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  1. I don’t see her winning.
    I hope I am wrong.
    I still wish her the best of luck, she is after all representing our country.

    • Me too.
      Very stiff
      Parang manang lang ang dating

      Nagpapaka attorney
      D namn pagka attty ang labanan

      Uwi ka na ate

  2. What’s happening to the magic of Philippines sash ? Majority ng nakikita kong pictures nya parang Mali yung make up o kaya naman yung buhok nya. O kaya naman suot nya eh pang losyang. Ewan dahil undos yung motif 😂

  3. The presentation of Patch during the NatCos press presentation is so unique when in a twirl she regally converted her malong into a simulation of an infant being cradled by its mother. It definitely made an impact with the audience despite any misgivings about the design of her outfit. Bravo!

  4. re: her toes

    they are long and are referred to as “greek foot” they were considered aesthetically pleasing by the ancient greeks, renaissance artists and neo-classicists.

    interesting read from “culture trip”:
    “Commonly found in paintings and sculpture, the Greek foot is a condition that was diagnosed by orthopedic surgeon Dudley J. Morton (1884–1960) in the early 20th century as Morton’s toe. In ancient Greece, it was considered pleasant and aesthetically appealing. From the Venus de Milo to Roman statues (many of which were copies of Greek originals) to Michelangelo’s David, many famous works of art display this orthopedic characteristic.”


  5. Talagang gifted tong babaeng ‘to no?

    Haba ng mga biyas niya! And matalino pati!

  6. I would prefer to see a Natcos na pag nakita mo alam mo na agad na from the Philippines kahit walang sash ang may suot.
    Itong natcos ni Patch hindi mo maintindihan kung saang bansa sa Asya nanggaling. Just my opinion po.

    • @ Glenn Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      The figure-hugging serpentina looks now so trite against those full-soft-flowy skirts. BRAVO!

      Google the jade vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys. THAT’s Atty. Patitay’s color mood.

  7. I like it. it’s different from the usual Terno (Don’t get me wrong, i love terno. sana lang not the typical lagi) parang may something. maybe color? silhouette? kulang ng showmanship? the details are there, obviously. siguro nga color. kasi monotonous gold e.

    It’s an Amir Sali, kaya medyo hawig ng kay Aya. but if you’ll ask me, mas prefer ko yung overall look nung kay Aya. mas may dating. but.. again, that’s just my opinion. may rason siguro sila on bakit ganyan ang dinesign for her.

    Who is she going to wear for the finals night? Pablo Mendez? or another Amir Sali – Michael Cinco tandem like last year?

  8. We are lacking in concept most of the time when we present our national custome in the global stage? Bakit walang nakakisip na ipresent ang mga endemic flora and fauna ng Pinas? Halimbawa, yung sungay ng Tamaraw gawing headress tasnpalibutan ng waling-waling?

    • suggest mo yung idea no sa mga susunod na reps natin…submit mo narin mga concept sa bbp

    • This is spot on.

      Tamaraw is a distinct creature that is endemic in the province of Mindoro. It’s handsome feature makes Tamaraw unique amongst the bull. I like the idea of putting the Tamaraw’s replica thorn as a candidate’s headdress. Maleficent it is. Why not?

      Or, a lady mangyan costume in avant-garde, carrying a basket full of big Waling-Waling orchids which basket strap is fixed on the woman’s head.

  9. Bea has no competition in this field. I just saw the evening gown welcome presentation. Nobody even comes close .. maybe Mexico , maybe Romania , maybe South Africa , maybe Tunisia , maybe India

  10. Pag national pageant, parang ang gara ng mga national costume. Pagdating ng international pageant, tausog nalang. Kesyo maganda ang details ng outfit. Hindi naman ma zoom ang pagkagawa ng damit. Kesyo hinahabi ng mga katutubo. Sana mag headdress nalang ng ulo ng kalabaw, at ang damit ay korteng araro.

  11. It was noted in a previous thread that a photo of Samantha Lo showed she has crooked toes. In this photo it is noted that Patch’s toes are really long. They are right.

    However, hese facts would be important if their feet would have a separate composite score in thier overall performance in their respective pageants.

    I’m not mocking. I know several individuals who have a fetish with feet and toes and are actually aroused by women who may be average looking but have sexy feet. Go figure. 😉

    Go Patch Go!

    • Mas maganda yung tribal outfit ni Ahtisa Manalo na sinuot niya sa fashion show ni Amir Sali.
      Napost yata dito ni Norman yun before.
      Sana yun nalang pinasuot sa kanya ni Amir.

