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  1. venue is gonna be Tyler Perry studios where there is a replica of the white house used for some movie sets… so even though DC failed to be the host , the delegates will get to see a replica of the WH… but I am still flabbergasted about how short the pre-pageant period is… they arrive on Nov 28, 29. Let us just say the last candidate arrives on Nov 30 , then the preliminaries are on Dec 5 , so what are they going to be doing in between ??? …. all day rehearsals ? … totally ludicrous !!!

    • TPS is also mostly soundstage so expect folding seats or bleachers for finals night.. it’s really going to be an empty, flat space dressed up for TV. The logistics of traveling to/from the venue would be a nightmare if you’re taking rideshare. I feel sorry for the folks attending in person.

      • MUorg probably got a huge discount for hosting MU there since the studios is for sale I think … I read somewhere …

  2. It’s interesting how MU as a spectator event will fare in Atlanta where big sporting events happen year-round both for professional athletics and collegiate sports. It is like juxtaposing pageantry with sports, the global benchmark of events marketing. While the result of a comparative study between pageantry and sports is predictable from the unparalleled sports passion of Americans, I hope it can give MUO some insights into how the sporting events ecosystem is able to grow and sustain public interest on a pursuit. These insights may provide solutions to the challenges confronting pageantry today—how to stay afloat in today’s business instabilities.

  3. Game na… Energy pa! Todo todo support for Gazini. From the comfort of my living room.

    Atlanta is pretty soulless and boring. Coca Cola museum ang dating ng mga contestants.

    Buti pa si Ashley Lo, nagkarating ng Paris at South America.

  4. minamadali na ni Aling Paula ang pagbebenta ng MU
    wala kasi kumuha palugi na

    buti pa ME 3 months pre pageant yata sa dami ng

  5. It’s feeling like a convention than a pageant. I hope they don’t hold the prelims in a conference room!

  6. Let us all focus on supporting Gazini in fulfilling her dream of becoming the 5th Filipina Miss Universe.

  7. Sana naman wag ipwersa ni Gaz ang kanyang advocacy sa QnA kung hindi kelangan. Or if her advocacy fits the question, she should be more creative in expressing it. Like how Cat did it, not how Ara did it.

  8. dahil 1 week lang ang patimpalak kelangan pagdating palang pasabog ba agad ang mga candidates…bawal ang lalamya lamya…lavan agad ! bsa eroplano palang…sumabay pa sa sea games 2019…mahahati attention ng pinoys nyan

  9. Hindi naman mahalaga kung ilang araw gaganapin ang patimpalak basta maidaos lang. Sa Amerika kasi hindi masyado nilang pinagtutuunan ng pansin ang mga patimpalak hindi gaya sa Pilipinas magpapatayo pa sila ng bagong hotel at bagong venue at lahat kung puwede lang lahat ay puro bagong patayo. Sa Amerika mahalaga ang mga edukasyon at trabaho nila hindi gaya ng Pilipinas halos lahat ng miyembro ng pamilya kung puwede lang wala nang pasukan sa trabaho o di kaya sa pamantasan. Sa Amerika mas naaliw pa sila sa mga sports events kaysa sa walang kabuluhan na patimpalak.
    Ang tanong ngayon sa loob ng ilang araw makumbinsi kaya ni Miss Philippines ang mga mapaghusgang hurado ang siyang nararapat na manalo.

  10. The official host for the MU pageant is Atlanta. Well, plans for Korea and Dubai did not materialize it is as if the MUO had to settle with plan C.

    I’m a bit disappointed to say the least.
    Well, I should just be thankful that there will be a MU 2019 pageant.

  11. Atlanta isa Mecca for huge sports spectacle in the USA. With MU tucked right into the mix of major sporting events, let’s hope it will be a big marketing success.

  12. Yaayy!… Mr. Tinio is going. I’ll bet he’ll try the Spa. Ref magnets for us all, please. 🙂

    I’ll bet the ballrooms aren’t as vast as they seem in the video.

    Zoo Atlanta will host the NatCos Showcase and Swimwear Preliminaries.

    SAL will make an appearance.

    And she will literally bump into SMA, who’ll attend the ND’s Dinner 7th December.

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