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    Sabi naman kasi sainyo. todo amazed pa kayo sa performance niya. IT WAS VERY UNDERWHELMING. IDK, may pa mariaclarawalk challenge pa kayong nalalaman. her moves were so calculated and robotic. Mas pulido pa gumalaw ung sumali sa Mr. and Ms. University or sa mga Mr. and Ms. (Province)

    Sobrang nakakaloka to think na galing siyang BPCI and si Carlos Buendia pa nag train sakanya. IDK. I’ve seen videos from Carlo’s instagram pero okay naman ang pasarela. Siguro gumawa lang talaga siya ng eksena.

    I didn’t really expect her to win. why? We all know naman na ginagamit lang siya ng MGI for publicity stunt. See, nakuha nila ang gusto nila. todo post, boto ang pinoy.. then what? nganga uli? Kahit nanalo sa voting, di napunta sa atin.

    Is she on her way back na to the PH? I can’t wait for her to be dethroned. Seriously. Whe she/they did is punishable by law – even grounds for being dethroned. If she could’ve remained humble, malamang mas masimpatya pa ako sakanya. but no, she threw shade pa sa BPCI to think na siya na nga ang mali.

    let’s see anong mangyayari. BPCI not posting about Sam. A&Q not posting about Sam as well. tignan natin ano ang decision nila. Some people are saying na it’s too late for them to dethrone her but i believe no, not too late. she may have competed sa MGI wearing an unofficial sash of the Philippines. pero after non, once dethroned, hindi na siya makakasama sa activities, events, photoshoots. Lalo na sa BBP2020 no final walk for her. and okay lang naman since (I HOPE) hindi na nirenew ang franchise, wala naman na din siyang kokoronahang successor. hihihi

    BPCI, drop the franchise, don’t get a new one. enough na ang MU, MI, MS, MIntercon, Globe and 2 runners up. huwag nang masyadong marami. kung pwede nga lang drop the miss globe na din but so far, okay pa naman yun compared sa MGI.

  2. Kung bakla an lang din naman pala ang laban an sana sa Ms. Q & A na lang sya nag train. Yung walk and poses nya ang stiff, ang tigas. Then yung flex ng arms nya puro muscles. Yung binti nya kala mo may ponkan sa pagitan, laging bukaka. Ang movements na bet sa grand international fluid at malandi hindi pang body builder.

    • MGI following Trump era sa MU na kung sino ang gusto nya yon ang mananalo after all business pa din yan. If LCS magpatuloy sa pagiging business partner ng MUO walang duda ilang taon lang if not Back to Back nasa pinas ulit ang Crown ng MU.

  3. Please go over to this link.

    It says about the Dumbest Top 5 Finalist in an international beauty pageant which is the Miss Grand International 2019

    • Now that’s uncalled for bullying. Those girls have feelings…. and you’re not the judge, you don’t know if they’re deserving.

      • oo nga naman … may mga judges sila, iba ang nakikita nila kaysa sa nakikita natin. Makuntento na lang tayo sa resulta.

    • My gosh, everyone copied Mexico’s answer. hihihihihi
      I don’t make fun of them because of their broken English but why didn’t they use a soundproof headset if the question is the same…

  4. Negatrons Unite! Negatrons Attack! I know everyone here are just expressing their opinions and they are entitle to it. But you cannot give yours if no one is asking and if facts are not yet complete.

    • @ #silverlining This blog is an open and public forum that requires no prior prompting before opinions are shared, only that commentators take FULL responsibility for their statements.


      Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    • @ #silverlining “… you can not give yours if no one is asking… baka naman wala ng mag comment dito?
      Opinions – good or bad, it is up to you if you accept them or not. Kaya nga nagkakaroon ng discussions because of these opinions.

