12 comments on “Lourdes Valentina Figuera Morales of Venezuela wins Miss Grand International 2019

  1. Nawat’s best “surprise” gift ever to his new BFF President Maduro, LOL. He knows how to please the guy in charge, obviously. At the same time he threw Miss Philippines under the bus (ouch!) — like he does every year, right? Oh when will we ever learn… as that old song goes.

    Wonder what kind of stunt he’ll pull next year if Philippines won’t compete in his pageant? Who will be Nawat’s publicity victim then?

  2. My gosh cooking show to the max and this is not about Sam not making it to the first cut…So many gorgeous girls like India, Panama and Puerto Rico… This was just disheartening to the rest of the field.

  3. MGI
    back to back clapper

    back to back 1st runner up

    Top 10 Finish kasi Miss USA mananalo

    chance na back to back


    backtoback clapper

  4. Stop sending PH representatives to this pageant para “Stop the war” na.

  5. It is so freaking sad after all the drama that was created by Miss Philippines, she didn’t get any recognition or perhaps best actress award from Mr. Nawatt. What makes me more furious Miss Valenzuela was the lucky winner. This is Nawatt best gift to the Venezuelan people by reciprocating their kindness to MGI. Somebody is getting a big bonuses on their pocket. Nawatt lost his credibility big time.

  6. Eto yung comment ko sa article ni blogger na MGI 2019 Prelinary competition at NAGKATOTOO NA NGA NA CLAPPER SYA!

    “The very controversial Sam Lo showed her unique/unorthodox walk. Sorry to say that because of this, I expect her to be a clapper

  7. It’s a hometown cooking decision it should be Mexico and four of the five were all Latinas and one placement was already assured to Thailand by Nawat na ayaw paawat kahit na magnifying Ranga ang MGI

  8. Tito Norman, pls share your opinion on Sam.
    Why did she look very unprepared for the pageant ? What happened to her training at A&Q?
    Do you think she will step on Philippine soil ever again ?

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