9 comments on “Miss Earth 2019 Nellys Pimentel on CNN Philippines

  1. ¡En serio! Ella tomaba un entrenamiento aqui.

    Kaano-ano po ni Nellys Pimental
    si Nene Pimentel?
    Nellys, Nene
    Nene, Nellys…

  2. napansin ko lang yung sa 1st pic- kailangan talagang isama yung picture ng gov sa banner?! onli in da pilipins!

    • @ san longhino ‘Censya na, po. Misamis Oriental hosted a pre-pageant segment. 🙂

  3. in fairness. she speaks very well. Such a well spoken queen. ang ganda din niya lalo na when she smiles.

  4. I’m glad she mentioned shifting to coconut oil-based consumer goods. I wish to add.

    1) Try those made by small-independent producers. Give them some business, too, though they might be more expensive. Coconut farmers are among the, if not THE, poorest in the country. Tie environmental with socio-economic advocacy!

    2) The coconut oil industry (and EVERYTHING downstream of it) is tied with the ecologically controversial palm oil. As I risk incurring the ire of Mr. Tinio’s advertisers if specifics are given, I will simply ask all to “educate themselves” (as ME-Air 2019 Emani Davis said).

    3) Only India and Indonesia outrank us in nut production. But their industries are more profitable than ours.

    No, I am not a lobbyist. I just want to add my SMALL voice to the call to #UseYourCoconut. 🙂

  5. So far puro Espanyol ang nakoronahan na.

    MG Mexico
    MAPI Spain
    MGI Venezuela
    ME Puerto Rico

    Nangangamoy lotlot de leon ang asia this year. Wag naman sana.

    • MI for the PHL so that the streak continues. After that MW with Ahtisa. Then we can rest.

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