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  1. Do you guys know what happened to Mexico (2018 Fire) ? bakit wala siya andhindi nag final walk?

  2. Mr. Tinio, please tell Tonyboy Cojuangco to chop down those fake palms in the Okada Dome.

    This interior-scaping cliche is an injustice to the real deal – the Kew Conservatory. TACKY.

    That structure is nowhere in the same league as the Grand Palais in Paris. And the “trees” just make it look more cramped.

  3. everybody seems happy with PR’s win…amazing top 4 and great production, stage and venue…looks very classy…konting polish nalang bongagana talga…so many competitive girls…congrats MEO

  4. has anyone noticed that PR tried to resurrect the zuleyka gown from 2006 ? they always do this attempt on their major beauty pageant delegates almost every year ever since that famoso gown of 2006 , which was the only reason why zuleyka won … she is one of the 5 worst MU winners of all time

    • Zuleyka’s gown was made of chain mail and see-through, and it also showed a lot of cleavage… which Donald appreciated by the looks of it…

  5. Ibang klase rin strategy ng Puerto Rico, noh?

    After several years of non-placement at Miss Earth suddenly they were able to shoot the plum award!

    Rodgil Flores congratulated her! She was trained under KF!

    Puerto Rico now holds the distinction of completing all the most followed pageant in the world.

    Though it is a known fact that the Miss Earth title is the only title left for grab for the Puerto Ricans, the Philippine-based Carousel Production didn’t bother to deny the deserving girl to win unlike “other pageant” out there who just used fans for the show!

    • Figures. A KF candidate will always win Miss Earth. Predictable & boring. This top 4 is so basic. African nations should stop sending candidates to this pageant. While Miss Earth no longer awards a Rosy White Skin award, their definition of beautiful is still narrowly defined by whiteness, with the effect that darker-skinned delegates from Africa will never be considered ”beautiful” enough for this title.

      • Nigeria and Ghana was in the Top 15 while USA who’s a Mulata is Miss Earth-Air.

      • Top 15 but never a title. & USA just proves my point. Her beauty is “acceptable” because she is lighter-skinned & her presentation (straight hair) is white-appearing compared to Ghana who wore her natural Afro hair. Ghana was gorgeous & spectacular compared to this basic & disappointing (because so conventional & predictable) Top 4.

        Congratulations to KF at any rate. Also, congratulations in advance to KF for training the Miss Earth winner next year & the year after & the year after that & ad infinitum.

      • Send first Class A African women before ranting. Clearly, mas okay sagot ni PR kaysa kay USA kahit gusto ko manalo si USA. Nagsi-send sila ng subpar beauties and you want them to win? Duh!!!

      • para namang may african candidate na uber gorgeous and complete package…diba pwedeng mas complete package lang tlga ang ibang candidates. Dame mong hanash

  6. I was actually rooting for USA until the final Q&A. Puerto Rico just outclassed and outwitted her.
    Very engaging and a much improved show this year and finally the org has realized that it’s a beauty pageant after all hence the finalists are all gorgeous. I also love the diversity of the top 20.

    • veks, you literally said what i said below…hiihihihihi outclassed and outwitted her…

  7. Congrats .
    The show can compete against MU
    I just wish they had a close up view of each candidate as they paraded in their ME costumes . Were the photogs too afraid to get in the face of the cqndidates?
    There were so many candidates I would choose over Thailand

    • Thailand won Eco Media Award so she was given a fast track into the Top 20, the same as last year to Mexico. 80% came from their eco activities on social media prior and possibly during the 4 week pre-pageant activities while 20% came from popular votes on Twitter and Instagram.

  8. Very beautiful and exciting show
    PR and many other candidates are MU calibre

  9. Puerto Rico is definitely an unquestionable winner. Actually I think USA could have been a great winner as well but Puerto Rico just outwitted and outclassed her in beauty department. I hope PR brings back excited towards Miss Earth in the Caribbean and Latin regions.

  10. Puerto Rico joins Venezuela, Brazil and the Philippines as the fourth country to have won the pageant world’s “quadruple crown”; MU 5, MW 2, MI 2 and ME 1.

    Congratulations Nellys.

    • Do the Miss Earth victories by the hometown girls even count when we all
      know they won because of Lorraine?

      • Girl, ME is fair and does not tamper with the results unlike MW, MGI and MS. Audited by a reputable firm. They are apolitical.

      • I believe MEO is very fair…they follow the results of tabulation. SGV and Co can attest to that. Hindi isasangkalan ng SGV ang panagalan nila para lang sa MEO at papayag na rigged ang results. Satingin mo ba hindi naisip ng MEO na mababash sila sa pagkapanalo ng Pinas? They could have not allowed Angelia’s or Karen’s win but they want to uphold the integrity of the tabulation results

  11. I said India would get its second ME crown.

    I said Belarus would be wasted.

    I said Puerto Rico would just manage a Top 4 finish, but not actually win.

    Very well…. 🙂

    P.S. I think Resham’s past quip – that she will bring her critics to H_ll with her – is not too classy. Gerhardt might now have second thoughts….. I think she needs to show more tolerance and discretion once in Poland. I hope this helps.

    • Di umepekto ang bitchy attitude kay Sam Lo. Wag na gayahin ni Resham. Baka san pa siya pulutin after.

