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  1. I just wish Cat had stayed in Manila for the most part of her reign. Singson would have provided her a residence fit for MIss Universe.
    Just like what some people say, it’s the coronation night that matters the most . No one is interested in what happens afterwards except the for uber avid fans .
    Does anyone know what happened to other MIsses U?
    We should be happy we have 2 pageant nights we want to watch over and over again

  2. @catrionafan

    if the goal of your incessant stupid babbling is to besmirch catriona’s good name, then you have succeeded with flying colors.



  3. So no takers in the US?
    Does it mean she has no sex appeal or her personality too cringy for the hot and sexy football players ?
    She may succeed as a host but not as a singer or actress. Her kind of music does not appeal to Pinoy fans and she is too tall to be an actress. I think she will fare much better in politics . She may run for congress and if she becomes successful ,she can aim for the top post if she is allowed to .. being Australian-born

    • You’re an idiot…just because she’s miss universe it does not guaranteed a success in a showbiz here in the US and Americans do not get starstruck with beauty queens unlike you guys in the Philippines lol….move on and she won. Whatever she wants to pursue after pageant is completely up to her.

      • @ Ver Fabian Reyes is based abroad. He is not “… in the Philippines”. 🙂

      • U r stupid as hell for not even trying to understand what I was trying to say.
        I was talking abt lovelife … like Demi to Tebow.
        As for showbiz, it’s not only true in the US . Even in the Philippines who is pageant -crazy , world class beauty queens are relegated to the sidelines . Do u know anyone who has succeeded in Philippine showbiz like A. Rai in India? You do not have to be an a—hole, “Oh no , I’m superior because I am based in the US “. Please …

      • @Fabian Reyes, and why are you expecting Cat to have the same fate as Demi; to have a “hot sexy football player” as her suitor??? Or have some sort of success in the showbiz arena. Why does it matter to you? After all the dramas and nonsense comments from this blog, Cat will go home as an accomplished beauty queen as she is in her own terms. If she stayed away from the movies/TV shows, modeling or continued with her advocacy, it is her own decision! Since when being too tall is a disqualification to be an actress??? Look at Gal Gadot, she’s tall and she’s a Wonder Woman LOL.

  4. My gosh…. lets be be honest… Cat;s endorsement were all Filipino companies who paid IMG the dollars to shoot with her, But the end of the day, there was not much interest in her globally so let;s not expect too much after her reign.

    Pia has Lola Jonas as her manager to keep her busy so we’ll see who Catrionas has after her reign…

    • In fairness, Cat has shown she doesn’t need Lola J…

      Anyway, this wasn’t her final shoot. She posted about a different one.

      Always keeping us on our toes! Abangan!

      • justgrc, of course she doesn’t need a manager yet as she;s being managed by IMG via Esther. What happens after her reign? We shall see.

    • 4m, was there interest in Demi and Iris during their reign ?
      Let’s face it , MU is down on their luck and the only reason Pinoys are interested is because our reps have been doing very well.

      • Fabbie, I don’t know. But one thing I would say is that Pinoys always claim that Catriona brought money to IMG with her Philippine -focused endorsements. the problem is,, has anyone quantified the local endorsement that Demi or Iris made during their reigns to claim that Catriona did bring lots of money to IMG. I’m just curious.

        Yes I agree with you with your second statement but let’s face it, Pinoy support does not translate to dollars.. It’s more social media mileage.

      • @4M, MU got a lot of $$$ from local endorsements. Those travels that other queens did were just happy meals when compared to Cat’s endorsements.

      • I agree! Cat’s local endorsements are from some of the biggest major corporations in our country… She has already raked in Millions!

  5. I hope Cat finds the right team to help her post-MU. Go to Hollywood and try to establish a career there — music, acting, hosting… sky’s the limit for a girl with her looks and personality.

    • I’m sure she’ll return for some endorsement gigs but I hope she pulls a Dayana Mendoza – Leila Lopes – Gabriela Isler – aPaulina Vega – Demi Leigh Nel-Peters and relocates to the US, preferably NYC.

      Let’s be honest, sa Felepens ang dating niya after a year or so is endorsing Dairy Queen or San Miguel or L’Hullier Cebuana while maybe getting a short term gig where she gets caught in intrigues with former beauty queens over spitting scenes, intrigues with Pia over Miss Universe turf (garantisado yan…), intrigues over Clint, blah blah blah.

      Cat is destined for more than the typical pageant path…

      • LOL… San Miguel is a product of the biggest corporation in our country… 1 endorsement deal alone could rake in Millions!

  6. Bankable naman kasi na brand ambassador si Cat. Yun ang nakita ng MU na di nakikita ng fans.

  7. ay patapos na pala ang reign
    bilis ng panahon

    sana bilhin na ng China ang MU franchise

  8. During the decades na tagtuyo ang Pinas sa Ms. Universe, mahagipan man lang ng camera ang reps natin o maka semi finals man lang masaya na ang Pinoy pageant fans.
    Ngayong nanalo,ang daming demands ng fans. Dapat maraming travels and so on and so forth daw ang ating Pinay na Ms. Universe.
    Di makuntento sa koronang napanalunan ng bansa.
    Millenial pageant fans are predominantly brats 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. I think the perception of a “lackluster” reign imay have been reinforced by high expectations of more foreign travels, more appearances, more charity- and advocacy- related functions, more fund-raisers, more endorsements, more promotional activities, more fashion-forward styling, etc. This sense of entitlement for their “queen” Cat is, rightly or wrongly, bolstered by fan perceptions encapsuated in catchphrases floated around social media: “she set the bar high”, “tough act to follow”, “best Miss Universe ever”, etc. But why did the million-strong social media followers fail to translate into more revenue-generating activities and PR stunts for the MUO spokesperson? Why the absence of observable uptick in brand equity despite her much-touted marketability? Market analysts and pageant aficionados may have answers.

