not latest. I believe send off pa to ni Patch. and base dun sa send-off niya, mas lumaki ang lower lip niya.

    If it’s true na 10 or 11 days lang ang MU this year, everything has to be on point kay Gaz. I hope also na mas maging interactive or mas visible siya sa social media account niya. may interaction with the fans.

    Her comm skills improved. isa ako talaga sa puna ng puna sa kanya noon kasi the moment she opened her mouth before.. nakaka cringe kasi parang you want to hear more from her pero yun lang talaga ung sinasabi niya. pero ngayon, mas may laman na and mas okay na. so let’s see how will she do sa ibang interviews niya lalo na pag mas seryoso na ang topic.

    Again, i don’t expect her to win, but i expect her to give the other ladies a tough fight for the crown. so tignan na lang natin.

    and to KF… jusko, sana naman natuto na kayo kay MJ nung 2014 at hindi nio na ulitin ang mga nangyari sakanya. sayang kasi si Gaz pag nagkataon.

    • Good morning. Your actions speaks louder than your words. The fact that you still give time and effort to visit site with MU content and more so comment on post like this, only shows that MU is still relevant. Thank you.

  9. napansin ko ang hilig sa ganitong styling ng KF. Kindly review MJ Lastimosa and Rachel Peter’s hairstyle. Similar, right?

    IMHO, mas bagay sa kanya straight hair.

    • Kaya nga eh. Ako ha, wala ako sa mga camp wars chreret na ‘yan. Pero admit it, may tatak ang KF talaga. At ang tatak na to ay dinadala talaga ng mga dilag nila sa mga individual pageants nila.

      Yung KF sana mag-evolve naman. 2014 yun si MJ, tapos 2019 ngayon, pero yung styling, halos magkapareha.

      Problema sa iba, kunting criticism lang, bashing na agad. Kaya nga ang iba tumatanda na pa-urong kasi closed minded.

      Buti lang talaga na maganda tong si Gazini, or ewan na lang talaga.

  10. Overall, Gaz is potential top 5 MU material, no doubt. So were MUP14 MJ Lastimosa and MUP17 Rachel Peters.

    Come finals night, the proof will be in the pudding!
    Pressure is definitely on Mr. Flores and KF.

    As a fan, I only can hope and support Gaz as she gives it her best.

  11. I believe we should support Gazini and be patient and accepting with what she can give. She has been doing her best to be the BEST representative of our country and I think that should be more than enough to gain our respect and appreciation. During the national pageant, no one deserved the right to be the Miss Universe Philippines but her. She has her shortcomings and she is working hard to improve on her deficiencies. Nobody is perfect and if she knows how to handle those imperfections that will highlight her soft and humble side, it will work on her advantage. Those who are bashing here, I hope you all guys remember Ms. Vietnam last year. She made it to top 5 despite her lacking communication skill. Gazini is far better than her! Let us not put too much pressure on Gazini. Rather, we should embrace whatever she can offer because she works hard for it. Though this is a platform to voice our opinion, we need to exercise a more objective, civilized and humane approach when we voiced our comment.

    • Peace, sorry to say but Ms Vietnam is more genuine and sincere compared to Gaz. That’s exactly the point, do your best while being true to yourself. Ms Vietnam was so endearing because she did exactly that. You don’t need to walk or behave like a Latina or babaeng bakla onstage if you’re not. If you have an advocacy be sure it shows in your day to day character, and not just for the camera. And even if you’re not good in the language, to quote Janine T, as long as you have a strong mind and the heart to serve you can be a Ms Universe. Truth be told, if Cat wasn’t in last year’s edition and the top 3 slot went to Vietnam instead, VN would’ve won. In a field of equally beautiful ladies with equally beautiful bodies, it’s the substance that will make the deserving lady stand out. And this impactful substance, no matter the language or the language ability, is felt in the connection between you as a candidate and the judges sitting in front of you along with the people watching you. In such situations, for some cosmic reasons, sincerity can be seen and felt and the true winner emerges.

  12. I thought that Jonas Gaffud is also training her even though Gaffud is part of the MUO/IME org…

    • Naku, Ateng!

      Hindi ka ba naikutan ni Aling Cora at na-chismisan habang nagpe-pedicure?

      Mega patawag daw ang Lola mo na buong akala ng bilat eh merong training na magaganap! Tatlong oras daw naghintay ang bilat at nung dumating ang Lola mo, mukhang may hangover pa sa pagkalasing nung kinagabihan! Ang ending picture-picture lang daw para masabing meron siyang participation para nga naman pag nanalo ang bilat eh credited ang name niya!

