11 comments on “Postponed indefinitely: Reina Hispanoamericana 2019

  1. Perhaps in the future this contest be held in the US territory of Puerto Rico or politically stable and economically rich Costa Rica. Other logical can be the US cities of Miami or Los Angeles where Hispanics are the majority.

    Just a thought.

  2. Saludo ako sa mga namumuno ng Reina Hispanoamericana dahil mas nanaisin pa nila na itigil muna ang patimpalak habang may kaguluhan. Ipinapakita nila na mas mahalaga ang kapakanan ng mga kalahok kaysa sa mawawalang kita nila mula sa sponsors. Hindi gaya ng ibang patimpalak na mas mahalaga ang kapakanan ng bulsa nila kaysa sa kapakanan mga kalahok.
    Be safe always Miss Philippines. My highest respect for you for being a real trooper.

  3. More beautiful than wearing heavy make-up. Pang-BBP ang face nya. Di lang ako sure when it comes to vertical dimension kung pasok sya.

  4. Good decision on the part of RH Organizers. This just shows how the organizers put the safety and security of the country representatives first above business convenience and media mileage potentials of a pageant juxtaposed in a dangerous political unrest. On an earlier comment to the post on Katrina’s departure for Bolivia, I mentioned about the civil unrest in the host country and for Katrina to take care (“Dios te bendiga”). It’s nice to know she is safe and enjoying her short visit to Canada.

  5. She looks SO GOOD even without make-up! She’s the only beauty queen titleholder who can post pictures without make-up! She’s bright faced and I have a strong feeling she’s a very grounded and accommodating person. Her aura reflects kindness and humility. This girl has a bright future ahead of her. If not the RHA crown, I believe she is meant for a bigger international stage MU or MI. Give it 2-3 years time of training ofcourse.

  6. Tigilan nyo ang fake passport issue na yan dahil never naman napatunayan na fake talaga ang passport ni Sam. BBPCI said it was “tampered with and altered” and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake.

    Move on people.

    • Luh, official statement kasi yun ng DFA kaya “tampered with and altered” ang term, hindi professional pakinggan ang “fake passport” sa isang official statement, lalo na’t DFA, pero PEKENG PASSPORT ang kahulugan nun.

      Parang si Laila De Lima, sabi nya “frailties of a woman,” di nya sinabing “nangati ako.” O di ba professional pakinggan? Hihi.

      • @ Anonymous Regarding “frailties” of a woman,…

        “Love is more important in a woman’s life than it is in a man’s life…. The most important thing for a woman is…. to BE loved. To love is easy. Anyone can love…”.

        Gabriielle “Coco” Chanel, a WOMAN at a time when it was difficult to be one.

      • Laylay de Cinco’s case is obviously …… ang kalandian ay di gamot at di maaaring gamiting gamot sa anumang uri ng kati!

  7. early bird kasi ang Lola nyo
    hindi kasi fake ang passport pero baka mag TNT ito sa Canada

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