  10. Cat will fly to PH this week right? because of Frontrow event at PH arena. and then next is colombia. i hope this will push through and sana meron pa isa after colombia sana europe naman. then ok na yon. Bawi nalang sila for a good moment for cat. have a photoshoot with the new original crown. reward her of a keep sake crown during prelim or before she pass the new crown on final and of course suot nya ang crown nya while passing the crown to the new winner. so Busog na tayo dyan. para naman kahit papano maka move on na us.

  11. I understand the sentiments of MU fans, especially my kababayans who followed Cat’s journey pre-Miss Universe or during her reign as Miss Universe.

    Maybe, we expected too much from IMG as soon as Cat was crowned as Miss Universe. We looked for everything best that the MUO could give to Cat. Unfortunately, only a few activities were given or highlighted, and not all travels given in the past MUs were given to Cat.

    As regards her personal profiles, I honestly have been waiting on her bikini photoshoots. Seriously, IMG? Pia had a lot of swimsuit photoshoots during her reign, why you did not have one for Cat? I thought you could give Cat one when she was fatshamed. It should have been an opportunity to backfire at the bashers cum shamers. But, you would rather spread positivity than taking a bite at the challenge. I dunno.

    Anyway, congratulations Cat for having spent a wonderful journey as Miss Universe. We are proud of you.

    That’s all.

    • It doesn’t matter naman na her reign. In the end, ang nagmamatter lang naman talaga ay ang tally board kung ilang Miss Universe ang naproduce ng isang bansa. Ganun lang naman ang labanan noon. Ngayon lang naman nauso yang mga kung ano ang dapat nilang gawin during their reign. Ang labanan pa rin ay sa pageant night at kung ilan na ang Miss Universe natin. Wag na tayo masyado mag focus sa reign. Bring back the fun times na lang. Yung kung papasok ba tayo sa semis o hinde. Di pa gaanong kumplikado.

    • Just my observation. For the photoshoots, maybe it has something to do with the latest trend in MU wherein selected future contestants were sent to NYC to have photoshoots as well and even exposure in some fashion shows. This also happened to Catriona last year wherein she was selected to have photoshoot in the street of NYC and be part of the SH fashion show with Sarah Rose. Maybe because of that some budget were reallocated. But come to think of it, she visited a lot o countries already. Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, UAE and Brazil to name a few. Not bad at all. To top it all, she was also able to push her advocacies for Young Focus and World Aids Awareness. She attended as resource speaker on schools, communities and organizations. Also there is Smile Train, feeding programs and benefit shows and dinners. I’m pretty sure this is more than just a silver lining its already a ray of light.

  12. What a wonderful ride to have witnessed Catriona’s pageant journey dating back to her MWP days in 2015 to her triumphant year as MU18. Her performance, from her swimsuit slow-mo turn to her fiercely daring epic red gown, will forever be revered as one for the ages!

    Her final shoot as Miss Universe truly is bittersweet.

    In retrospect, what a magical decade it has been for Philippine pageantry. Just awesome!

  13. i hope she will have a chance to photoshoot with the new crown. and hoping she will be crowned on prelim or finals of a keepsake crown from mouwad. its kinda like MGI but hey she deserved that. carry na kung copy cat basta deserved ni cat yon eh. all of the past MU had a photoshoot with the crown and hoping for the same for cat too. be it the original mikomoto or much better the new crown. or a nexus crown ok na din. hays something wrong talaga sa IMG pag d nila ginawa lang. tsk. dami naiambag ni cat sa img/muo ha. tsk

  14. @CatrionaFan. . . . pasok!
    talak pa more! it’s your time to shine!🌟🌟🌟

      • Because you always question the blogger on why there is no write up or feature about Catriona. So here it is. Here is the answer to your question. I hope your happy and contended.

        PS. Even Catriona knows how to strategize and the proper timing on when to slow down and propel up.

      • I said less feature on Cat than the usual which is true. Right Tito Norms. What is wrong? Please answer.

      • Honestly, I never count how many or less the features are of any BQ. I just continuously blog about whatever catches my fancy most of the time.

      • Hi Catriona Fan, just to quote you from your comments in a bloggers post on Patch’s national costume.

        on October 28, 2019 at 20:52 said:
        Less to no feature in Cat and Miss Earth. Why?

        on October 29, 2019 at 09:14 said:
        Observe Norman’s series of posts for the past two months. You will see what I am talking about. Again, past two months. Wag motherhood statements agad hap na “iba naman.” Palibhasa DDS karamihan dito. Kuda ng kuda without the facts.

        Mukhang ikaw yung DDS, kasi for October alone may 1 entry about Catriona and the title is “Catriona and Cheslie do Reno Tahoe”. Only means na hindi totoo yung claim mo na in 2 months walang entry about Catriona. Kasi for October kahit 1 entry lang yan meron pa rin. Oh, in September there is also an entry pala, Miss Universe Catriona Gray in Dubai.

        And in case, na wala ngang entry ang blogger about Catriona, why make it an issue and ask for explanation. If you want stories about Catriona, you can follow her IG and MU’s IG as well.

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