  5. Sayang talaga si Samantha Lo…
    After ng mga pangyayari bago sya mkadating ng Caracas, marami ang nag expect (including me) na makakabawi sya sa kanyang performance. I agree with sir Norman, yung long gown performace nya ang nagpatalo sa kanya. Sa tinagal tagal ng preparation nya… ganun lang ang resulta? The gown actually is not at par as well. At ang daming mas magagaling na candidata.
    Pero at least she did her best naman… sayang lang talaga.

  6. She is beautiful.
    Her performance was not.
    Kaya natalo siya.
    It’s as simple as that 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Let’s move on.
    Hindi na natin problema ang problema ni Samantha at BCPI.

  7. Since expiring na ang 5-year MGI franchise this year, maaaring hindi na nag-renew ang BPCI kaya pinag-clapper na lang ni Angkol si Sam pero he welcomed Sam muna with open arms at pinasakay ang rabid Pinoy pageant fans.

  8. Same thoughts. I knew that she woul not win. A top 20 finish would be the highest possible. Her figure was nothing compared to the Top 20. I think she is too raw. Had it been 2 or 3 years more of training, she could have been a better fit for MU. She is not MGI material. Aya Abesamis would have been a better choice.After failing to place, she is at a risk of getting dethroned after what she posted against BPCI.That was not a good move on her part. If I were here, I’d rather go back to the US first, and fix her passport issues before returning here. She should also contact BPCI and hopefully patch things up to prevent further damage.

  9. The real winner in this whole quagmire is No-what who will do everything for his pageant business to gain media mileage. And the entire Filipino pageant community—all of us– are victims. The choice of pageant venue alone is a publicity stunt. What would be more attention-grabiing than juxtaposing his stop-the-war taglined pageant in the middle of a real civil war? Never mind the difficulty—government travel bans, visa restrictions, airline service cancellations– which some reps will have to painfully go through to reach the pageant site… At this point we do not know what really happened to Sam’s traumatic journey because everything is still in the realm of conjecture. But this is one thing we know: in our fixation with styling, wardrobe, pasarela and interview skills, we somehow overlooked the nuts-and-bolts of travel arrangements, especially in the face of the serious roadblock to Venezuela by a US passport holder.

    • For a pageant owner known to be posting online potshots against Filipino fans and beauty queens, yet always placing our reps in the winning circle to keep us energized with his pageant business, he sure knows what he is doing: to keep the millions of Filipino pageant freaks in all corners of the cyberspace and of the world endlessly rattling and blabbering about his pageant. This Sam Lo brouhaha must be the ultimate scenario in his playbook: keep us endlessly verbally mudslinging each other as his pageant media mileage keeps on soaring.

      • The result of No-what’s pageant is predictable: crown a Latina to have a stronger foothold on the huge Latin American market. But the hometown decision and the all-Latina court composition (save from her compatriot) leaves a jaw-dropping sense of incredulity. He maybe reaping the adulation of the Venezuelan pageantry community, but has his pageant contributed a speck of solution to “stop the war” in Venezuela?

  10. Again I strongly believe she doesn’t know na vaklas Yun. I see her as a woman na mataas ang intellect ngunit nabiktima ng vaklas. We should not hate a woman na walang bad intention. Yun problema nila ng bbp dapat sila mag ayos nun.

  11. Moving forward,

    The signs are all there,

    BPCI didn’t post anything related to Sam Lo’s participation at Miss GranMadrina International!

    Samantha returned to Venezuela “the second time” without official endorsement from BPCI.

    Samantha was officially given a “send off” based on the assumption that her credentials are authentic, only to be “duped” after.

    Nawat accepted Samantha’s participation to Miss GranMadrina to attract the gullible Pinoys to watch his show!

    For two decades, Filipino designers were barred from dressing Binibini winners after they boycotted one of SMA’s coronation night! And with Nawat’s eluding deliberately SMA’s authority who to send or not to send for Miss GranMadrina, expect something harsh!

