14 comments on “Michelle Marquez Dee is so ready for Miss World 2019

  1. best of luck , she will need it … a continental queen placement will be a great achievement !!!

  2. Hay naku, Michelle!

    Maganda ka! Matalino Ka! Sexy ka!

    Huwag mo lang kalimutan magdala ng “Magic Sarap”, “Knorr Cubes”, at paminta at asin!

    Kapag nadala mo yan, you’ll be good!

  3. Gusto ko sya mag-Win. Malakas dating nya.
    Nakikita ko sa kanya si Wensha Yu MW2012. Sa local naman ka aura nya si Mafae Yunon BbP World 2003.

    Sana maganda gown nya. Francis Libiran daw gagawa.

  4. i like the MW system for the selection of Semifinalist tru the scores of their fastracts. parang ME lang din. pero sana ibalik nila ang ss and long gown competition at yon ang paglalabanan ng semi finalist to have a spot in the final selection. but before that ss and eg may casual interviews sila or a speech and then select the girls who will compete for ss and eg and then top 5 for final q@a. they said hinde na sila beauty pageant. then. much better after the selection of semis from fastracts. why they dont have speech and q&a all the time nalang para makuha ang top 5 to winners para naman mas transparent at hinde ka mapa ??? on how they got the finalist. so in that way makikita yung sinasabi nila na they are not beauty pageant anymore. they need a good spokeperson and role model. magulo kase system nila durig finals. kaya nasasabihang cooking show. and lastly. dont put any ND as one of the judges! anong sense on having them on a panelist? hayss. sana yung system nila this year until forever ay yung suggestion ko especially ung last system suggestion ko na interviews and q&a all the time para malaman kung sino ang mas fit as miss world.

  5. I like Michelle Dee. I think she’s the whole package and will do extremely well in at least three “fast-tracks; sports/fitness, top model and beauty with a purpose.

    The question is, even if she does well in fast-tracks how will it translate into the final results and a strong finish?

    This is where Mess World achieved its reputation.

    Sorry. But Go Michelle Go!

  6. I have to say that there is something captivating about her. Her aura and communication skills (not rushed) really suits this pageant. I hope she ends up in the tough 5 but from what I see there are a lot of gorgeous faces this year again.

    Her advocacy is straight from her heart and not controversial like Katarina’s last year so I think she may have a really good chance with the Top Model and BWAP. Probably even in sports as she is physically competitive too.

    • Good morning. Ano po ang controversy last time kay Katarina? (Sorry, I have only read rumors)

      • madaming controversy! her BWAP was disqualified because of the violent nature of the situation and she wasnt allowed to perform her talent which was martial arts.

    • Its a sure continental placement…
      She is the most well-rounded representative we have sent aside from Megan Young and Catriona Grey..
      I hope and pray that she would shine in London.

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