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  1. Kasalanan ng Fox ito. Minemohan nila ang IMG na dapat hindi paabutin ng next year ang MU dahil full pack ang Fox ng coverage for next year kaya walang choice ang IMG, but to go back to USA and mairaos ang pageant. Kung di lang full ang Jan-Feb ng Fox, dito sana sa PH gagawin ang pageant.

  2. Minadali lang para wala daw masyadong mag comment ng negative, mag bully online, mag reklamo, at mag marunong runongan na mga bakla na akala mo may naambag na pera para mag reklamo sa mga nakikita at nagaganap!

  3. MU and MW retreating back to their respective homebase indicates that business is indeed bad for the global pageantry business, especially for those which go beyond the ritualistic annual 2-hour TV special and conduct their activities 365 days a year! The startk reality is the utter absence of country hosts and the continuing dearth of any corporate sponsorship contract with global brands. The demand pull of their lofty advocacies do not seem resonate to investors and business decision-makers. The charm of their spokespersons, and the marketing skills of their business development staff, seem to be ineffective in stemming the creeping downward slide of their revenues. A serious review of their respective branding message to their defined markets is definitely needed.

      • @Flor: It’s more of a b2b communication. For a pageantry business that is in open 365 days a year, the business development challenge is how to keep revenue streams reliably sustaining its level of operation. Its events marketing programs should consistently drive its growth.

  4. Hanobayan?

    Lume-level na sa Miss GranMamang ang Miss Universe!

    Wala man lang pre-pageant activities!

    Parang mairaos lang ang patimpalak!

    Sana totoo yung chismis na interesado si Kris Jenner – Ryan Seacrest – Ivanka Trump na bilhin ang Miss Universe !

  5. sana mas maaga si Ate Gazini duon para makaadjust siya
    10 days lang kasi ito

    • @ kembular2020 As per past post of Mr. Blogger, Jaz departs mid-November. 🙂

  6. ibenta na kasi itong MU franchise na ito kay Chavit
    tutal Pinas naman na lang ang hayok dito sa patimpalak na ito

    im sure this will be big in Asia

    • @ kembular2020 You are implying that MUO has not turned in a profit since being unloaded by (President) Donald Trump.

      I now wonder about that chat their VP Shawn had with LCS and Tonyboy at Okada pre-ME 2019.

      Possible investments, kaya?

  7. arrive on Nov 28 , Prelims on Dec 5 , finals on Dec 8… huwhaaaaaaaatttt !!!
    is this some kind of an international spelling bee contets or something …. ?

    now I am really worried and I do hope USA is NOT in the top 5 … maybe IMG / MU already picked the winner…. I saw that Ireland and Brazil were already invited to NY in the MU headquarters …. so perhaps one of these has been chosen to win already … LET US HOPE NOT !!! GAZ will snatch the crown away from them !

  8. It feels like a downgrade. And they picked the worst time to arrive, Thanksgiving weekend, in the world’s busiest airport. Pre-pageant activities will include freezing buns with a snowstorm bonus. I’ll watch with a sad face in Vegas ;-(

    Good luck and safe travels to Gazini.

  9. Miss Universe has lost it. It’s sad. Even the minor pageants have better pre pageant activities and longer duration than this…

    Maybe they should spice it up or something.

  10. Maybe it’s cost effective to this event shorter, especially if it’s held on the US soil…..oh well.

  11. Just noticed lately that if MU is held in the US, the duration of time from arrival till coronation night is pretty much shorter than when it’s done outside their soil. Perhaps, nowadays advertisers and sponsors aren’t seriously considering beauty pageants in the US unlike before, candidates were sent in various sponsored activities separately.

  12. napaka ikli naman ng prepageant activities 1 week lang finals agad…puro rehearsals lang gagawin nila. walang mga ganap…prestigious lamng ang MU pero in reality boring sa mga activities at kung di ka rin sesemi wala ka tlgang ganap at experience na maishashare. Feeling ko is yung edition nato is minadali yung tipong mairaos lang

    • kaya dapat andun na ang team ni Gazini ng mas maaga
      sure na walang fake passport

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