    Surely Nawat can find other National Director who can take over the franchise of Miss Grand Philippines but what if Stella Marquez would then put a clause in the Binibini application that if an applicant participated in Miss Grand Philippines, she will not be accepted as candidate for Binibini ng Pilipinas. That would then downgrade Nawat’s pageant to Tier 3 or to even Barangay Level!

    Lorraine Schuck may just be quiet even if Nawat was insulting Miss Earth but he should not expect the same from Stella Marquez! He now has two enemies in the Philippines!

    • @claire naisip ko Lang if pinoy really wants to win nawats pageant dapat pang trump Era Yun na send na candidate. Mala gazini ganados

      • @ bonsai hater LOLZ. Here we go again…. Gazini for MGI. 🙂

        I honestly think the result would have still been the same. And we would then say Jazz was wasted.

        Angkol is history,, now. It was all fun. Nice memories.

      • @flor.. I don’t mean gazini herself. Alam mo naman na mup ko Yun ever. I’m saying Mala. Yun tikas ni gazini in the future. Maganda, parang guitar shape katawan. Or Mala Emma kasi may similarity katawan Kay kuko

  12. detronemnt? for what reason? sam was given a send off affirming that her trip was with bpci’s consent..using a fake passport? heck, sam was in good faith, and in fact she passed naia phil imigration and was allowed to leave attesting to her passport’s validity. .so what was her offense? me sinuway ba syang utos ni madam? we dnt know..for tarnishing bpci’s image, how? i am not a fan of sam’s facial beauty (i find her nose distracting) but i thot her candor and her being articulate caught nawats fancy to elevate MGIs winner as a legit spokeperson of the brand..sad to say, it wasnt the case..and nawat stick to his template ideal of a winner.

    • Dapat Mala gazini (Latina type) or Emma tiglao (Coco type. Sam bernardo Coco type. Yan ang send sa mgi ph. Ganun trip ni nawat mahaba na magaling lumakad at 5’8 above
      Yun pag place nya sa mga past mgi winner like Nicole c. Talinong talino sya Kay Nicole. Nasabi nya sa isang interview
      W clenci kahit hindi 5’8 todo perform naman si clenci makakuha pa ng award sa isang Thai forum for performer of the year

    • @marvin1978, the fact that her family admitted to employing a fixer to obtain her PH passport (as per BPCI’s official statement) is already grounds for dethronement. Im not very well-versed with PH Law, but im pretty confident employing a fixer is illegal in the country. If you’re BPCI, would you want a law-breaker to still be one of your titleholders? I mean, yung pictorial nga ni Kim Ross na fully clothed sya, amounted to disqualification na eh. Ano pa kaya kung batas na ng bansa yung sinuway mo, at reigning title holder ka pa, you’re one of the faces of the organization.

      And in case that’s not enough for you, there’s still her second (and successful) attempt to go to Venezuela which apparently had no blessings from BPCI. Oh ayan clear violation na yan ng utos ni Madamba ha.

      I loved Samantha Lo ever since her BB Cebu reign. Sadly this whole pasaway issue really left a bad taste to many people and milagro na lang talaga if palagpasin ng BPCI to at hindi sya idethrone

  13. very well said norman.. love the term “clearance sale” ha ha!!! in her bid (desperation?) to win that very controversial crown, samantha lo threw all caution to the wind… some may have admired her spunk to proceed to venezuela and compete, others are turned off by the same fighting spirit that borders on carelessness/stubborness.. the game plan she followed failed, big time!! and so, now what? may she plan her next moves well.. and may it lead to redemption, not perdition..


