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  1. It’s about time for me to do real talk and not sugarcoat on Gaz’s capability and chances in the forthcoming Miss Universe. I don’t care if some commenters here will hate me for saying what I really feel.

    So far, Gaz has 22 or 23 days left before she finally lands to Georgia to compete in the most prestigious beauty pageant Filipinos ever loved. Are the remaining days enough for her to polish everything? Physique wise, I have reservations. I thought Gaz’s body is not to-die-for, not even at par with Cat’s body the day the latter boarded the plane for Thailand. Gaz is bulgy and meaty, something I initially critiqued days after she won the pageant. I was worried because her body proportion does not make her look leaner and taller. I wished her coaches and trainers seriously considered this. Her latest TV appearances and photos screamed in the negative though. Gaz is not physically ready.

    In the past months, it appeared that Gaz’s preparations were focused more on pasarela, styling, and communication. My fear is that she had a lot of coaches who trained her in pasarela, something that might give her confusions when executed. I don’t have doubt that she can speak English well. Meaty and witty spontaneous response matters. Can she pull it off? I am 80-20 on this.

    Face wise, I also critiqued before that this needs to be remedied. She is big-faceted. This does not work well with her not-so-broad shoulders. If she sought sponsorship from Belo or any aesthetic clinic that does Thermage procedure, I though this would be improved. Worse, when she was hair-styled with the Lioness hairdo during her send-off presscon, her head looked notoriously big and off. She looked like a stand-fan mannequin.

    Nevertheless, as a Filipino, I will cheer for Gaz on her MU journey and will pray that she can get a higher placement. But, I don’t expect her to pull a back-to-back.

    That’s all.

    • Ana,

      I have seen other photos of gaz, her body looks okay – better than how she looked like during the send off. maybe because of the busy detail of the dress that’s why hindi na emphasize yung physique niya?
      But yeah, her physique is okay, but not WHOAH factor. okay.

      We have the same thoughts on her pasarela – too many coaches. Seen her training with Jonas, then training with KF. they both have different style/approach kasi. so sana lang wlang confusion ang naganap.

      her lioness look was a mess. she looked better sa normal days and all. di ko alam anong naisipan nila bakit un ang ginawang hairstyle, maybe they should’ve done the slick back hairstyle.. ung parang wetlook, bagong ligo look not the simba look. CHAROT.

      I am not expecting her to win, because i feel like after our win, we just send the most beautiful one then bahala na. With Gaz, i just expect her to give us a good show or give the other ladies a good fight. if she wins, then good luck, if not naman and a runner up finish, okay lang din. I hope not a top 10 finish. curse na un sa KF. CHAROT

      • Happy to know that we almost have the same observations, MM.

        While Gaz is not in her best element to compete, she will have her moment on the MU stage. It’s up to her how to steal the moment from other frontrunners, i.e., Colombia, Brazil, USA, Albania, Germany, Thailand, etc.

        That’s all.

  2. focus on comm skills, pasarela trainings, personality development, wardrobes. DO NOT TOUCH HER FACE. my god. ang ganda na niya, ewan ko ano pa bang kulang at dagdag sila ng dagdag jan. LOL

  3. So much pressure on Roger Flores and KF this year.

    Disappointing top 10 finishes from its past two MUP hopefuls, MJ and Rachel, infortunately defines the beauty camp. At MU14, MJ’s styling and her wiggly performance was a little over the top and in MU17 all I remember was Rachel’s odd square shoulders in addition to a boring performance.

    All the best Mr. Flores. Hopefully third is a charm. Otherwise, your camp is doing a fabulous job at Miss Earth.

    Go Gaz Go!

    • KF could also possibly pull off a win at Miss International this year for Indonesia especially if Bea Santiago has inputs in Jolene’s speech component, as she did with Kevin Lin’s.

      So KF has the Earth crown (as expected), could possibly have International as well (strong possibility) & also has a shot at Universe. This could end up being one of their best years yet.

      Since her crowning as Bb Pilipinas-Universe, Gazini’s style game has been quite strong. So that’s a positive. MJ & especially Rachel were not particularly styled well when they competed so hope Gazini continues her current track record. Her send-off gown was so pretty although I didn’t like her Jersey suburban Mom beauty look.

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