15 comments on “Patch-Spotting: In Niigata-shi and with Miss Indonesia

  1. For me for now, 4th RU – Uganda, 3rd RU – UK or Belarus, 2nd RU – Mexico, 1st RU – Atty., & Colombia ganadora.

  2. Calm confidence of an iron-willed woman! The compassionate heart that radiates in a rare beauty-brains package. The perfect spokesperson to add zest to a pageantry with a timeless message to humanity– peace!

  3. Atty. Patch is in it to win it!

    Methinks that she looks simply gorgeous when her hair is blown down. But, I’d like her to sport the Katy Perry hair style come finals night (depending on the type of gown she’ll wear, of course). She exudes confidence and elegance, embodying the true Filipina beauty inside and out. Since day one, Patch always captures with her fashion, style, and regal bearing. I also have this feeling that the organization knows very well that Atty. Patch is a lawyer who earned her Law degree from our country’s premier national university. That fact adds to her beautiful credentials in the pageant and the MIO would love that.

    Make-up suggestion for Patch—because of the different climate in Japan, she may want to change her foundation. She looks darker and dry in some of her photos. She’d try a lighter foundation with moisturizer. Also, please use pink blushes or any lighter colors. Minimize her contour make up and of course use light colored-lipstick.

    That’s all.

    • And let’s not forget that aside from being a lawyer, she’s also an Economist who graduated with flying colors… And she plans to work for our government… now that’s a huge plus points in my book.

    • Her foundation is dark nga ano, specially here na you can clearly compare it to her legs and arms. Plus less eye makeup sana. She has this picture with her hair down and very simple makeup from her days before pageantry that was just perfect. I hope someone from her team alerts her of this.

  4. She is the perfect balance of beauty, brains and personality.. She is the total package and we have sent the best girl to the top tier pageant where we have the highest chances of winning!… I believe that her being crowned would create history in Miss International… 3 Miss Philippines within a 7 years time span… She is a gorgeous girl and she is the most desserving to win!
    I can’t wait for the finals…

    to me

    Bea Patricia Magtanong is Miss International 2019!!!

  5. Damn… ang ganda nya! Can’t wait to see the first winner crown of BBP 2019 batch. Leren’s crown was only for runner-up while Sam Lo didn’t make it. May kumpyansa talaga ako kay Patch… a 100% confidence that Atty. Patch will turn out to be the winner!

  6. Honestly she is the only one among the Bb. Pilipinas 2019 titlist will have the chance to bring home the crown. She is gorgeous and a brainy lawyer. Good luck. がんばって

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