      • @GarapataFan alias @TaengManila alias @ButetengLetse alias hmmm…

        ROTFLOL wow paksyet na baklang utak ebak na ito talaga!!!!! Hindi ka pa rin ba natatae hanggang ngayon??? Yung matinding inggit mo kay Samantha Lo ay sa akin mo naman nilipat????? LOL baklang sooooo full of shit, auto-like kaagad??? Hindi ba pwedeng napakarami na talaga ang nasusuka sa yo muna? Kaya merong mga nag-agree sa comments ko??? LMFAO eh di wow!!! O sige na po baklang utak ebak na mega echuserang butete, ako na po ang gumawa ng LAHAT ng likes at dislikes na yan para MATIGIL na lang po yang pagtatae mo sa bunganga LOL! At tigilan mo na rin yang nonstop na kakasalsal mo sa comments ko ha!!! I am so scandalized by your obsession with me in the name of integrity my ass LOL!!! #BaklangFullOfShit #EchuserangButete #BaklaYouMadeMyDay

  14. Living in Philippines where authorities will not bulge even if one did anything to break the law. I don’t think the country authorities will press charges but but but it will affect how she will continue studying in cebu. Bpci will just act like nothing happened. Walang detgroement pero wala NG magpapasa ng crown 2020
    Ignorance of law is not excuse pero naniniwala ako di nya alam na may Mali. Walang gagah na sasadyain mavuking sya

  15. Kung sina Ian ng AQ ang may gawa nung mala barangay level na pasarela, tyak sangkatutak na Ahas ek ek ang post dito ng mga tao.. pero dahil Silver Lining ang may sala sisihin na lang ang passport bruhahaha sa nangyari hahahaha

  16. If Sam indeed trusted her “fixers” to be responsible for the legitimacy or illegitimacy of her passport and if truly the blame is on that individual should he or she be put on blast by the media and be exposed to the public? 😡

    • @ just saying Yup!. Means fixers exist at the DFA. Mr. Tinio said so earlier – many “factors”.

      Prosecution could potentially reveal…

      …a tricky road to tread.

  17. Silver Lining pa more… Caloi Buendia pa more… Cordoves pa more… hahaha #clapper

  18. So so sorry Samantha Lo.
    Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, “Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

    Sad really. First casualty (hopefully the only one) for the BbP class of 2019.

  19. underperforming
    dami publicity

    tanggapin na lang naten ba talo talaga
    dami nyo kuda

    eh mga Latina eh handang handa and performed well

  20. For me Tito Norms, Samantha is a victim. And if there is one mistake she did, that is trusting a fixer to process her PH passport for her.

    Would you really use your passport and present it to immigration officials overseas if you knew it was fake?

    But she did not have time to dwell and sulk on what happend, albeit traumatic and really disheartening. Because she had the PH sash on her, for a pageant that in itself is already controversial to Filipino fans. Just imagine all the strength she had to summon to still travel to Venezuela, be on stage and represent our beloved country.

    I don’t think it’s fair to throw all these judgments on her and keep touting her of what’s next. If people have nothing good or better to say, best if they should just keep their mouths shut.

    This is the time when we all need to gather support for her, instead of crucifying her already. Because this incident only shows how far our country still has to go in getting rid of bureaucracy, and how far its people has to mature still in intelligence and emotional quotients.

    Thinking about legal proceedings though, I hope Patch would be able to help and represent her.

    Cheer up, Sam! You are very admirable for your indomitable courage. A very good example actually to all victims of fraud. Find that fixer and put that person in his rightful place.

