23 comments on “Patch-spotting in Tokyo, Japan for Miss International 2019

  1. Curious is to why Hawaii – a US state – has a delegate competing at MI. Should we expect a delegate from Alaska in the near future?

    I’m a little puzzled. 🤔

    • same with MEP, minsan may Brisbane, may Queensland, at may Australia sa iisang taon.

    • parang sa miss world at earth din, may england, scotland, wales at northern ireland… imbes na uk or gb dapat…

  2. stay away from heavy smokey eye shadow.. lumalaki mata niya na malaki na… compare mo muk-ap ni czech republic..

    • Yeah, you’re right. She needs to stay clear of heavy eye makeup. Czech’s is the way to do it.

  3. Gandang Ganda ako sa leeg ni atty patch. Yung idol ko Dati maigsi Pala leeg. (lipat kampo napo aketch from j Magda to team 7 7

  4. I have to admit kulang ang dating ni Patch. Unlike Kylie and Ahtisa, second day pa lang, umaariba na and ramdam mo na magiging okay ang placement. I dont feel that with Patch. I am here to support, pero alam din natin kung may laban tayo or tagilid. hoping for the best though. She might just surprise us one day. But as of now, wala pa talaga yung X factor.

    kung di lang talaga pumalya si Rushton sa Q&A, she could have bagged the BBP International title, and malaki ang chance nya sa International crown. Oh well!!

  5. The girl b/w Colombia and Guam is my winner … whoever she is
    Patch Patch .. pls look like a Japanese woman not a Japanese man.
    Idk what she should do . She has a very beautiful feminine voice already which is good . Just change your hairstyle and do not wear a khaki color again

  6. Strategy ba ito ng A&Q?…
    Whats with the styling? I was hoping to be wowed on her 1st day and she would be able to sustain the momentum. Anyway, strategy or not.. It better be accelerating from here. I still trust that she has some aces hidden under her sleeves.

    Goodluck Patch!

  7. Not so sure about her chances. Mali talaga ang pag assign ng titles for this year’s batch.

    • Sana naging hurado ka.
      Kaso, hindi. Kaya tahimik ka na lang.
      Walang maitutulong kakakuda mo.

    • hindi ang pag assign ng crown an mali. Ang mali ay yung ibang kinoronahan, una na dyan tong si Patricia, just look at her! kasama na rin yun sa Intercon at Supra at syempre yung katatapos lang ang pageant nya na parang nagugulat kung mag-pose waahhhhh. Gazini, Leren and Aya are all fine for me.

  8. Isa ito sa mga current Ms Phils reps na meron akong high hopes at expectations na mag-uuwi ng crown. Patch make your country🇵🇭 proud!

  9. dami din mga mala haponesa ang aura
    natuto sila sa stratehiya ni Kylie
    magandang labanan ito

  10. She registers well as far as I can see. She comes out differently in a positive way (aura) when placed amongst the other contestants.

    • @ Kiki Hi. 🙂

      I LOVE her grey sweater and the off-white trench coat!

      Is that Jolene across the table from her?

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