  12. I love the stage. It looks expensive.
    The ladies presented themselves elegantly, unlike in MGI or Supra.
    Congrats to Ms. Earth Org.
    Congrats to all the contestants and the winners 👏

  13. ME – Top 20
    MI – back to back 1st runner up – Europe or Africa ito
    MW – back to back clapper
    MU – Top 10 kasi negra ang mananalo or Miss USA
    MSupra – clapper ito – baka hindi ito dual citizen
    MGI – back to back clapper

    mukhang 1st time since 2013 walang major crown ang Pinas

    buti pa Venezuela and Puerto Rico kahit papano meron na

  14. Europe was so strong this year … Belarus should start sending to MU this year or next year and this particular ME Belarus 2019 should go to MU 2019 or 2020. This year in MU2019 , the Europe group is also so so strong …. I will not be surprised if they dominate the wild card group

    I read that Russia and Guatemala might skip MU2019. Well, they should send the Russia in ME19 and the Guatemala in MGI19 to MU19. They are both uber gorgeous

    • @ jaretwrightlover Even assuming Miss Russia organization also holds the Russia(n Federation?) license for Earth (which I doubt, for reasons I will no longer share), I think Alisa Manyenook’s (new) obligations with ME/Carousel will leave her scant time to prepare for a third (3rd!) international pageant. MR org would have crowned new queens by Spring-Summer (March – August) 2020.

  15. This is the kind of line-up I wanna see from Miss Earth, year after year. The pageant’s environmental advocacy is a fine noble cause indeed, but on finals night BEAUTY should be at the forefront like in this year’s edition. Feminine beauty is, after all, a gift from mother earth herself. Congratulations to the winners.

  16. PR was the standout from the beginning
    What happened to India ? Did her physique did it for her ?
    And what abt Ghana ? She was so popular I thought she would make it
    BTW , thr judges really chose the pretty ones

  17. This year’s ME winners are undoubtedly beautiful. But what has presenting a bevy of beauties got to do with the preservation of the planet, its avowed advocacy? That the pageant date comes in the heels of a string of remarkable show of courage and audacity by the world’s youth– where they stormed the halls of the United Nations and launched “Extinction Rebellion” in the world’s key cities to demand for climate action—makes one recoil at the the utter disregard to the golden opportunity of projecting the potentials of its timely advocacy to a planet cowering from existential threat to humanity! Expectations are high for these self-described earth warriors to be at the forefront of worldwide demand for climate action from governments and multinational corporations, yet they are the tailenders in the march frontlined by students as young as 10! It was eerie to watch beauties sashaying oh-so-gracefully to the altar of climate change.

    • There are many ways of killing the chicken. Isip isip din pag may time. Wag kuda agad.

      • I agree that this is a beauty pageant. But it carries an advocacy about environmental preservation. There’s definitely a lot more effective initiatives than sashaying one’s way to the crown of climate action. As an expat in a foreign workplace, I am very proud that the pageantry with the most timely and relevant advocacy comes from my own country. But I am at the same time disappointed at such waste of golden opportunity to rise above the clutter of commodified beauty pageants. I am sure this pageantry has the most bragging rights to engage with UN bodies, the global scientific community and top educational research institutions. I am sure this pageant has the most compelling message to the world’s youth, let alone the most appealing message to corporate sponsors.

    • OMG veks, haven’t you listened to what these girls have accomplished? Have you listened to what Ponkan said? One simple action multiplied by 1000000 is so much better. Think about it, 85 beautiful women who actually seem to have the passion for the cause is making such impact in their own communities.

      Have you seen their environmental activities in the Philippines? At least the pageant is actually doing something instead of the silly MGI where girls do speeches to stop the war… to zero impact..hihihihi

    • @ scorg Speaking of (being) appealing to corporate sponsors, a vlogger just put up an episode saying, among other things, that ME organization actually gets plenty of sponsorship proposals. But few are granted – “‘di talaga (nila) kaya”. Go figure…..

      • @Flor: If that is true, then my hunch is correct. This timely and relevant advocacy appeals to corporate sponsors. Why ME does not accept “sponsorship proposals” because “di talaga (nila) kaya” is, sorry to say, a defeatist non-business-like attitude. Advocacy is the currency of pageantry. Corporate sponsors and institutional partners would seek your platform if your message is compatible with or complementary to their brands’ message. With big corporate sponsorships, pageantries can embark on ambitious projects worldwide that will have multiplier effect on their brand values. Country host venues would be lining up at their doorsteps, unlike now when all big pageant organizations are forced to retreat back to their homebases in the absence of willing country hosts.

      • @Flor: In the case of ME, corporate sponsorships and institutional partnerships can empower it to volunteer its winners to the Secretariat of the so many international Climate Summits happening worldwide. In each participating country, ME can have the internal capability to organize national chapters and community chapters to implement their environment initiatives, which are coordinated internationally to keep the movement’s momentum. The claimed “one simple action multiplied by a million is so much better” will remain a wishful thinking if there is no mobilization and structure.

  18. Puerto Rico
    is the real powerhouse
    This country won all beauty pageants even minor ones including MGI

  19. I wish Ghana, India and Singapore made it to the Top 10… I guess they were too smart & articulate for the judges that they feel like these girls could upset the win of miss Puerto Rico.

    • Wow. Audited po ang results by SGV. Patanong po sa MGI, MS and MW if yung kanila audited din ng isang reputable firm?

      • Yes, it is audited but the judges were chosen by the organization… an they could easily choose judges who would favor a particular candidate.

      • Now you are questioning the credibility of the judges. To that, this is all I can say: These accomplished individuals are willing to destroy their years of building their names, all in the name of judging for just one time Miss Earth. Sounds reasonable? LOL!

    • #baseless #conspiracytheory

      Just because you can say anything you want in this forum doesn’t mean you should.

      So what’s your next baseless theory… go lang ng go…

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