  21. In a few of my earlier comments I stated for the record na hindi naman talaga ako gandang-ganda sa presentation ni Samantha. Nanibago pa nga ako sa kabaklaan ng mga galaw niya na hindi bumagay sa personality niya sa totoo lang. Naging medyo awkward at pilit ang dating. Malayo sa naging impact ng performance ni Catriona na talaga namang napamura ako sa pagkamangha. In Sam’s case napa-OMG ako sa pagkawindang sa parang pagkabig niya from regal noon to parang walwal ngayon. Di nga! But it’s my choice to “blindly” support her and be proud of her whether WIN OR LOSE as I said because she is our representative. Notwithstanding the allegations against her because a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that what she and her coach Caloy Buendia did is a calculated risk para mapansin at umangat siya sa competition. After all, a lot of people including many Latino vloggers and pageant observers liked what they saw and included her in their respective Top 20 choices. We can only speculate at this point kung ano ang logical reasons or even conspiracy theories ng pagkaligwak niya. Na-turn off ba imbes na matuwa ang judges with her unexpectedly tacky presentation? Sumemplang ba ang overall ranking ni Sam for missing several of the pre-pageant activities at pinaniwala lang siya that those do not count at all kahit meron palang bearing talaga? Was she technically disqualified behind her back due to ongoing conflicts with BPCI? Nananadya na ba talaga si baklang Nawat the Rat in just exploiting and antagonizing us Pinoys na paboritong pinagdidiskitahan niya? And the list goes on – your guess is as good as mine. But most of us here know that she was leading by a really huge margin sa Facebook poll for best in swimsuit pati na rin sa evening gown and national costume if a lot of socmed articles are to be believed. So bakit hindi siya ang nanalo sa Popular Vote which is but logical di ba??? And the drama that it would have generated is what we have been assuming as the ideal gimmickry that Nawat the Rat would be dying to brandish for his pageant to gain more publicity. Again I can only speculate pero lalong nakakagalit talaga na pati yun ay hindi pa rin nangyari. Sayang si Sam and I sincerely feel sad for her, but I also “blindly” admire her for her fighting spirit. Dunno kung kakayanin ng powers ko yung mga pinagdadaanan niya with the same composure she has shown for all the world to see.

  22. Magkakyawkyaw na naman ang mga yellowtae gayung cila naman itong guilty 😆lol
    Puede bah wala ng naniniwala sa inyo☺
    Innocent until proven guilty ang peg😄
    Sam is a Star now kaya Bongga😋
    Pagsasampalin mo nga sila Sam hihihi cherette 🙄

    • LOL meron na namang naligaw na toxic biological trash dito.

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    • If Sam indeed trusted her “fixers” to be responsible for the legitimacy or illegitimacy of her passport and if truly the blame is on that individual should he or she be put on blast by the media and be exposed to the public?

  23. Let us face it, what she did was clearly a violation and punishable by law. No one is above the law. Sad to say she might be ended up in jail or worst, she will be deported back to the United States of America. I am so excited to see the next episode or the ending of the heartbreaking drama that was created by Sam.

  24. Clearance Sale? So, MGI Filipinas franchise is, indeed, NOT RENEWED. Goodbye, Angkol. 😦

    • If The BPCI did not renew the MGI franchise , why did they send her to compete in the first place ?
      I don’t understand this part , pls explain

      • Sabi ng chismosang balimbing ay kulang c Sam ang pumunta sa Peneeskuwela kahit ayaw ng bepeceay hihihi cherette 😊
        Ito kece c Sam ay wapakels basta gustong ishowcase ang peg kay uncle Nawat 😊
        Interesado pa naman sana c kaayaaya Hihihi JawzKuh ang face talaga😆LOL

      • Maybe because this is the last year of the 5-year MGI franchise and BPCI has to honor the contract. Siguro nakipag-negotiate na si Angkol with BPCI before the franchise’s expiration at hindi na siguro kumagat ang BPCI. Wait na lang natin kung ilang crowns ang up for grabs sa BP pageant next year.

      • @ Fabian Reyes There might be a clause in the MGI-BPCI franchise arrangement that protects the former in the event the latter fails to provide the last rep. A penalty/bond, perhaps?

  25. Panagutin ang dapat panagutin. #NoToFilipinasWithoutIntegrity #NoToViolatorsOfLaws #NoToAntiFilipinoFans

  26. JAIL! Ms. Bilibid . Why do Filipinos so easily put justice and the law to the side when it concerns supposedly beautiful people. If she was not a beauty queen she would be facing charges now .

    • So so sorry Samantha Lo.
      Unfortunately as the old saying goes, ” Oh! What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.”

      Sad really. First casualty (hopefully the only one) for the BbP class of 2019.

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