  12. chaka ni Ate Pops dito

    ina ng laging saklolo ang peg

    kakaumay na mga ganyan

    Indonesia or Malaysia ba tayo
    sila ang Muslim country

    maka Tausug/Mindanao touch lang

    dami dami festivals sa Pinas

  13. The designer missed the impact of colour in this national costume . The colour chosen should have enhanced her beauty but this one fails, the details were exquisite though.
    Best wishes attorney 🧚‍♀️

  14. Hmmm… not a fan of this costume…
    She reminds me of Marvin the Martian… Well, I’m also not a fan of the designer’s modernized Yakan costume for Aya Abesamis because that one lacked the elements that made it authentic… At least, it’s not as boring as Valerie Weigman’s T’boli costume at Miss World but she could have done better… IMO, she should have worn a classic Filipiniana Kimona w/ an avant garde twist and using modern fabrics and heavily accessorized with golds and pearl jewelry including her payoneta… and a flowy lace fan that she could use to present herself using the fan dance moves that is conservative and yet alluring. Lets just wait then.

    • For everyone’s info, our traditional Kimona is originaly Japanese inspired… How? It was made & popularized by Filipinos w/ pre-colonial and Spanish colonial era Japanese ancestry who settled in what is now Paco and Pandacan Manila…(Plaza Azul and Plaza Dilao).. the same place where the Japanese ancestor of our national hero, Jose Rizal and our 1st Miss World, Megan Young settled. Our traditional Kimona is actually our local more minimal version of their traditional Kimono wrapdress except ours utilizes a light but stiff breathable Jusi fabric made of either Piña or Abaca to adapt to the hot & humid climate and to make it see-through for the purpose not being able to hide weapons which is rigorously enforced as part of strict class system implimented by the Spanish colonial government.

  15. I support all the BBP 2019 queens in their quest for the crown in their respective pageants inspite of reality na alam kong di naman lahat sila mananalo. Pero among the current queens, dito lang talaga ako kay Patch may kompyansang mananalo. I’ve got a good vibes with this lady. Sa MU kasi parang the chance of a back to back victory is so slim. But a runner-up finish for Gazini isn’t bad. Anyways let’s hope for the best to the rest of the our queens who are yet to represent🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  16. I agree with 4M that Patch’s NC is not a standout. It is refreshing though because it separates from the usual Filipiniana, Terno or Maria Clara we have already showcased in the past.

    What we have yet to see from our reps are avant-garde national costume with a touch of modern applications that represent the Philippines now.

    Good luck, Patch!

    • Totally agree Ana. That was why I was intrigued by Cat’s costume last year. i would love to see the Parol showcased using battery powered high-intensity LEDs. Maybe a Parol-headdress or even a staff with the Parol lighting up when raised.

      Would love to see Darna and iconic female characters from our folklores.

    • @Ana Yeah, I don’t know why we can’t do conceptual presentations, like the Thais did in 2015 – love that tuktuk costume even though it’s derivative of Too Funky. We’re rich in culture and we need to match that with the same level of imagination. I think it’d be hilarious and a tribute if one of our girls comes out as a futuristic call center agent, complete with headset and projected screen and keyboard around her tiny waist. Or something (anything!) unexpected.

    • Nice suggestions, 4M and Dandan.

      Although it is educating and boosting with pride to see the native costumes of our ethnic groups, we would rather see representations with festivity and flamboyance so we can show the world that Filipinos are creative and fabulous.

      That’s all.

    • Observe Norman’s series of posts for the past two months. You will see what I am talking about. Again, past two months. Wag motherhood statements agad hap na “iba naman.” Palibhasa DDS karamihan dito. Kuda ng kuda without the facts.

      • @CatrionaFan re sa comment mong “dds karamihan dito”. parang di naman, pero dalawa ang alam ko — si bong at c2f, haha

      • Sensya. Nadala ng emotion. But I really find it weird. Why Norman? Why are you snubbing Ms Earth and more importantly, Cat? Napansin ko din to kay Voltaire Tayag. Di na featured si Cat sa IG niya for four months now. Dati naman laging featured. Why?

  17. Patch’s toes are very long, napansin ko lang ha.

    Notice ko din, unlike previous Bb Pilipinas Winners. This year’s girls wore different designers from the designer’s that dressed them during National Finals.

    Take for example Catriona, she wore Mak Tumang from Bb Finals 2018 till crowning of Gazini.


  18. It’s not a standout but it is good to see the diversity in cultures of the Philippines being showcased in the international pageant stage.

  19. Nice but a few notches below (if not more) the NC she wore during Bb. Pilipinas 2019 competition. Anyway, her best personal attributes will win her the crown and not her NC.

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