12 comments on “Gazini Ganados and her advocacy video for elderly care

  1. Kaya sya pinagpapala kasi malapit ang puso nya na mga matatanda. Marami ang nagdadasal para sa kanya. Maganda sya kapag nakalugay yung hair, straight or with some curls. OK din yung naka-bun tulad nung pic sa taas. Yung naka sideswipe tapos bun sa likod.

    Kung sa pagandahan, panalong panalo tayo.

    Wishing Gaz the best of luck and may she continue to be blessed for her good deeds.

  2. Ang daming puna pero pag nanalo naman sila yung unang unang magtatatalon talon at sobrang saya!!!!! Mga baklang peke! Daming alam sa pang huhusga!

    • Cut my neck
      She won’t!
      Meron ba ngungo na mananalo!
      Patawa kayo.

      Trying hard masyado
      Pati na pananalita
      Kung anu ano

      Janina SAN Miguel 2.0

      • My gosh “Ozzo” what a PERFECT description and Comparison ‘Janina San Miguel 2.0 you are so true!

        I 100% agree with you with 2 Thumbs up!!!

  3. Should activities like this be published ?
    S ome people think it’s all just for show.. I can’t blame them because this advocacy usually dies down after the international pageant .
    Having said that , What Gazini needs to practice more than anything else is the walk and talk because that’s what the MUO and the judges will base their decision . This is a beauty pageant first of all.

  4. Aura lang nang aura , te!
    She’s pretty and genuinely nice . So she may make the cut.

  5. If MU 2019 were slated to be held in a country where infirm or weak old people are “customarily” abandoned by their families as a socio-cultural malaise, this video would IMPACT. Fortunately, free care for the elderly by the State seems to be universal. 🙂

    Recall Jazz also said at her Question Round performance at BBP 2019 “..the wisdom (of the elderly)”.

    Go to the Tiffany & Co. YouTube channel and IMBIBE Grace Coddington and Elsa Peretti.

    They are proof positive of that elderly wisdom Jazz speaks of.

    Wisdom is timeless. And our senior citizens, far from that idle/inactive stereotype, have LOTS of it.

    • Libre ba NUrsing Home sa Pinas?
      In the US, U have to use up all your money and properties in order to qualify for Medicaid and get free NH services.. unless you are a vet with significant service connection or have long term care coverage

      • @ Fabian Reyes It is increasingly going towards providing complementary health services and discounted, if not free, maintenance medicines, courtesy of municipal governments as a justification for local taxes. NOT nursing homes per se, but putting in place an infrastructure where families can get help for their grandparents’ day-to-day care. It’s a good way for social workers to get data.

        Kailangan lang ipa-rehistro si Lola/Lolo sa Barangay Hall. And the civil servants take it from there.

        PHILHEALTH (Medicare, in the USA?) is a HUGE (billions!) fund from employee salary deductions and even personal contributions, which aims to reach out to EVERY Filipino, regardless of social status.

  6. Kulang ng sincerity
    Parang Wala lang
    Parang naglalakad na di pinapansin mga tao
    How could it be her advocacy
    D ba dapat magsaya sya
    Or something like very accommodating and my daying
    Or cordial
    Yung Walang halong kaplastikan
    The way she smiles
    She’s like ngungo
    Pretending to know how to speak
    Ang strategy nya – kinukuha na Lang sa taas
    Kasi nga hindi nya maexpound ang mga tipics
    Or every interviews

    Yeah… you know …
    Yes, pailong

    • Your observation @ozzo were all right!! This girl is really trying hard… Q&A palang bagsak na toh. Napaka shallow ng mga sagot..
      Considering ang dami ng coach nya but still walang depth ang mga sagot nya, comms skills very poor.

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