      At pati daw yang lioness hair-do sa send-off ng bilat eh napagtalunan pa kaya naman pala nung ini-interview ni Mario ang babaita ganun na lang ka-tense na parang merong incident na nangyari before the presentation!

  13. I am not excited about this edition of MU. I think the pageant has gone downhill. I actually prefer following MI as I can see the girls being treated like VIPs and they value the contestants to help boost its tourism worldwide.

    Unlike MU where it’s all about the business. I think the organization needs some infusion of new and creative ideas to make it relevant…

    • Wala kasi kumagat na mag-sponsor…so if sa US ang MU, that’s tantamount into saying “maidaos” na lang! Jusko wag namn s basement ang prelims…sa lobby na lang!😋

  14. Makapasok lang siya sa evening gown at swimsuit round sa finals ng MU, masaya na ako.
    Di ko nakikita ang desire (palaban attitude) sa kanya na manalo di tulad kina Pia or Cat.
    Pero malay natin, pag nandoon na siya, biglang mabuhayan ng loob at maging on fire siya.
    Best of luck to her 🤞

  15. dami nyo mga bashers ni Gazini
    super perfect nyo

    tinanggal na ang NatCos
    pati ang q and a

    panalo na si Gazini for sure
    1o days lang naman ito
    sana ginawa na lang 1 day

    laos na ang MU

  16. Medyo OA magsalita. Pilit yung accent and ang arte mag modulate ng voice, di natural.

  17. Oh please stop too much hype on her look, Mas maraming di hamak na magaganda sa kanya, ang Importante yung Communication skills, ” Ngo Ngo” at ang Arte Arte nyang magsalita, halata mo naman na walang kalaman laman mga sinasabi nya…. Too shallow; the question is???? baka sa close door interview palang eh…mag tae na sya…

    Napapa iling talaga ako everytime na nagsasalita sya… I am just telling the truth!

  18. Puro kayo pahype sa pagrelease ng.photos eh makakasagot naman ba sa preliminary interview?

  19. Straight hair looks much better on her. Don’t fix it when it ain’t broke. Trying a new hairstyle is nice but stick with whats looks good on you.

  20. Sa ikli ng araw ng patimpalak kailangan pagbaba pa lang sa eroplano dapat lahat ng tao sa paliparan ay matutuwa hindi magugulat na sasalunbungin ka ng mga tagahanga mo at pag kinapanayan ka ng mga taga media dapat pakitaan mo na kaagad ang wikang English para makita nila kung sino talaga ang kinatawan ng Pilipinas.
    Huwag na natin ayusin pa kanyang sarili ni MIss Philippines mas maganda yung tunay hindi lang sa mahiwagang tulong ng photoshop

  21. No need to fix her looks she’s perfect. I think what they should focus on is her comm skills. I saw one of her interviews and she said ” these girls have grew on me” it should have been “grown on me” Kung yung mga ganitong minor mistakes eh napapansin ng tao what more pa kaya yung mas malalala.

    Don’t get me wrong I love her, I’ve been following her ever since and I just want to see her improve.

    World peace 🙂

    • Ok grammar Nazi…. It’s not about the grammar but the content and delivery. If you’re going to base on communication on grammar then no Latina would have won MU…hihihihihi

      So shallow you are veks!!!! hihihihi

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHA EXACTLY!!!! Bakit ba kasi ginawang barometer si Catriona? hindi naman lahat magiging Catriona level. Gazinil will do just fine and win back to back for us. Just trust her.

      • and if i remember, even catriona made a minor grammar mistake sa MU final Q&A niya… winner pa rin naman

    • Tayong mga pinoy lang talaga mahilig pumuna sa english grammar… hindi ito patimpalak ng pagalingan magsalita ng english ‘day!
      What is important is the substance of what you are trying to say and of course how confident you are.

    • Mga kapatid my point wasn’t her grammar but her Communication Skills in general. Yun lang and I thank you.

      World peace 🙂

    • This statement of @ “Ozzo” is 101% CORRECT!… THE MOMENT SHE STARTS SPEAKING, MAPAPA ILING KANALANG WALANG LAMAN AT ALL ” Ngo Ngo akala nya madadaan nya sa kaartehan sa pagsasalita

  22. In these photos, Gazini doesn’t look like a Filipina. A combination Mid-eastern, Latina and Polynesian beauties rolled into one. Gandang pasok sa semis but doubtful ako sa back-to-back victory (sorry po mga Gaz fans!)

  23. Naalala nyo kung paano magsalita si Ate Glow?
    That’s Gazini
    Trying Hard na, KF pa!

  24. Oh ayan baka naman sa newspaper lang ito hindi sa tunay na buhay lol. Yung tipong bibili ka sa catalog tapos pag nakita muna ng personal iba pala. Anyhow this id a great look.

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