2 comments on “Global Asian Model: The International Edition

  1. Back-to-back Singapore; both girl and boy. And I EXPECT Mohanna to place in Atlanta!

  2. Congrats, Jonas. This is such a great idea. Some won’t be able to appreciate it, but I do. But I guess the aim is to find that internationally accepted Asian face and also for the recognition of a distinct Asian look.

    I am sad to say that some Asian look, just because they look exotic they are model bound. Some are really ugly and looking abstract.

    The aim should be to look for that Asian internationally acceptable face and to promote the Asian type of beauty to the world.

    Asian faces provides interest in the modelling and beauty pageant industry now.

    The challenge is that there are many Asian type of faces. I don’t consider South Asians as Asians. The Southeast Asians got a different looks, the Chinese got another one. I don’t think they should be grouped as one. It was because of the Western Civilization that because the people don’t look like them, they grouped them together. Just like the Far East. We are not really far. It is just because our location is far from them. Does this make sense? But good luck. This is the initial presentation and this is your brilliant brain child.

    Much love to Jonas Midas Touch Gaffud.

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