9 comments on “Denver Hernandez: Ready for Mister Supranational 2019

  1. I am quite confident Denver will give us our best finish thus far in Poland – Top 10, at least!

    This year’s field is in general and imo the weakest yet, facially speaking; this will make things a bit easier… Tall…. shrimps! And save for a few, sound/talk vacuous. 🙂

    Denver has EXACTLY what both Supranational organization and ALV are looking for – mass-based star appeal. He just needs to control the sometimes noticeable Italian accent to become an “artista”..

    Ameen Sardouk’s following is nowhere near his in terms of numbers. Plus, the halfie baller comes across as elitist. Sorry, not sorry. But if ALV appoints him for Supra 2020, who knows?

    Denver is “(from the) working class”, went a comment during MrWP (last year). Which is GOOD.

  2. Hanapin niyo yung Mister Supranational USA!

    Pag itinabi na ito doon, waley! Lulubog tong parang botomesa!

    Sana si Ameen Sardouk na lang ipinadala!

  3. What happened to Mister Multinational in which he was supposed to compete last year? Was it cancelled indefinitely thus the appointment as Mister Supranational Philippines 2019?

  4. He is very tall at 5′ 9″ compare to Caucasian guys and he is very good looking man but I am afraid it will repeat the same fate as his previous competition abroad. Good luck Mister Philippines!

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